Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 28 - Necessary Evil

"When Quark is shot, Odo re-opens a five-year-old murder case of Mr. Vaatrik who was a Cardassian collaborator."

This was the one case that Odo could not solve. He suspected the wife of Vaatrik because she admitted that her husband was having an affair with a Bajoran woman ... Kira! And she may have killed him because she was pissed off. But he couldn't prove it.

Meanwhile in recent day. Quark was shot retrieving a list of Cardassian collaborators from Mr. Vaatrik's strongbox. The shooter takes the list (and plans to use it as blackmail). Quark barely survives, but the shooter comes back to smother him in his hospital bed. Rom walks in and saves his brother by screaming. Odo then captures him and the entire plot is revealed. The only things is, Odo still doesn't know who originally killed Vaatrik.

In the end, Kira admits to Odo that she was not romantically involved with Vaatrik, but rather she was sent to kill him by the Bajorans. She was the murderer all along.

28 down and 148 to go

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 27 - Rules of Acquisition

I'm still not maxed out on these Ferengi themed episodes. I always find them to be entertaining. This one is a bit strange however. It's interesting because we delve a bit into Ferengi culture, particularly their treatment of women. Ferengi women have no rights, are not allowed to work or even leave the house and must always be naked. They also do not have lobes. So this Ferengi women disguises herself as a male and joins Quark as a partner. She is really good at business deals and soon enters into a business proposition with Quark and Grand Nagus.

She falls in love with Quark and tries to make out with him. Quark is not too interested, but also doesn't really resist. Even though Quark still thinks that it is a male???? Just at this moment another alien walks in and catches them. Now he thinks that Quark is doing gay stuff! It was very Three's Company.

Finally, the Nagus finds out that this is a woman and he freaks out. Its all pretty funny. But adds nothing to the shows development.

27 down and 149 to go

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 26 - Melora

 Malroa is an Ensign from a low gravity planet. Her body is incompatible with the DS9 gravity. So she has to be in a wheelchair?? Thus setting up the plot that she is "crippled" and must face all of the challenges of a handicapped person. Including having the annoying attitude and irritating defense mechanisms. This episode played into every stereotype and I'm surprised that most people didn't find it to be down right offensive.

Anyway, Bashir ends up falling for her. And they sort of hook up. He then creates a "cure" that allows her to walk. Meanwhile a former business partner of Quark has arrived on DS9, looking to murder Quark. The two plots collide when this guy takes Quark, Dax and Malora hostage. In the end Malora basically saves the day. I really didn't enjoy this one. Although the "would be murderer" did have a nose like a penis, that was at least funny.

26 down and 150 to go

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 25 - Cardassians

During the war between the Cardassians and the Bjorans, many Cardassian children evidently become orphaned on Bajor. So Bajorian families took them in. Garak discovers one such child on DS9 and it turns out that this kid is racist against his own people. The Bajoran family seemingly raised him this way. So far I'm liking the idea of this episode. Seems interesting. But then it has to take a ridiculous turn.

The kids real father shows up (named Pa'Dar) and his son keeps calling him a butcher. So come to find out that Gul Dukat is a political enemy of Pa'Dar and he "planted" Pa'Dars own son in order to humiliate Pa'Dar. Something like that. Such a stretch.

The saving grace was that Pa'dar was played by Robert Mandan. Who I remember from seemingly every Game Show from the late 70s to the mid 80s.

25 down and 151 to go

Friday, June 06, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 24 - Invasive Procedures

An angry Trill named Verard boards the station with the intention of stealing the symbiont from Dax. The trill was rejected as a host and now he is pissed off. Him and his henchmen force Bashir to transfer the symbiont from Dax to himself. Within hours Jadzia (formerly Dax) will die. Also DS9 is caught in a plasma storm and the space station must be evacuated. Again, Rom screws Quark by stealing his escape pod.

Now the symbiont is in a new host. The thing is, it's still the same "person" just in a different shell. Now that "Dax" is back to being a man, Sisko seems less awkward around his old friend. But, I guess they realize that it is wrong to let Jadzia die so the symbiot has to be returned to her body. Sisko eventually shoots Verard and Bashir gets the symbiot back into it's original host. But does it really matter what the symbiont looks like? It's the same "being" no matter what!!

24 down and 152 to go