Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Star Trek: Nemesis

Acting was great, plot was average, execution ... not great. Tom Hardy was fantastic as the villain Shinzon, as was Ron Perlman and all of the original cast. All did an excellent job. The plot revolves around Shinzon (who is a young clone of Picard or something) who has now taken over the Romulan Empire (I think). Picard and crew meet Shinzon and he seems a little bit insane. They discover that Shinzon is dying and needs Picards blood (I assumed). Eventually Shinzon abducts Picard and B-4 (Data's inferior brother, who they had found on a nearby planet ... sort of like Clint Howard). Picard escapes with the help of B-4 (who is actually Data, pretending to be B-4). Back on the Enterprise they confront Shinzon in a ship to ship battle, eventually ramming his ship with the Enterprise. Picard makes his way to Shinzon and stabs him, meanwhile Data dies while destroying the enemy ship.

Back on Enterprise, everyone is sad because Data is dead. Picard eventually realizes that Data transferred his program into B-4. Eventually they will be one in the same. Most people did not enjoy this movie. It certainly was not terrible, just incredibly average. When it becomes obvious that Shinzon and Picard are connected in some way, I was waiting for Shinzon to say that he was Picard's son. Like at some point during TNG Picard knocked-up some random alien woman. That would be more believable.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Voyager/Star Trek Reflection

I will begin this by saying that I did not hate Voyager. I didn't love it, but I was far from hating it. All that I have ever heard were bad things about Voyager. When it was on TV, I never bothered to watch a single episode. To be honest, I think when I was young I was put off by a Star trek show with a female Captain. But, Janeway was a decent character. She was never in your face or over the top, and for the most part her personal life stayed completely out of the series. Janeway was always just a Starship Captain. As for 7 of 9, I never warmed up to her. She was the opposite of Janeway, the charcter was always in your face and her personal life was always the center of things. I enjoyed Kes and at times I may have even like Chakotay. As for Torres, Paris and Harry ... all shit. Neelix was mostly unlikeable but it was hard to not like him ... if that makes sense. By far The Doctor was the greatest character in Voyager, and Robert Picardo may be the best actor on the show. In general, the show was far more watchable than I expected. I didn't even feel like hanging myself until well into season 6!

I started this journey on 7/16/2011 with the first episode of Enterprise. My goal was to watch every episode/movie in timeline order. Which I did, although it took me 5 years ... just like Captain Kirk's mission, hmmm ironic. Nonetheless, I regret almost none of this! I wish I could say that it brought be closer to Star Trek, but mostly it just made me become annoyed by it. Oh well. So what was the point of all of this? Literally, no point.

Now I have one more movie to watch, Nemesis. Also, the new Star Trek movie in a few months ... and I guess this new show coming in 2017. So even though the meat and potatos of the journey has come to an end, there is still more to come ...

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 172 - Endgame Pt. 2

Admiral Janeway goes to confront the Borg Queen. She is captured and it seems like she will die, but she unleashes a deadly pathogen that kills the Queen and most of the Borg's. Voyager then goes through the hub, but are followed by a remaining Borg ship. Admiral Janeway goes to the Borg ship and plants a bomb. Voyager makes it through the hub, the Borg ship explodes... destroying the transwarp hub. Now home, Janeway ends the series by saying "Set course... for home." Some of the reveals are that Janeway is an Admiral, Tuvok is in an insane asylum, Kim is a Captain and I forget the rest... This was an OK final episode. Acting was good, plot was fair but not fantastic, visuals were excellent. I always like seeing Starships flying in a planets atmosphere.

172 down 0 to go!

Star Trek VGR Episode 171 - Endgame Pt. 1

Well, it's the end of Voyager. In 2024 Admiral Janeway decides to go back in time to talk to Captain Janeway. It takes awhile to convince herself that she is...herself. Finally she tells Capt. Janeway to go back into the area of Borg space that they escaped from a few seasons back. It seems like a suicide mission, but she says it's important. So they sneak into Borg space and discover a transwarp hub. Capt. Janeway tries to destroy it, but the Borg Queen stops the attack. Admiral Janeway explains that they need this transwarp hub because it will allow them to get home 16 years earlier. This is important because the way things really played out it took them 23 years to get home and many of them died on the way. Captain Janeway still sees that it is more important to stop the Borg's spread, then to make it home sooner. Admiral Janeway then works on a plan to both use the hub AND destroy it...

171 down 1 to go

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 170 - Renaissance Man

Janeway and The Doctor are taken by an alien race. The want The Doctor to steal the warp core in exchange for Janeway's freedom. She tells him to not do it, but The Doctor refuses her order. He doesn't want to see her die. So The Doctor turns himself into a hologram of Janeway and infiltrates Voyager. Tuvok eventually becomes suspicious but it's too late, The Doctor has stolen the core. He did however, leave Paris and Tuvok a clue. They follow the clue right to Janeway and defeat the aliens, saving Janeway and keeping the warp core. The episode was okay, but I was expecting something better for most likely the final "Doctor themed" episode.

170 down 2 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 169 - Homestead

"Voyager encounters a Talaxian settlement leaving Neelix with the difficult decision of whether to leave the crew."

While celebrating "First Contact Day", Voyager suddenly discovers a strange asteroid. Paris and Neelix go to examine it and find miners on it, but also Talaxians. Neelix is shocked because he assumed he was the only one left. He meets a widowed woman with a young son and they fall for each other (Neelix and the woman that is). She explains that the survivors have been going from planet to planet trying to find a home. They really like this asteroid but the miners want them gone. Neelix assists in deploying a shield around the asteroid in order to keep the miners out. He then decides to stay with his people. Janeway makes him an Ambassador, allowing him to live with the Talaxians but still be in contact with Voyager. I must admit, I was a little sad to see Neelix go.

169 down 3 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 168 - Natural Law

"Seven and Chakotay are stranded on a planet with primitive humanoids."

Thankfully they don't really hook-up or anything because really, Chakotay?, please. He ends getting inured and Seven looks for help. They both end up meeting with a primitive culture. Both are impressed by this culture but try not to influence them too much. This doesn't work because soon the people become intrigued by Chakotay's tattoos and Seven's implant.

Meanwhile, Paris gets in trouble for reckless driving and has to go to drivers training class?? Whatever. It's on the same planet that Chakotay/7 are on. You find out that there is a barrier separating the old culture and the new. The crew struggle with the idea of removing the barrier or leaving it there.

168 down 4 to go

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 167 - Friendship One

Voyager now has regular communication with Starfleet. They are then sent on a mission to retrieve a Starfleet Probe named Friendship One. It had been sent years earlier and is believed to be in Voyagers location. They track it down to a planet. This planet has been devastated by nuclear winter. They find the surviving population sick and basically starving. Soon some of Voyagers crew are taken hostage. It is revealed that Friendship One had caused the devastation of the planet. After some fighting back and forth, Janeway finally works out a deal to restore the planets environment. After giving them aid and supplies, Voyager launches probes into the atmosphere which causes the planet to soon become sunny.

167 down 5 to go

Monday, March 28, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 166 - Author, Author

What a fun episode. I think the only character that I will miss from Voyager is The Doctor.  The Doctor writes a novel named Photons Be Free. In it, he is portrayed as a super nice guy while the rest of the crew are complete a-holes. In order to get back at him, Paris changes the novel in order to portray the Doctor as a perverted philanderer. Anyway, after all of that is cleared up, The Doctor eventually gets it published and a flash forward to the future shows that it is somewhat of a hit. I am going to miss The Doctor.

166 down 6 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 165 - Q2

It was good to see Q again. In this one, Q brings Q Junior (who is played by John de Lancie's real life son) to Janeway. He wants him to live on Voyager so that he can learn some manners. The plot is pretty dumb, but whatever. Of course he is a huge pain in the ass and causes a ton of trouble. Eventually he begins to change his ways. The Continuum is annoyed by Q and his dumb antics and they punish him but are pleased by the progress of Q Junior. It was basically a typical Q episode. They should have Q-Bert on episode, played by Burt Reynolds.

165 down 7 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 164 - Human Error

So Seven creates this holodeck program in which she has a romantic relationship with Chakotay... Chakotay?? Anyway, her implant begins to mess her all up and she screws up her duties. The Doctor figures that her implant is activating a program that prevents her from feeling emotions. He said that he is able to remove it after many surgeries but she says no. At the end she declines a dinner invitation from the real Chakotay, thus choosing to remain emotionless. I guess.

164 down 8 to go

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 163 - Workforce pt. 2

Neelix helps Torres to remember her life on Voyager. It seems as if this Plant has been kidnapping people and forcing them into slave labor. Meanwhile on the planet, the doctor at the Plant is becoming suspicious of these new workers. They all are coming down with the same syndrome. This is a bi-product of mind control. She eventually uncovers the plot that her company has been forcing people into slave labor. The local government knows nothing about this and she eventually reports the Plant to the authorities.

Guest stars include the great Donny Most and John Aniston.

163 down 9 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 162 - Workforce pt. 1

The episode begins with Janeway working in a factory, ala Flashdance. We then see that Tuvok, Paris and Torres also work there. Tuvok then goes crazy and is diagnosed with dysphoria syndrome. The doctor treats him and soon he begins to remember his time on Voyager.

Chacotay, Neelix and Kim then return from an away mission to find the crew missing. They determine that they had been kidnapped and taken to a nearby planet. Chakotay goes there in disguise. He then saves Torres and has Neelix take her back to Voyager...

162 down 10 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 161 - The Void

"Voyager is pulled into a void, where the ships that have become trapped attack each other for food and resources."

Why are they always getting stuck in voids?? This episode was way to complicated for such a basic plot. There was just too much going on here. Basically, they get stuck in the void where there are other ships that have been trapped as well. These others scavenge supplies from other ships in order to survive. Voyager is soon wiped clean. Eventually Janeway works an alliance with these other ships. They all work together on a way to escape the void.

161 down 11 to go