Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 166 - Homeward

I really enjoyed this episode. It involved Worf and his human brother Paul Sorvino (who was great). Paul Sorvino was on a primitive planet (seemed like the inhabitants were in the equivalent of Earths Dark Ages), anyway the planet was going to die so Paul wanted to save the people. Worf comes down in disguise to convince his brother that there is no good way to do it without revealing the existence of alien life to them. So, somehow, Paul Sorvino sneaks the entire population onto the ship and replicates their village in the holodeck. The plan then is to beam them down to a new planet without them even knowing.

The plan takes a bad turn when one of the villagers accidently exits the holodeck and ends up in the Enterprise hallway. Needless to say, his mind is fucking blown. After spending sometime with the crew, the villager seems to be somewhat adjusting to all of this. Then he kills himself.

In the end, the Enterprise beams the rest of the village down to a new planet and they never even know what happened.

The episode also has Penny Johnson in it, she was in DS9, 24 and now the show Castle.

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 165 - The Pegasus

"Riker's former Captain boards the Enterprise to retrieve the USS Pegasus. Picard investigates the circumstances of its loss and finds that there has been a cover-up." ... also the Romulan's seem to be heavily interested in the wreck of the Pegasus.

The cover-up involves Riker and his former Captain Pressman. Back on the Pegasus there had been a mutiny attempt, the crew had been concerned about Pressman's involvement with Romulan Cloaking Technology. Riker defended the Captain and aided in his escape, the crew all died when the Pegasus then exploded. In the end Riker does end up getting in trouble for this past incident, which is a good touch.

This episode was directed by LeVar Burton.

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Star Trek TNG: Episode 164 - Parallels

Worf is having a birthday party and suddenly he becomes aware that he is in an alternate universe. One in which Riker is Capt, Wes is Lt and Worf is married to Troi (which is just vile).

Worf manages to convince the crew that he is in the wrong universe, and they help him get back home.

I'm tired of these alternate universe episodes. Although, I kind of enjoyed Worf in this one, I like when he is out of his element.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 163 - Inheritance

Not too much to say about this one. It involves Data's mother, who ends up being not really his mother but an android of his mother, but sort of really his mother because Dr. Soong did supply the robot with all of his late wife's memories, so yeah its basically his mother, but not really. Anyway Data finds out about this, but doesn't know if he should tell his "mother" that she is not real. Want to know the dramatic ending? Does he tell her? Does he not tell her? Well, you will just have to watch the episode yourself.

Fuck it, he doesn't tell her.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 162 - Force of Nature

The plot to this one involves two scientists trying to prove that warp drive is harming the fabric of space...which they do indeed prove. The subplot involves Data trying to train his cat Spot, which is very funny. Spot is the such a terrible cat, it does not listen to anyone and seems to enjoy attacking Geordi.

It was not a great episode, but I guess it was significant in the Star Trek realm. This is because the Klingon and Federation agree to never go above Warp 5 except for in emergencies.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 161 - Attached

I just don't know about this one, it's pretty dumb. Picard and Beverly are taken hostage by the Kes and implants are put in their necks that keep them attached to other and also able to read each others thoughts. Why? Because they have to setup the plot involving Picard and Crusher's sexual feeling for each other. I'm just not interested. Maybe if it was more like Human Centipede then it would be at least somewhat entertaining.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 160 - Dark Page

Lwaxana Troi is the worst character in any show, ever, of all-time. This episode is just garbage. Lwaxana loses her powers and then slips into a coma. Deanna meets her in her dreams, where her mom confesses that Deanna had a sister that drowned. Not in the least interesting. The only thing of note is that Kirsten Dunst was in this episode....and I didn't even notice.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 159 - Phantasms

Tiny creatures are feeding on the crew, causing Data's dream program to go crazy.  .....Data's dream program??? Anyway, it was a very fun episode. Data's dream sequences were very well done and overall the directing job by Patrick Stewart was excellent. During one of Data's waking dreams he sees Troi as a giant cake and stabs her with a knife. First of all, why are they still using traditional knives on the Enterprise, secondly if a humanoid crewmember stabs another one (whether it is in an altered state or not) I'm pretty sure they would be in some kind trouble .... Nobody seems to care that Data just nearly murdered someone. Oh well, the perks of being an android.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 158 - Gambit pt. 2

Last we left off, our heroes where captured on a mercenary ship. Picard was pretending to be a merchant and Riker, well he is still Riker. Picard and Riker devise a plan to play along with these mercenaries and become "one of them". Evidently they are seeking a rare Vulcan artifact that has incredible power. Yet again, part two comes to a rushed conclusion with the mercenary plans being thwarted. It was, however, good too see Riker and Picard playing both sides of the coin, it was well done.

So Sabrina LeBeauf is in this episode playing an Ensign. And, man is she fucking terrible. I was very surprised at how bad she was. How hard is it to play an Ensign at the navigation panel?? She had a good amount of lines and she just managed to sound like a kid in a 6th grade play .... from the 1930's ... with Polio

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Star Trek TNG: Episode 157 - Gambit pt. 1

For some reason Picard is alone on an archeological expedition and ends up getting into a bar fight. Right off the bat, this is just dumb. Why would this ever happen?? So basically he ends up getting "shot and killed/vaporized". Riker goes to the bar to figure out what happened and ends up getting captured by a group of mercenaries...where he finds Picard working with them under the guise of a merchant.

Once you get past the stupid plot, the episode is rather enjoyable.

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Monday, February 03, 2014

Star Trek TNG: Episode 156 - Interface

I like LaForge, but this episode just wasn't happening. It was a decent plot, they setup Geordi's visor so that he can interactively control a probe to access dangerous areas. He discovers his mother's ship is missing ... evidently she is a Starship Captain?? I don't recall this ever being brought up before. Anyway Geordi uses his VISOR technology without permission to try and find his mothers ship. Anyway, she ends being dead and Ben Vereen is his dad.

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