Thursday, October 30, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 78 - Rejoined

"Dax is reunited with Lenara Kahn, the widow of one of her former hosts, Torias Dax, and the two struggle with their feelings for one another."

Ohhhh so THIS is the lesbian episode. The woman that plays Lenara Kahn is Susanna Thompson, known recently for her portrayal of Moira Queen on the show Arrow. She still looks good.

So this episode was known for the having one of the first lesbian kisses on TV. And I don't want to be that Mugato that says that it was hot....but yeah it was kind of hot. It was one of the greatest Trills of my life, it was quit Trilling, and also it was a real Triller. Ok, I'm done.

Actually it wasn't that great of an episode and the plot just makes me even more confused about the entire Trill/Host thing. Although Star Trek tried to address gay stuff, they never seemed to do it 100%. Like, well theoretically Dax is actually a man who's host looks female. Or the Riker episode were it was obviously a guy that he was attracted to, they had to say that nobody was quit sure what it was. It was a guy! Just come out say that Riker is actually gay. He pretty much looks like Christopher Lowell anyway. Look him up. I actually have his autograph somewhere, but that's a different story.

78 down and 98 to go

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 77 - Indiscretion

"Forced to bring along Dukat on a personal mission to investigate the fate of the ship Ravinok, Kira discovers the real reason her old enemy wants to accompany her."

This one was directed by LeVar Burton. I'm not a fan of either Dukat or Kira but I found this episode to be extremely well done.

So the reason why Dukat wanted to go along was because his Bajoran mistress and daughter were on that ship. After Kira and him go down to the planet, he notices his mistress is dead but they locate his daughter. Dukat plans on killing her, because if it ever came out that a Cardassian had a relationship with a Bajoran than it would be disastrous. But, he can't do it. Instead he takes his daughter with him.

77 down and 99 to go

Monday, October 27, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 76 - Hippocratic Oath

"Bashir assists a rogue group of Jem'Hadar led by Goran'Agar attempting to overcome their genetic addiction to Ketracel White. Goran'Agar is able to survive without the White and enlists the aid of Bashir to try to understand why."

This drug is being used by The Founders to keep the addicts loyal to them. It's kind of strange because the Founders seem rather powerful anyway, so why would they employee tactics reminiscent of a 1970's pimp. But whatever, I will roll with it. The episode had two good guest stars; Marshall Teague who was in Road House and Scott MacDonald who played Jack Frost from one of my favorite horror movies ... Jack Frost. There is also a kids movie starring Michael Keaton named Jack Frost with nearly the exact same plot...interestingly, the horror movie came out first.

76 down and 100 to go

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 75 - The Visitor

One of the all-time greatest Trek episodes. It may be the best DS9 episode, or at least top three. The entire episode is just basically an elderly Jake Sisko remembering his fathers death and reminiscing about his life. At some point Jake had become a successful writer. A "fan" has come to his home to meet him and this is when Jake opens up about his life. There is also a pretty cool surprise ending.

It's just so well done. Tony Todd, who played elderly Jake Sisko, was amazing. I mean, this is the dude that played Candyman, who knew that he was this good of an actor. Also, Cirroc Lofton was excellent in a highly emotional role. My only gripe is that damn old people make-up, it's so embarrassingly bad.

75 down and 101 to go

Monday, October 20, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 74 - The Way of the Warrior Pt.2

Now the conclusion to Punky Brewster. Last we saw, Punky was in a cave being attacked by a giant spider... Oh wait, that's not right. So Sisko has Garak warn the Cardassians of the invasion. Then they take the Defiant to help evacuate Cardassia. When the Klingons discover that the Federation is not with them on this, then they decide to end the Treaty between the Klingons and the Federation.

The Klingon fleet follows the Defiant back to DS9 and begins to attack the spacestation. Fortunately, DS9 has been recently equipped with a shitload of Photons and they stave off the attack. The Klingons leave, but they are not happy. Worf decides to stay and becomes a Commander.

The only thing I don't get is why would the Klingons do this in the first place? It came out of nowhere. Relations with the Federation had been good for so many years and now they just through it all away for seemingly no good reason. I don't understand.

Every so often I like a good battle episode, and this one did not disappoint. Great ship battle scenes and a ton of hand-to-hand combat. The ship battles looked really good too. Also, this brings Worf onto the show, which I like because it started to get boring. And, finally Sisko is starting to look like the one that I remember. Big, husky, bald and badass. If you compare season 7 Sisko to season 1 Sisko, it looks like a totally different actor.

74 down and 102 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 73 - The Way of the Warrior Pt.1

"A Klingon fleet arrives on its way to expand the Klingon Empire at the expense of the Cardassians in the face of the Dominion threat, and Worf is brought to DS9 to negotiate."

So begins Season 4. The DS9 crew is in the midst of training for a Dominion attack, when a huge Klingon fleet de-cloaks. The Klingons come aboard DS9 and cause trouble, as usual. Sisko asks Starfleet for assistance and they send Worf to the station. Here, Worf learns that the Klingons plan on attacking Cardassia (citing that they believe the Dominion has taken over that planet). Worf and Sisko try to dissuade them but even Gowron is onboard with the invasion....

73 down and 103 to go

Friday, October 17, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 72 - The Adversary

"Ambassador Krajensky informs newly promoted Captain Sisko that there has been a coup on Tzenketh."

For a season finale, this one was just not that great. It was good, but not great. Sisko gets promoted to Captain of the Defiant and he is sent on a mission to suppress a threat from the Tzenketh. During the mission, the ship starts malfunctioning and they suspect a Changeling spy is on board. They finally flush him out and discover that it was disguised as Ambassador Krajensky. Odo kills the Changeling, but before he dies he says that "it is too late, we are already here".  I guess meaning that anyone can be the Dominion in disguise. But honestly, I am already sick of the Dominion.

72 down and 104 to go

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 71 - Facets

"Jadzia Dax deals with feelings of inferiority as she encounters past hosts in a Trill Zhian'tara ceremony which is able to transfer the memories of former hosts into another recipient."

So, the entire crew agrees to have Trills telepathically put into their bodies in order to help Dax with the ceremony. Why would they voluntarily allow their own bodies to be taken over, it doesn't make sense really. So, the Trill that takes over Odo's body is in love with Dax...I guess that's the basic plot. It sucked. Also, Rom takes his final exam to enter Starfleet and passes.

71 down and 105 to go