Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 170 - The Changing Face of Evil

"The war reaches a crucial turning point when the Dominion retakes the Chin'Toka system, the only Allied foothold in enemy space. Meanwhile, Winn learns that Dukat plans to release the Pah-Wraiths, and Damar leads a revolt against the Dominion."

The episode begins with Sisko finding out that the Breen attacked Earth and destroyed San Francisco. Unless I missed something, they never actually showed this. It would have been an incredibly dramatic scene, but maybe they felt strange about showing a U.S. city being destroyed?? I don't know.

There is a huge battle and the Defiant is destroyed. Meanwhile "Dukat" convinces Winn to get him some powerful Bajoran book that while give him powers or something, again I don't know. She eventually figures out his secret.

Damar sends a message that the Cardassians will be fighting against the Dominion. He proves their intent by destroying the Vorta cloning facility meaning no more Wayoun's. Bashir and Ezri have weird tension now. Worf is jealous and he keeps saying how Bashir plays with action figures because Julian has been building a model of the Alamo. The episode ends with Sisko about to join forces with Damar.

170 down and 6 to go

Monday, April 27, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 169 - Strange Bedfellows

"An alliance is born between the Dominion and the Breen which will prove devastating for the Federation. Ezri and Worf are sentenced to death on Cardassia."

The Breen are really cool, too bad it took them this long to be introduced into the series. They are very "Star Wars".

The Cardassian named Damar does not want an alliance with the Breen. He is very skeptical. It makes matters worse when Weyound doesn't react to a Klingon attack on one of the Cardassian outposts, and also the Breen are then allowed access to secret Cardassian data. Damar decides to withdraw the Cardassians from the alliance, save the lives of Ezri and Worf and help the Federation. This is a very lucky turn of events because The Federation would have had a very formidable enemy if that alliance held.

Meanwhile Bashir realizes that he likes Ezri. Also, "Dukat" convinces Winn to follow the Pah-raith path and basically destroy Bajor in order to rebuild it into a stronger society. At least that's what I got from it.

169 down and 7 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 168 - Til Death Do Us Part

"Captured by the Breen, Ezri and Worf undergo mental torture. Sisko agonizes over his broken engagement."

So Sisko doesn't listen to the Prophets and marries Yates anyway. I'm expecting this to come back to haunt him at some point. Dukat (now surgically altered to look like a Bajoran) arrives on DS9 and he immediately starts to bond with Kai Winn over their shared experiences at the hands of the evil Cardassians (which is obviously a ploy). It works because soon Winn believes that "Dukat" was sent to her by the Prophets to be her guide. The Dominion could now have total manipulation over one of the Bajorans main leaders. Well played.

The ending reveals that Ezri and Worf are still captured and being tortured. Although the mental torture involves them agonizing over their love (or not) for each other. Lame. Ezri yells out that she is in love with Bashir, for some reason. Then Wayoun officially announces that the Breen have joined the Dominion.

168 down and 8 to go

Friday, April 24, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 167 - Penumbra

"Ezri searches for a missing Worf and Sisko makes plans to marry Kasidy Yates."

Here is where DS9 heads for the home stretch. Things start getting wrapped up and the plot begins moving towards the final episode. Worf is on a Klingon mission and he gets lost in the Badlands. Ezri goes searching for him and Sisko reluctantly lets her to go. Because why not send the therapist alone into a hostile environment to save a Klingon. Anyway, she finds him and he is irritated by her...so eventually they have sex. They still have some odd connection because it is still technically Dax, I think. Also, Sisko asks Kasidy to marry him....but the Prophets show up (in the guise of his dead wife) and tell him that marrying her is a bad idea.

Ezri and Worf get captured by the Breen. They are a new alien race and I sort of dig them. They are kind of badass looking. Soon Wayoun shows with a Cardassian and a Founder, it is reveled that the Dominion has a new alliance. In addition to this, Dukat has been surgically altered to look like a Bajoran and he has a really good plan up his sleeve to take down the Bajorans, this will be revealed next episode.

I thought of something while watching this episode. Isn't Sisko being the Emissary a conflict of interest for him being a high ranking Starfleet official. The Federation is supposed to be impartial I think, but the Emissary would somewhat beholden to the Prophets and Bajor.

167 down and 9 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 166 - Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

"While attending a diplomatic conference on Romulus, Bashir becomes an unwilling pawn of Section 31."

Finally Section 31 is back!. I like Sloan and am generally interested in the Bashir super-spy plot. In this one Bashir is being used by Section 31 to affect the outcome of a diplomatic conference. I think. Too be honest, it was the longest most complex and convoluted plot ever. I didn't understand half of it. But, I don't understand half of the James Bond plots either so maybe I'm just dumb. Anyway, at least the episode was fun. Also, Adrienne Barbeau is in this episode as Senator Cretak, who is sort of in the center of this entire plot, she was very good. I'm pretty sure that Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges is Latin for 'She got legs and she knows how to use them".

166 down and 10 to go

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 165 - Badda-Bing Badda-Bang

"The crew attempt to help Vic Fontaine when Vic's hotel is bought by mobsters Frankie Eyes and Carl Zeemo."

So I didn't really hate this Vic episode. It was actually watchable. Maybe because Vic gets beaten up in it. It has a good cast of Hollywood mobster bit actors in it too. Not really much too say about this one except it ends up being a straight up mob episode with maybe a little bit off Ocean's Eleven thrown in. They always seem to have Kira play the femme fatale, but she is really not that sexy anymore so it doesn't really work that well.

165 down and 11 to go

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 164 - Chimera

"A Changeling, Laas, asks Odo to leave the station and join his search for other shapeshifters. Laas was with the Varalans and has learned to assume a space-faring creatures form."

At first I thought this was going to be an old school Trek type episode. They find a weird creature floating in space, I mean that's the basis of like half the TOS episodes. I was disappointed when it ended up being a shapeshifter. This shifter is part of a group that has no clue about the Founders. He wants Odo to join them and he teaches Odo some new shifting skills. Odo wants to stay with Kira, even though (as she puts it) she is unable to join with him??? Not sure what she means.

164 down and 12 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 163 - Field of Fire

"Ezri summons a homicidal Dax, Joran, incarnation to understand the mind of a killer in order to solve recent murders."

It sounds like a dumb plot, but I sort of enjoyed this one. Dax gets drunk and hooks up with some guy, the next morning she finds him dead. The weapon they discover is a prototype Starfleet phaser/rifle that can shoot through walls by using a small transporter attached to it (which is actually a cool idea). Soon more people start to die. Ezri summons a former serial killer Dax from her subconscious and he helps her solve the crime (yeah, this is a bit far fetched). They find out that the killer is a Vulcan, I really liked the twist because you would never think that a Vulcan would do this. Come to find out that this Vulcan is one of the few survivors from the USS Grissom. He witnessed many deaths and is now insane because of it.

163 down and 13 to go

Friday, April 17, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 162 - The Emperor's New Cloak

"Quark and Rom cross into the alternate universe to rescue Grand Nagus Zek."

This mirror universe is seriously the most flawed plot in Star Trek history. DS9 should never have used it more than two times, because the more they show the mirror universe the more it exposes inaccuracies.

So, Nagus Zek steals secrets for a cloaking device and takes them into the mirror universe to sell them for profit (a. is the currency even usable in the real world. b. cloaking devices already exist in mirror world, as seen in earlier episodes). Nagus gets arrested or something and Rom and Quark go to save him. Which they eventually do. Not much else going on, other than all of the females in the mirror universe are lovers for some reason. Kira is matched up with Ezri (who in this universe is a sexy vixen) and then at the end it seems like Leeta is also involved with Ezri. It's just a weird twist, but if you think about it ... in the real universe Kira is dating Odo, Leeta is married to Rom and Ezri/Dax was married to Worf. If these are your fucking options for men, than might as well just go for the women. Anyway, there is a scene were Kira says to Ezri "I have to debrief you now" and Ezri says "This must be my lucky day". Who wrote this episode, Larry Flint???

162 down and 14 to go

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 161 - Prodigal Daughter

"Ezri goes to New Sydney to find O'Brien and uncovers some disturbing family secrets. Miles goes in search of the widow of Liam Bilby, Morica Bilby, whom he befriended in an undercover operation."

O'Brien goes awol to find the wife of some guy that died while he was undercover for the Orion Syndicate. Why would O'Brien even do this? Yet another plot that doesn't make sense, but who really cares anymore. He ends up on the same planet that Ezri is from. (may I add she is still cute as ever). Sisko sends Ezri to find Miles.

On the planet (which for some reason is named New Sydney ... also it seems like a dump), Ezri meets up with her family which seem to be some kind of bigwig mining family. Meanwhile, O'Brien discovers that Morica Bilby has been murdered and he suspects the Syndicate.

Plots collide when it is revealed that Ezri's family had to pay a ransom of sorts to Morica by order of the Syndicate. Tired of being beholden to this, Ezri's brother killed Morica Bilby.

This episode has a bunch of guest stars including; some guy that was on Knots Landing, Ted from Mad Men, Leigh Young who played Rachel Harris on Picket Fences and maybe the greatest Star Trek cameo ever .... Jambi from Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

161 down and 15 to go

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 160 - It's Only a Paper Moon

"Nog struggles with PTSD and begins living with Vic Fontaine."

And here it is. The shittiest Vic Fontaine episode ever. Which is a shame because the subject matter had potential and actually Aron Eisenberg was fantastic in it. I would almost suggest watching it just to see his performance, almost. It's just that Vic Fontaine is just so fucking intolerable.

Nog is losing his shit over losing his leg. ...that was almost clever. He "moves in" with Vic. Which I don't understand how that even works on so many levels. First of all, when the holosuite is off it appears to be the size of an average living room. So, how does it suddenly turn into Vic's gigantic casino plus Vic's apartment? Also (Captain Naps brought this point up), Vic is a hologram so obviously he doesn't need to go to the bathroom...but Nog is humanoid. Nog has evidently been living in the holosuite for weeks. I assume he is crapping in a hologram toilet, so once the program is shut off wouldn't there just be shit and piss like all over the floor???

There is a ridiculous montage of Nog and Vic having fun together; eating popcorn, watching movies, reading the newspaper together. In one scene they are at the zoo, Vic lifts up one leg pretending to be a flamingo, Nog falls over a fence and Mr. Furley mimics a lion! Ok, that one didn't happen.

160 down and 16 to go

Monday, April 13, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 159 - Covenant

"Dukat, now a religious leader, holds Kira hostage. Mika, one of Dukat's followers, gives birth to a half-Cardassian child."

What a waste of time. Fine, Dukat is a cult leader, I will buy into that. He want's everyone to commit suicide (except he will fake it), why not. He gets lady pregnant then kills her to cover it up, I guess. By why the hell did he kidnap Kira? He all these plans and then he kid naps her for no reason and she ruins everything. It's pointless. But maybe he is just supposed to have gone crazy.

159 down and 17 to go

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 158 - The Siege of AR-558

"Sisko and crew relieve Starfleet troops under siege by Jem'Hadar at a key communications outpost, AR-558, the largest dominion communications array in the sector."

Fantastic. This has to be the "realest" depiction of war that Star Trek had ever done. That's not to say it's accurate, because damned if I know. So the basic plot is that Starfleet has just taken over the largest Dominion Communications Array. It was a tough fight and many Starfleet members are wounded. Sisko and crew (consisting of the usual members...plus Quark for some reason) are sent to assess the area and help with aid. Unfortunately, while they are there helping out the wounded the Jem'Hadar attempt to take the outpost back. They launch an insane attack. It's not the typical "spaceships shooting at each other" fight scene, this is ground troops. Sisko and the remaining soldiers are vastly outnumbered but they fight hard. Many more are killed and Nog loses his leg. Also, Vic Fontaine shows up for no reason ugghh. In the end they fend off the attack but not before many loses. I must mention that Bull Mumy and the dude that plays Tuco from Breaking Bad/Saul are both in this episode. And I guess it never aired on BBC because it was too violent.

158 down and 18 to go

Friday, April 10, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 157 - Once More Unto the Breach

"Worf finds a battle assignment for Kor, an aging Klingon hero."

I feel that DS9 is now starting to limp to the end of the series. I don't blame them for running out of ideas or putting out subpar episodes at this point, I mean 25 episodes per season is way too many. These series' easily could have put out 14 awesome episodes and done away with the 10 remaining average ones.

Anyway, this episode is ok I guess. The elderly Klingon Kor asks Worf to help him participate in one last battle before he is too old. So Worf hooks him up ... completely unaware that Kor is senile. They end up with Martok (who hates Kor), but after Kor loses his mind on the ship Martok starts feeling bad for him.

They are soon attacked by Jem'Hadar and of course Kor ends up sacrificing himself and saving the day. Very predictable. His family then went on to create Kors Beer and have a series of commercials starring Mark Harmon.

Also this should have been the plot: An elderly Kor asks Worf to help him get laid one more time before he is too old. The episode is named "Once More Unto the Breeches"

157 down and 19 to go

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 156 - Treachery, Faith, and the Great River

"A Vorta defector, Weyoun-6, gives Odo valuable information in exchange for asylum. Weyoun-7, the next clone in the series, pursues them. Meanwhile Nog engages in a series of barters to get a Graviton Stabilizer for Miles."

It was good to have an Odo plot again, I missed him. This one was not great however, but oh well. I really dislike these Weyoun clone characters. Weyoun-6 was decent because he was "defective" meaning that he new that the Dominion was bad. He has a good idea to have Odo take over the Dominion and rebuild it into something good. Which would have been an interesting plot, but unfortunately this idea seemed to die out by the end of the episode.

I enjoyed Nog going through a complicated and strange series of barters to obtain the stabilizer for Miles.

156 down and 20 to go

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 155 - Chrysalis

"Bashir falls for a genetically enhanced patient, Sarina Douglas, that he brought out of a catatonic state using an experimental medical procedure."

There's really not much too this episode. Those genetically enhanced mental patients show back up on the station and they want Bashir to help them operate on Sarina. She has not been able to speak for years (or maybe ever, I don't know), and they want Bashir to give her a voice. Which he does. She is sort of freaked out by this. Bashir falls in love with her, but she leaves DS9 to work as a scientist somewhere. But, it's left off as maybe she will be back and I think she seems interested in Bashir. Don't know. It was an OK episode. Also, remember when Bashir became a real life super spy?? So far, it has never been mentioned again.

155 down and 21 to go

Monday, April 06, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 154 - Take Me Out to the Holosuite

"Sisko must train his staff to play baseball when the Vulcans, led by Solok, challenge them to a game."

This is such a dumb episode. A huge waste of time. Why would Vulcans even care about playing baseball? They end up losing 10-1 anyway. Rom is really bad at baseball and he ends up bunting home the only run (scored by Nog). I guess the message is, if you try hard enough at something then your team will still lose by 9 runs. When Rom hits home Nog, they should have cut to the scene in the Who's the Boss theme song where Tony Danza slides into home plate. For no reason.

154 down and 22 to go

Friday, April 03, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 153 - Afterimage

"Everyone who knew Jadzia Dax reacts strongly to Ezri Dax's presence, particularly Worf. Meanwhile Garak suffers from bad claustrophobic attacks."

This episode is basically an into to Ezri. She ends up on DS9 and reveals that she is Dax. Everyone seems to hate her, especially Worf. So she does the natural thing and decides to stay on DS9 as the station councilor. It doesn't make much sense, but whatever.

153 down and 23 to go

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 152 - Shadows and Symbols

A few things going on in this one. Sisko, Ezri (the new Dax), Jake and Sisko's dad go searching for what Sisko saw in the sand in his vision from last episode. They end up on a desert planet named Tyree. Sisko find a spot and digs. He discovers an Ark with one of those magical orbs in it. Ezri urges him to open it and basically it opens the wormhole back up. Then Sisko's mothers ghost shows up and tells him that she was an alien the entire time. His birth was pre-destined, as was his entire life.

Meanwhile Kira has set up a blockade to fend off the Romulans who are being rather sketchy. Worf and crew are off destroying a Dominion base in addition to trying to secure Jadzia's spot in Klingon heaven.

A weird thing that has been happening these past few episodes is that there is flashes to Sisko in an insane asylum. The doctors keep commenting on how he is delusional and made up this entire story about being on a spaceship. I would love it if the last episode revealed that Star Trek was just a dream by some weirdo in a nut house. It would be so dumb.

152 down and 24 to go

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 151 - Image in the Sand

Season 7 begins. Sisko is back on Earth with Jake. He is dealing with his feelings of failure and he has a strange prophetic vision of a mystery woman buried in sand. Back on DS9 Kira is in charge and has been promoted to Colonel. She is busy dealing with a new Romulan envoy on the station and she also opens a military hospital. Worf is still upset about Dax. Otherwise life goes on normally on the station. At the end, Sisko meets up with the "new" Dax. The trill is rather cute, but obviously much less abrasive than Jadzia.

151 down and 25 to go