Thursday, October 29, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 84 - Prey

The Hirogen may be one of the coolest aliens on Star Trek. They are really cool looking and very bad-ass. The armored suits look like everything I imagine a spacesuit should look like. Also the head Hirogen is played by Tony Todd ... again, he steals every scene. He may be my favorite Star Trek guest star. That voice is ridiculously hypnotic. So in this episode they "save" a distressed Hirogen who is a hunter that is tracking down a dangerous prey (in contrast to how good the Hirogen look, this thing looks awful). 7 of 9 ends up helping the Hunter track down the prey because she knows how dangerous the thing is. This is all against Janeway's orders, so 7 is disciplined and restricted to the Cargo Bay. ...Which I took as, she has to now live in the Cargo bay?? Seems weird.

84 down 88 to go

Friday, October 23, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 83 - Hunters

"A transmission from Starfleet Command gets held at a Hirogen relay station and Janeway sets course to retrieve it."

They try to retrieve their "stuck" communications from the relay station but end up making an enemy of the Hirogen (who are rather cool looking, sort of like a lizard meets Predator). They eventually get their "letter from home", some news is good and others bad. Janeway receives a dear John letter...or a dear Jane(way) letter. Oh yea and Tuvok and 7 of 9 are taken captive and tortured but eventually are saved but unfortunately their link home is destroyed in the process.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 82 - Message in a Bottle

Wow, Andy Dick was actually really good in this episode. Sorry, I didn't mean to be vulgar ... Andy Penis. Anyway, it is an important episode. 7 of 9 uses Voyagers new Borg technology to probe far into the Alpha Quadrant, they reach a relay station and then use that to track down a Federation ship on the edge of Alpha Quadrant. The data stream is too weak to reach it so they send the Doctors hologram across space to reach the ship. Unfortunately this ship (the experimental USS Prometheus) has since been taken over by Romulans. So now the Doctor and the Prometheus hologram doctor (EMH Mark II aka Andy Dick) must fight back against the Romulans. In the end, the Doctor gets word to the Federation about Voyager. A message is sent back from Starfleet saying that they will do everything they can to bring them back home.

82 down 90 to go

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 81 - Waking Moments

The episode was decent, but so far I feel Voyager starting to slip. It's getting a bit boring. This one has the entire crew trapped in a collective lucid dream They encountered an alien species that make an "unconscious collective", like the Borg do a "conscious collective". Chakotay breaks from his dream and disrupts the aliens plans. It just gets annoying when people keep waking from dreams only to find out they are still dreaming. I wish Freddy Krueger was in this episode and he ate a pizza with the entire crews faces being used as pepperoni ... still the funniest horror movie scene ever.

81 down 91 to go

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 80 - Mortal Coil

Neelix is killed but is brought backk to life. He is distraught that he did not see an afterlife. Chakotay sends Neelix on a "vision quest" where he meets his dead ancestors who basically tell him that his life is meaningless. Haha, so weird. So then Neelix tries to kill himself! He is convinced that he is needed by his goddaughter, Naomi. What a conflicting episode.

80 down 92 to go

Friday, October 16, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 79 - Concerning Flight

Voyager encounter an alien race that deal in stolen technology. They have a way to seek out new tech and steal it using a transporter-type thingy. They take several items from Voyager. Janeway and Tuvok track down their homeworld and go undercover to retrieve the items. They find one item ... Leonardo DiVinci from the holodeck! Leo helps them track down the rest of the stolen tech. Yeah, it seems pretty dumb and sort of impossible, because it is dumb and impossible. But it was a fun episode.

79 down 93 to go

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 78 - Random Thoughts

"Torres is arrested while visiting a world of telepaths where violent thoughts are a crime."

Voyager goes to a planet were violence has been eradicated. They achieved this by making the mere thought of violence to be illegal, eventually people adapted to not even think of anything aggressive. Somebody is killed and Torres is blamed. Tuvok investigates and uncovers an illicit memory trade. People on this planet are fascinated by the taboo of violent acts because they have never experienced it. Torres is eventually cleared. It's an interesting social commentary though. I think. Is it? Actually, I really have no idea.

78 down 94 to go

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 77 - Year of Hell Part 2

It gets pretty good now. Janeway forms an alliance with two nearby races. The remaining crew split up onto these allied ships and Janeway remains alone on Voyager. Chakotay and Paris disable some of the timeships core and transport out onto an ally ship. There is a large battle and visually, it looks great. For the most part, Voyager has been really solid at space battle scenes. In a final move, Janeway rams the timeship with Voyager ... destroying both ships. Her theory is that if she destroys the timeship it will put the timeline back. I really don't see how this would work, but of course it does. Voyager enters this area of space again, but this time they encounter a peaceful Kurtwood Smith. At the end it shows Kurtwood talking to his wife Kitty...he is on the set of That 70's Show! ... that didn't happen, anyway on his desk is a schematic for the timeship. (queue menacing music). Also, what kind of a first name is Kurtwood??? This year of hell, only lasted a few months so the title makes zero sense.  If you ask me, the year of hell was 1881 when three presidents all served in one year, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield and Chester Arthur.

77 down 95 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 76 - Year of Hell Part 1

"Voyager creates a new Astrometrics lab, which maps a new course that brings them into contact with a Krenim temporal ship that can erase things from history."

It's an interesting "weapon" for sure ... one that shoots a beam that erases history. So the Krenim had initially built this ship to erase histories in order to benefit their race. Unfortunately, it ended up causing a plague on their world that killed millions. The weapon's creator (Kurtwood Smith) has been trying to get his people back (including his family) by changing more history. Voyager shows up, he sees it as a threat and tries to remove the ship from the timeline. Voyager repels the attack but is gravely damaged. Tuvok is burned and Chakotay and Paris are captured. Janeway tells all crewmembers that they have the option to leave the ship in shuttlecrafts and find their own ways home. So far, it seems nothing like Kes's vision of the Year of Hell. Plus they have used Kurtwood Smith in a Star Trek movie, DS9 and Voyager ... all as different characters! I hate that.

76 down 96 to go

Monday, October 05, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 75 - Scientific Method

Janeway starts having headaches. She starts to act overly agitated, and so does everyone else. The Doctor is able to see "invisible aliens" that are doing experiments on everyone. He communicates to 7 of 9 and adjust her bionic eye to see the same. She now sees these aliens and they have needles in Janeway's head. She tries to thwart these beings without being detected. Finally 7 of 9 is able to reveal them to everyone. Janeway tries to negotiate with their leader, but eventually she must do that classic trick ..."I'm going to detonate the ship and kill all of us if you don't do what I say". This move works every time.

75 down 97 to go

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 74 - The Raven

Thankfully this one didn't entail a holodeck visit from Edgar Allen Poe. I didn't expect a 7 of 9 origin episode so soon. So she starts having Borg flashbacks and in fact her technology is reactivating. She steals a shuttlecraft and takes off with Tuvok. They end up on a moon where they find a crashed Federation ship and Borg technology. She
remembers that this is her parents ship. She was taken by the Borg as a little girl, her name is Annika. She was assimilated on this very spot...twenty years ago...this very night...on a night just like tonight. I think already used that joke. Whatever. Very good episode.

74 down 98 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 73 - Revulsion

"A hologram contacts Voyager and the Doctor is excited to meet another hologram."
No this episode entitled Revulsion is not about Neelix's face. That's the best I could do. This Hologram is alone on a ship, everyone else is dead. They answer his distress call and the Doctor wants to meet him so him and Torres go to the ship. The Hologram hates humans and it was pretty easy to figure out that he killed the crew. Eventually he
attacks Torres and reaches into her chest and grabs her heart. The Doctor keeps her alive and eventually they end up safe, back on Voyager. In a subplot, Kim must work with 7 of 9 but he is way to attracted to her and is distracted.

73 down 99 to go

Friday, October 02, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 72 - Nemisis

Chakotay's shuttle is shot down and he lands on a jungle planet. He is helped by a people known as the Vori. They tell him about an evil race they call the nemesis (really the Kradin). Chakotay witness their cruelty first hand as they kill entire villages. He then agrees to help the Vori fight back and undergoes training with them (this proves to be a sort of brainwashing which makes Chakotay really hateful towards the Kradin).

Meanwhile Janeway meets with the Kradin and they offer to help find Chakotay, which they do. In fact they seem like a friendly race ... although they do look like Tina Turner if her face had been eaten off by a pitbull. Once Chakotay is back he has a hard time getting back to himself, and him Janeway wonder about which race was really the "nemesis".

72 down 100 to go