Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 98 - These Are The Voyages...

This was my first time actually seeing this episode. Back when Enterprise was on, I had tuned out sometime in Season three. let me just say that I am very pleased with this ending. I mean, wow, what a great episode. Brilliant idea and well executed. It starts off by showing Archer and crew on the last day of their commission. Suddenly you hear the voice of Johnathan Frakes asking the computer to pause. It's Riker on the holodeck! He then meets up with Deanna Troi. They reveal that Riker needs to make a decision on whether to tell Picard of a cover-up, he has gone into the holodeck and back to this time period in order to ease his mind. Troi tells him to be the ship chef because people always talk to the chef about their problems. So he does.

Archer is about to make a big speech on Earth, but he is contacted by Shran. Shran is asking for help in saving his kidnapped daughter. Of course Archer can't say no. Also, we see that T'Pol and Trip are still not together (it is 6 years since Terra Prime). Archer successfully saves Shran's daughter, once back on Enterprise he is visited by aliens that are seeking Shran. They are very hostile. Trip goads them into following him into a ship compartment. Then Trip causes an explosion killing all of the aliens ... and also himself. No really, this time he is actually dead. Archer makes it to his speech and gives a great one. Riker is now inspired and knows what he must do...a link to the TNG episode The Pegasus. The ending is fantastic. It shows the three Enterprise ships and does the classic speech ("These are the Voyages...) using the voices of Picard, Kirk and then Archer. And that's it. An awesome last episode.


Enterprise: Episode 97 - TERRA PRIME

"A human isolationist leader threatens to destroy Starfleet Command unless all aliens leave Earth immediately"

Paxton is on Mars and is threatening to blow up Earth unless all non human leave the planet. I swear I've seen this plot on Bugs Bunny. Paxton has Trip, T'Pol and the baby with him. Evidently he created the baby so that he can use it as a bargaining chip...which seems really stupid. Trip rigs Paxton's device to malfunction. They stop him, but now the aliens are the conference are uneasy about an alliance. Archer makes a speech and convinces everyone to keep working towards unity. ....Oh also the baby dies.


Enterprise: Episode 96 - DEMONS

"A xenophobic faction of humanity threatens to undermine talks to form a new coalition of planets"

 Not the worst episode, but not the best either. Certainly the guest stars are top notch, Peter Weller as Paxton, Tom Bergeron, Peter Mensah (awesome on Spartacus) and Eric Pierpoint (the mayor from Buffy the vampire slayer). The crew are back on Earth, there is a conference with many alien races attending. They are discusing an alliance. Suddenly a woman appears (looks like Judith Light), she is shot and gives a vile to Trip saying "they are going to kill her". Phlox discovers that the vile has a hair sample from a baby .. with Trip and T'Pols DNA. The baby was created by Paxton, he heads an anti alien faction. So why would he want to create an alien/human hybrid? Haha, I seriously have no idea! Maybe i'll find out in the next episode.


Enterprise: Episode 94 - IN A MIRROR DARKLY pt. 2

"In the Mirror Universe, Archer commandeers the 23rd-century Defiant from the Tholians and uses it in a nefarious power grab."

Archer discovers a futuristic Stafleet ship stuck in the Tholian Web, it is the Defiant. The same ship in which Kirk was sent to find in the Tholian Web episode ... i think. Anyway, Archer steals the Defiant. Bangs Hoshi like five times. Names himself emperor and kicks all of the aliens off of his ship. The aliens (T'Pol, Phlox etc) decide to fight back and the episode ends with Archer drinking poisoned champaigne. The episodes were not terrible, but to put them as some of the final episodes of the series is a weird move. Why would you nearly end the series with a story arc that adds nothing to Star Trek?


Enterprise: Episode 94 - IN A MIRROR DARKLY pt. 1

"In the Mirror Universe, Commander Archer mutinies against Captain Forrest in order to capture a future Earth ship found in Tholian space."

I honestly hate these mirror universe episodes. They add nothing to Star Trek universe and are just confusing. This was no exception. It's similar to all of the other mirror universe episodes (TOS,DS9), except this one takes place entirely in this universe. I like how they use the Tholian plot, including the Tholian Web. Like always, the crew is totally evil. At the end of this episode we see Archer overthrowing Forrest as ISS Enterprise Captain. Also, in this episode T'Pol is looking insanely sexy. She's been looking a bit run down in season 4, the short hair has begun to annoy me. But in this episode, wow. The best part of "In A Mirror" was the alternate theme song, it was dark and the clips were down right bad ass.


Enterprise: Episode 93 - BOUND

"As a gift for negotiating with the Orion Syndicate, Archer receives three Orion Slave Girls, but these "gifts" have their own agenda. Meanwhile, Trip and T'Pol come to terms with the psychic bond that has been created between them"

Ah yes, the good old Orion Slave Girls. OK, so these one's are actually hot.Not really the most in depth episode, but I guess who really cares. The slave girls are in total control of every guy on the ship, they seem to have an agenda but I honestly forgot what it even was. The Slave Master wants the Federation to go into business with him, he has discovered some kind of ore on a planet...whatever. So, Trip ends up being like the only guy unaffected by the girls, I'm guessing the idea is that he likes T'Pol so much that he's oblivious to these girls. Oh ... and Trip is still on Enterprise "helping out". The episode makes a reference to some kind of Gorn made alcohol. Like a Gorn could make alcohol! Ha


Episode 92 - DIVERGENCE

"With the Columbia's help, the Enterprise crew grapples with sabotage to their ship as they pursue the truth behind the kidnapping of Phlox."

So Trip has transferred over to the Columbia because he's sick of T'Pol's bullshit. The Columbia is now assisting the Enterprise in saving Phlox.  A Klingon/Augment is caught on the Enterprise and put in the brig, Archer also discovers Malcom's ploy and tosses him in the brig. The Malcolm plot is confusing and pointless, I guess he's being manipulated by a covert group that he is part of ... but it really doesn't lead anywhere.

Phlox cures the plague and is returned. Meanwhile the Klingons are shamed because they have messed up nearly a million of their people. These Klingons will now look more humanoid, hence the Klingon's from TOS are explained. They say that someday this genetic mutation might be reversible ... explaining why they have vanished. Also I think that this was alluded to in DS9. Excellent job Enterprise, I like this one.


Enterprise: Episode 91 - AFFLICTION

"Phlox is kidnapped by the Klingons who are seeking to cure a disease. T'Pol's mental abilities grow after she conducts her first mind meld"

Remember when the Augments attacked the Klingons? Well, the Klingons had taken some of the Augment technology. They are attempting to make Klingon/Augment hybrids. They have unintentionally caused this sickness that they need Phlox to fix. Meanwhile, there is a mysterious plot in which Malcolm is trying to stop Archer from discovering what the Klingon's are up to. Well done episode ... also to be continued. Seth MacFarlane makes another appearance and he is looking insanely fat. I don't ever recall him being this large.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 90 - THE AENAR

"The drone Romulan ship that attacked the Andorians is under the control of an Aenar, an offshoot race of the Andorians. Archer and Shran join forces to rescue the Aenar and stop the Romulan plot."

So we see that the ships are being controlled by an Aenar which is an albino Andorian. They are a secluded and peaceful  subspecies. Archer and Shran go to Andoria to locate them. Once there they recruit the sister of the renegade Aenar to get him back. She eventually uses her psychic abilities to cause her brother to destroy the Romulan ships. A few thing to note. First of all Jeffrey Combs is so friggin good on this show, this episode especially as he was not only his usual jerky self as Shran, but also had some tender moments as well. Also, I think the female Aenar was actually hot. Unfortunately her name was Jamel, which is also the name of the black kid that cracked open my head with a shaving cream can in High School. This is a total boner kill.


Enterprise: Episode 89 - UNITED

"Archer tries to unite the Andorians and Tellarites who are being set at each other's throats by a remote-controlled Romulan vessel."

Romulans and Andorians and Tellerites ... ohh my (said like George Takei). OK that was dumb. But so is this series. Again. Shran is the greatest character in Star Trek history, he simply is the shit. He challeneges the Tellerite to a duel, but Archer takes the Tellerites place. They fight and Archer wins.

Trip and Reed have boarded the Romulan ship and are sabotaging it.  Oh one of the Romulans is played by Brian Thompson, who was awesome as the alien bounty hunter in the X-Files series. So anyway, T'Pol sets up a plan to stop nthe Romulan ship but the Andorians and Tellerites must work together.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise is attacking the Romulan ship and Trip/Reed narrowly escape. Now we see what is really controlling the Romulan ship ... and evidently it's Johnny Winter.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 88 - BABEL ONE

"Andorians threaten war on the Tellarites after apparently being attacked by a Tellarite vessel en route to trade talks"

note (So i've been basically watching like three episodes in a row just to get this over with. But I'm writing as I watch and then I will just post everything later. I want to be starting TOS on Dec. 1st)

You may remember the Tellarites from Journey to Babel, which coincides with this episode. babel seems to be an alien convention center of some sort, where aliens from all over come to ... convene? For some reason. Anyway, an Andorian ship has been attacked by what seems to be a Tellarite ship.Shran the man boards Enterprise and is bullshit, as usually. The Tellerites deny it, but Andorains believe no one. Suddenly, Enterprise is attacked by an Andorian ship and Shran is confused. We find out that this ship is a holographic ship deployed by the Romulans but controlled telepathically by an unknown being ... get that? Well in keeping up with the Enterprise story arc theme, this will be continued until ... well right now, I'll just watch it and get it over with.


Enterprise: Episode 87 - OBSERVER EFFECT

"Organians test the Enterprise crew by observing their reactions to a deadly silicon-based infection."

Trip and Hoshi are exposed to a deadly virus. The Organians use this opportunity to take host bodies and observe passer-by's. The take over the bodies of nearly everyone on the ship. Meanwhile Trip dies ... yes again ... and the Organians bring him back to life. They also reference that they have observed Klingons, a prelude to the TOS episode "Errand of Mercy" in which it is said that Klingons and Organians are rivals. Also Errand of Mercy was the 'first appearance' of both alien races.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 86 - DAEDALUS

"Dr. Emory Erickson, inventor of the transporter, conducts a long-range experiment in order to recover his lost son."

Archer knows Dr. Erickson well as him and Archer's dad are old friends. He boards the ship under false pretenses, Archer thinks he is conducting some experiment. But,  he has come to retrieve his son who has been stuck in transport for 15 years. In conducting this secret mission, Dr. Erickson accidentally kills a crew member. Archer discovers the plan and offers to help retrieve the boy. Unfortunately he re-materializes dead. Dr. Erickson is played by the great actor Bill Cobbs. I remember him from Song of the South, I saw this when I was a kid during it's re-release at the movie theater. This is the only time my father has ever taken me to the movies, it may be the only time he has ever even been to the movies ... in fact it is probably the only time that he has ever done anything non computer related. This episode had a very TNG feel to it and it was well done. But seriously, shouldn't the Doctor go to jail for murder??


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 85 - Kir'Shara

"Archer and T'Pol bring back the Kir'Shara (Surak's artifact) that will lead to vast changes in the Vulcan world. T'Pol's Pa'nar Syndrome is cured by T'Pau."

Very solid episode, but you really had to pay attention which can be tough with Enterprise.  A lot going on here. Archer proves that he had the spirit of Surak by finding his lost artifact. The spirit is then returned to these's not important. Back on Enterprise: Soval informs Trip that the T'Vos is planning an all out attack on Andoria. They go to inform Shran, but he doesn't believe it and kidnaps Soval and torches the hell out of him. But, he doesn't break so Shran eventually believes it. The attack is stopped with the aid of the Enterprise. Meanwhile: T'Pol's husband helps Archer and her get back to the ship and he releases her from their marriage.

The episode ends with T'Vos meeting with that security officer that planted the bomb. He removes his hood and reveals that he is a Romulan. Him and T'Vos reveal that they have a plan to unite Vulcans and Romulans in an alliance against ... well just about everybody.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 84 - AWAKENING

"Archer & T'Pol find T'Pau and T'Pol's mother and learn that Archer is carrying Surak's katra."

So basically that strange traveler put Surak's spirit into Archer. There's much debate about this throughout this Vulcan faction. T'Pol's mother trusts Archer but most of the other's don't. Anyway, back on Enterprise Soval is with Trip because he has just been thrown out of the Vulcan High Council for siding with Starfleet. Now V'Las (the council leader) wants to basically destroy everybody that opposes him.Nothing really fantastic happened in this episode, nor anything even worth making fun of. For some reason I found Spock's mother to be attractive. Also, I almost forgot about that 80's band T'Pau....they weren't that good.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 83 - THE FORGE

"Earth's embassy on Vulcan is partially destroyed by a bomb"

A terrorist bomb destroys the Earth embassy on Vulcan. In the event Admiral Forest saves Soval but he himself is killed. The DNA from the bomb shows that it was the member of a renegade Vulcan group (they differ in the following of Surak's teachings), the member of this group responsible ... T'Pau (she presided over Spock's sex fight). Archer and T'Pol travel across a desert to confront this group, on the way they encounter a Vulcan who helps them but is killed by lightning (??), anyway before he dies he performs a mind meld on Archer. Meanwhile, Phlox discovers that the DNA has been planted. Surak figures out that it was a security officer for the High Council that did it and it was all a set up. This episode has many subtle references to other Star Trek series; three different movies, TOS, TNG and even the Animated Series. Finally! this show "get's it", Star Trek fans like continuity. Link this shit together.


Enterprise: Episode 82 - THE AUGMENTS

"Dr. Arik Soong finds himself overthrown as "father" of the Augments and Archer rushes to prevent the destruction of a Klingon colony. As a result of his dashed hopes of enhancing humans, Soong turns in a new direction of research."

So the aggressive Augments are hell-bent on attacking Klingons. Dr. Soong is against this so they oust him. Now he and Archer work together to stop the Augments. Eventually they are destroyed, along with all of the scientific data etc. So the Augments are no more, accept they mention that the SS Botney Bay is out there with Khan on it ... or something. It doesn't really matter because this was a good series of episodes and it's sad to see Brent Spiner gone from the show, he was awesome. At the very end, we see Dr. Soong in his holding cell contemplating his next  scientific endevour, making an artificial lifeform.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 81 - COLD STATION 12

"A space station crew is held hostage as Dr. Arik Soong and his Augments work to obtain hundreds of Augment embryos in hopes of creating an Augment population."

Soong hooks up with the Augments and they go to retrieve the Augment embryos left over from the Eugenics War. Soong tries to control the Augments as they get increasingly more violent.They need to get a code from some poor old scientist and the beat the crap out of the poor old guy. He finally gives in when they threaten to kill his friend, Dr. Phlox. And again, that woman is still rough in the face.


Enterprise: Episode 80 - BORDERLAND

"Dr. Arik Soong restores his relationship with his genetically-enhanced "children," Augments"

Yes the Augments. As in KHAN. One of the coolest bad guys ever. Let me just say that this episode was awesome for a few reasons, but the biggest reason was BRENT SPINER. He was fucking awesome. That's the best way I could possibly put that. The plot links are cool as shit, first we have Brent Spiner playing Arik Soong who is an ancestor of Data's creator (awesome!) then we have the Augments from the Eugenics War (cool), then these renegade Augments steal a Klingon Bird of Prey (bad ass), all while the Enterprise is tangled up with Orion traders (reference from TOS: The Cage...nice). One of the traders is played by wrestler The Big SHow, who is one big scary dude. The only problem is that there is supposed to be a sexy Augment chick, but I'm sorry she is pretty rough in the face. I still would though.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 79 - HOME

"Enterprise is welcomed home after saving Earth and the crew takes a much needed vacation. Tucker & T'Pol visit Vulcan where T'Pol must consider marriage to Koss. Erika Hernandez becomes captain of the Columbia and renews her acquaintance with Archer. Phlox encounters prejudice on Earth."

I think that description pretty much sums it up. What I want to know is this. Archer is the greatest hero in the history of Earth. Hands down, he did save the planet correct? I may be mistaken but I don't think that he was ever mentioned on any other Star Trek series. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's strange that they would mention Abraham Lincoln or Mark Twain, but never Johnathan Archer.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 78 - STORM FRONT II

"Archer joins Silik to stop the alien Nazis, restore the timeline and end the Temporal Cold War."

Pretty darn cool episode. But, sort of confusing. Archer and Silik join forces with mobsters (including the go to mobster Steve Schirripa) to defeat the Aliens and end the Cold War. So Silik was good? And Daniels was bad? I'm not even sure! Archer tells Daniels to leave and never bother him again at the end of the episode. The best scene was when the Enterprise enters Earths atmosphere and destroys a building. I'm sure there is a ton of stuff that I could write about this episode, but I'm just glad that this plot is over.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 77 - STORM FRONT Part 1

"After destroying the Xindi weapon, Enterprise finds itself in the 20th century during World War II with Nazis in control of the North Eastern USA."

So in this universe the Nazi's/Aliens have taken of the U.S. Archer escapes from that camp somehow and ends up hanging out with a black woman and a bunch of NY style mobsters. Daniels shows up on the Enterprise and explains that he has taken them to this realm in order to end the Temporal Cold War. I still don't understand, if Daniels can do all of this crazy shit then why couldn't he just fix all of this crap himself. Silik then shows up and steals a shuttle pod and heads for Earth. Trip and Travis get captured by the aliens. So there is Archer looking like Dick Van Dyke in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 76 - ZERO HOUR

"The final showdown with the reptilian Xindi to stop the weapon from destroying Earth."

It is indeed the final showdown. Finally. The final freakin showdown. What it boils down to is, Archer gets inside the weapon with Malcolm and some others. They fight some reptilians. Archer has a good final fight scene with the head reptile. Archer gets to the weapon core and destroys it, unfortunately in the process of destroying the weapon Archer gets trapped inside and is killed. Or is he??? Obviously not. But the crew thinks he's dead, they head back for Earth (the ship is inside a Xindi aquatic craft). Arriving, they send a shuttle pod down with Reed and Travis on it ...  suddenly they are attacked by WWII style planes. Then we see Archer awaken in some kind of makeshift hospital. He is surrounded by Nazis!! Now here is where I'm thinking, this is cool. They have gone back in time to WWII and Archer must make it out of Nazi Germany and back to the crew and then back to the future (possibly in a DeLorean). Unfortunately the next scene shows a Nazi alien. So it's obviously some altered timeline. Personally I was disappointed and liked my idea better. So ends season 3.


Enterprise: Episode 75 - COUNTDOWN

"Archer works to build support from the aquatic Xindi to stop the reptilians and find the Sphere Builders who are aiding the reptilians."

The reptilians and the sphere builders fight back. The reptilian Xindi capture Hoshi and torture her, but not even in a sexy way which is disappointing. They want her to translate some code ... for some reason. Major Hayes saves her. And Archer is trying to get the aquatic Xindi to fight against the reptilians I think ... although I can't say that I have any idea what's going on. Although I do know that time is ruining out the weapon is about to be launched.


Enterprise: Episode 74 - THE COUNCIL

"Archer speaks at the Xindi council and finds one species has launched the superweapon in defiance of the council."

Degra takes Archer in front of the Xindi council to lobby for the fate of Earth. Like a said before, the Xindi have all of the same species as Earth but they are all human humanoid. Remember Battle Beasts? Yeah, like that. So anyway, Archer convinces most of the council that the Xindi afe being manipulated by the Sphere builders (who are trying to expand the expanse, but are eventually stopped by Earth ... therefore this is why they have convinced the Xindi to destroy Earth). The reptilians refuse to believe Archer. So there are three episodes left in season 3, I still don't really get most of this Xindi plot, I still don't understand the Cold Tempora War, Daniels, Silik and about ten other plots.


Sunday, November 06, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 73 - E2

"The Enterprise crew meet their descendants from an alternate timeline."

Standing ovation. Great idea, great episode. The Enterprise needs to go through a wormhole and meet up with Degra in order to stop the weapon. Before they get there they are intercepted by THE ENTERPRISE! It is from the future and it contains the children of Trip, Archer etc. etc. You see they have to prevent the old Enterprise from going in the wormhole because if they do then they will not stop the weapon. Earth will be destroyed and the ship will have to fly around with no where to go. Hence, they have spent their entire lives on the ship producing children etc. We see Trip meeting his son (that he had with T'Pol), Archer meeting his son, Hoshi meeting her kids and Malcolm ... well he never has sex whit anybody. T'Pol is still alive and very old, she meets herself. A bunch of confusing stuff happens involving the Xindi, but it's the dynamic of this other plot that makes this episode great.


Friday, November 04, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 72 - THE FORGOTTEN

"Archer deals with the loss of many crew members and continues peaceful talks with two Xindi species that destroy a fellow Xindi ship in self-defense."

The Enterprise is left nearly destroyed from previous events. There are areas that are still burning and I believe that 20 or so crew members are dead. This series must have the most Enterprise crew deaths out of all of them. Phlox tells T'Pol that her drug use has left permanent damage to her emotion controlling abilities. Trip has to write a eulogy for a dead crew member. Evidently Seth MacFarlane made a guest appearance in this episode as an Ensign, I totally didn't notice it. I guess when you are a successful douche you can live out all of your wildest dreams. I would star in a remake of North & South in lieu of Patrick Swayze.


Thursday, November 03, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 71 - DAMAGE

"Enterprise is heavily damaged by Xindi and seeks exchange of Trellium-D for a warp coil from an alien vessel but is forced to steal it. T'Pol confesses her addiction to liquefied Trellium-D, which has caused her to lose control of her emotions."

Archer goes against all of his morals and basically is forced to steal a warp coil from a friendly ship (the captain of the ship is played by the dud that was Damar on DS9). Secondly, we finally  T'Pol finally admits that she has a drug problem (the weirdest star trek plot ever). Dr.Phlox helps her to detox.

Just to clarify some things on the Xindi. It seems that they have all of the species that Earth has, insects, primates, mammals, aquatic and reptilian ... except they are all humanoid. This is why the council seems to be made up of a bunch of different aliens, they are all Xindi just different species.

ST ENTERPRISE COUNTDOWN: 71 down 27 to go.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Enterprise: Episode 70 - AZATI PRIME

"After finding the weapon on Azati Prime, Archer embarks on a suicide mission to destroy it. T'Pol suddenly goes into an emotional tailspin as Enterprise suffers a devastating attack by the reptilian Xindi."

Ummm, hmmm. Way too much going on here. Archer does go on a solo mission to destroy the weapon, yet he ends up 400 years in the future speaking to Daniels. Daniels tells him to do stuff, but Archer tells him to screw off. He does take some artifact from Daniels though. Then Archer gets captured and talks to Degra, explains everything and gives him the artifact. I guess he believes the humans now. Umm...T'Pol is still a junkie and is in charge of the ship, so you just run with that idea. And that's about it.

 ST ENTERPRISE COUNTDOWN: 70 down 28 to go.

Enterprise: Episode 69 - HATCHERY

"Archer does everything he can to save a Xindi insectoid hatchery, to the point that his officers consider inciting mutiny against him."

Basically Archer becomes obsessed with this hatchery. He ends up coddling these nasty insect babies. He freaks out and releives the entire crew ... not in any kind of sexual way but in more of a administrative way, jusy case you got confused. He puts Major Hayes in charge, the crew form a mutany and over power Hayes and Archer and then Phlox cures Archer's crazy brain.

ST ENTERPRISE COUNTDOWN: 69 down 29 to go.