Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Micheal Keaton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey dudes and dudettes (???? girls are reading this right???) I am going to discuss the entire oeuvre of the finest living american actor who has ever lived MICHEAL KEATON!!!!!
so enough with the talkin' lets get rockin'!!!

WORKING STIFFS : this was a sitcom staring micheal keaton and Jim from the world according to jim. It came out in the same year i was born 1979. coincidence????? It lasted 3 episodes, it wasn't that bad actually. It had some good slapstick which you usually dont get to see on sitcoms (3s company being the main exception). Working stiffs would be a good name for a porno or a zombie film or a zombie porno

Night Shift : Keatons break out performance! he gives an tony award winning turn as a pimp or a "love broker". This film shows that being a hooker isn't all that bad. This was also ron howards big break as a director. I can't believe this film was actually a hit. I liked it though. The Fonz really isnt a very good actor.

Mr. MOM This film was pretty good but i havent seen it in a million years so it could actuall sucks. Keaton plays a guy who becomes a home maker and is married to terri garr. Terri Garr used to be a pretty decent looking broad. Remeber when he said "nice Knockers" but he was refering to the door knocker? hahaha oh wait that was young frankenstein. I dont remeber anything funny from this film.

Johnny Dangerously this film is pretty much a rip off of AIRPLANE! though it takes place (vaguely) in the roaring 30s. Micheal keaton plays the titular hero johnny who is some kind of mob boss or something. This movie has some pretty decent jokes in it actually.

Gung Ho this film is about the popular GI JOE character Gung Ho who works at a car factory that gets taken over by the Japs. It proves the people from Japan aren't all bad even if that Battan Death March was pretty rude. FUN FACT: this movie was turned into a sitcom, that was pretty bad. Yet I still remember it in excrusiating detail. I give this film 9 thumbs up.

DREAM TEAM , in this film micheal keaton plays a mental patient. Um, its pretty funny. What Night shift was to hookers this film is too demented people. Who would have thought that being insane could be so funny./??? well not me. My rating 24 stars.

BATMAN, The best film ever made by humans a trillion stars out of 3

Batman 2 umm not really that great, but still better than batman 3 or 4. though not as good as batman begins.

Multiplicty <> Everyones dream come true! What if we could clone MIcheal Keaton!!!!! anyway keaton gives a pretty good comedic perfomance in this film. an underated Keaton Klassic.

Jackie Brown: I guess he was in this film, did anyone even see it??? I actually liked the film though I dont remember keaton being in it.

Jack Frost.......um pass

White Noise. Me and Mugatto skipped work to see this film. It was pretty okay. not that great but it taught me to laugh at love.....again.

Herbie Fully loaded. Whatever, Lindsay Lohan used to be hot before she lost all her weight, now she doesnt have any boobs. Micheal Keaton steals every scene in this film

anyway thats my review of keatons films. I guess there are other films but i never seen them. Keaton is a great actor and always seems coked up.

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Also everyone should watch Arrested Development on Fox mondays at 8. nothing to do with micheal Keaton just thought i share.

Friday, September 23, 2005

It's crying time

Everyone has had a movie that made them cry or at least get choked up. I know someone that admitted to the following ... King Kong, A Walk to Remember and an episode of Dark Angel. HAHAHA what a freak. I'll admit to the following ... Titanic, I am Sam, Step Mom, and the Nicholas Sparks book "The Guardian" ... how gay is that? So come on everyone fess up!


Friday, September 16, 2005

Women are mentally ill

I think i've come to the conclusion that women are mentally ill. One minute they are normal the next they are insane. This may be true for all women, but i don't know for sure, but it sure seems like MOST women are like this. It's no secret really. Women have been crazy for centuries....Joan of Arc was crazy - she claimed that she saw angels ...hahahahahahaha ANGELS! How stupid ... right? Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, the show Newhart. Remember when that "Hi i'm Larry, this is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl" thing was funny? Why? What the hell where we laughing at!?!?!?!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Steve's gay (as in happy) movie review

This weekend my friend ...um Steve....watched 2 movies. One being "The Notebook" and the other being "Because of Winn Dixie". So ...Steve... was really disappointed by The Notebook, while i'm sure that it was a decent flick it evidently went totally against the book ... which Steve read .... and enjoyed. Nicholas Sparks is a good author right? It coulda been worse, it's not like Steve reads Danielle Steele or trashy raunchy sex novels written by my actual 7th Grade English teacher Patricia Grasso (look her up on Amazon!). The movie is a disgrace to all that enjoyed the book .... um like Steve did.

Ahh. Winn Dixie, this movie was surprisingly very good and entertaining. Who doesn't love dogs? My dad, thats who. Anyway, this dog is just so cool, irt can smile ... for real. This flick is rather dark and depressing for a kids film, which is pretty chill. The characters are a girl who's mother abandoned her, a blind drunk black lady, an ex-con child-molester??? played by that great actor Dave Mathews??? and a bunch of other people or something. Anyway, I liked this movie ... i mean Steve liked it. And seriously Steve is totally straight, no shit he really is.

PS: My favorite U.S. body of water is Lake New Orleans ... was that a joke???