Friday, August 19, 2005

Iraq and Roll Hoochie-Coo

Iraq.....i still don't care. I really don't. I guess it's sad, but I don't give a shit. Sure i've tried to care, but I just CAN'T DO IT!!! Everyone complaines about it and i'm sick of hearing it .... "Oh all those soldiers are dying over there" ... Well what the fuck do you think the military is for?? Marching in a friggin parade??? It's probably the only occupation in which you are pretty much gonna die. So shut up. Anyway, I say lets just Just drop nukes on the middle east ... the whole friggin thing, Iraq, Iran, Afgan, Jordan....hell even Israel. Who cares ... I sure as hell don't. WHY? Because I hate everybody! If your humanI hate you, i don't descriminate. I could care less what religion, color, nationality or whatever ... I hate EVERYONE equally. While i'm at it. Everyone is complaining about oil prices and war for oil ... you wanna complain hippy?? Then let us drill in friggin Alaska. Then we wont have to worry anymore. Sure I love wildlife more than the next guy ... in fact I like animals better than people. But I look at it this way....when we have no oil left, then those same animals that we protected in Alaska, we're gonna be killing for fur so that we can stay warm. So might as well just kill em now and get it over with! Makes sense right? ........right? ...............hello? Will all this trouble over the protection of animals and people make a difference when the sun goes supernova?!?! The answer is NO!! Anyone see DiGrassi The Next Generation last week? It rocked! It was funny when Emily got an STD from Wesley Crusher.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Der Friedensstifter

I've talked alot of shit about Vin Diesel, in fact I still think he sucks. But boy was I wrong about The Pacifier. It really wasnt all that bad. Granted Diesel still acts horribly in it, but it works. The plot basically is this: Diesel is a Navy Seal with a one-track military mind and no emotions (which makes his lack of acting ability work so well), his new mission is to babysit a family of kids....why? you ask, watch the damn movie I dont have time to explain it. Thats the plot anyway, it sounds dumb but for some reason it was decent. I laughed more than once and the movie had good action scenes. Whatever, I still hate Vin Diesel. Heres some more of my favorite "kids" movies...

Cat in the Hat - (my favorite movie about a creepy pedophile man-cat)
Willy Wonka - (favorite movie about a creepy pedophile candy maker)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit - (favorite movie about cartoon beastiality)
Wizard of Oz - (favorite movie about a homosexual lion, a very gay tin-man, and a scarecrow who's sexuality is of suspect)
Kindergarten Cop - (favorite movie about a child abusing police officer)
Stuart Little - (favorite movie about ........a mouse)
Little Vampire - (favorite movie about closeted homosexuals ..... also known as vampires)