Friday, December 19, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 107 - The Ascent

I enjoyed this one. Odo is transporting Quark to a hearing, when their runabout crash lands on a desolate frozen planet. Their rations and equipment are destroyed. They decide to take the remnants of a transmitter and bring it to the top of a mountain in order to send a distress signal. They argue the entire way, and even get into a fight. Initially they think that it will take a few hours, but it ends up being days. To make matters worse Odo breaks his leg. Quark leaves Odo behind to continue up the mountain. They are both very near death and Odo begins to record his last will and testament. Suddenly he is beamed to sick bay. Quark was able to send the signal after all.

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Star Trek DS9 Episode 106 - Things Past

"Sisko, Odo, Dax and Garak are found unconscious. While Bashir attempts to revive their bodies, the four wake up during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor several years earlier."

They actually all share a telekinetic memory, they don't actually go back in time. But what is revealed during this experience is that Odo allowed three innocent Bajorans to be executed. Seven years earlier on DS9 an assassination attempt was made on Gul Dukat and Odo arrested these three Bajorans. He didn't do much investigating and had them put to death...then he found out that they were innocent. They should have had this memory go even further back to when Odo, Benson and the Governor go to Hong Kong and Odo gets kidnapped by a fashion designer. I can't believe it took me 106 episodes to make a Benson joke.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 105 - Let He Who is Without Sin...

"Worf and Dax vacation on the pleasure planet, Risa, and encounter unexpected dangers."

Evidently Worf and Dax are now an item... I recall Dax flirting with him, but do not remember them ever getting together. Either way, its disgusting. Not only is Worf gross, but he has the personality of the husband from The Burning Bed. Then they have to go ahead and have Leeta (who is very cute) say that she is attracted to Rom! What the heck is going on here?

Then Worf drops a bombshell. When he was a little kid he accidently killed another kid while playing soccer. His gigantic Klingon head collided with the other kids head. I literally laughed out loud during this part.

So basically Worf is jeleous and doesn't trust Dax so he continuesly sabotages their vacation. It's kind of like the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Also, Vanessa Williams is in this episode, she really gave me risa. I was hoping that Paul Risa would appear in this episode... That's all I got. And actually I really can't stand Paul Riser.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 104 - Trials and Tribble-ations

"Darvin, a disgraced Klingon spy, travels back in time. The DS9 crew must prevent him from altering the timeline by killing James T. Kirk."

Possibly my favorite DS9 episode. You may remember Darvin from the episode Trouble With Tribbles, he was the surgically altered human-looking Klingon spy that tried to poison the grain shipment! They actually have the same actor who played the original Darvin too.

This episode is amazing. Sisko, Worf, Miles, Bashir and Dax end up pulled back in time with Darvin... he is hell bent on getting even with Kirk. He plans to place a bomb inside one of the many Tribbles. The DS9 must find this Tribble and save history. The plot is a bit forced, but who the hell cares. The visuals are awesome. They take the DS9 members and add them right into the Trouble With Tribbles episode, rather seamlessly too. Evidently the filming was influenced by the movie Forrest Gump. It really looks great, even when they have to use a "stunt double" for Kirk. It's not like that Golden Girls episode where Rose is in the dance contest and the stunt double is obviously a man in a bad white wig.

It is fun to see the DS9 crew interact with the TOS crew. They constantly comment on the primitiveness off the technology, clothing and social structure of the old Starfleet. I do find it a bit unbelievable that they would be so lost in this time period... I mean they have no idea what the Turbolift even is. I'm sure they would have learned about all of this in Starfleet Academy. But again...who cares! I like how when Bashir asks Worf why the old Klingons look different he just says, "It's complicated". The real explanation will not be address until Enterprise. But anyway, I would say that this is a must see episode for every Star Trek fan.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 103 - The Assignment

"Keiko O'Brien is possessed by evil Pah-wraiths with a plan to eliminate the Prophets. The Pah-wraiths force Miles O'Brien to use DS9's systems to fire chroniton radiation at the wormhole — destroying both it and the Prophets — or else he loses his wife and his daughter Molly."

Keiko turns into a nagging, irritable, manipulative wife .... finally, some normalcy on the show.

103 down and 73 to go

Monday, December 08, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 102 - Nor the Battle to the Strong

"Dr. Bashir has been away at a conference and Jake Sisko accompanied him to research a profile he is writing about the doctor. Returning in a runabout, they get a distress call from a federation colony under Klingon attack."

This was a great Jake themed episode, and actually I really liked Bashir in this one too. Typically I find Jake a bit boring and Bashir way too hokey. But, this episode was a serious and powerful inside look at war.

Basically Jake ends up becoming an imbedded war correspondent. He sees and writes his thoughts on what he is witnessing; death, destruction; strife; bravery. As Jake and Bashir are out on a supply run they are attacked. Bashir is injured and Jake runs away, leaving Bashir behind. Jake writes about how he folded in the face of danger. This causes Sisko to remark that, it takes a real man to write about his cowardice for all to see.

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Friday, December 05, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 101 - Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places

"Worf finds himself attracted to Grilka, Quark's ex wife, when she visits the station."

This episode plays out like some kind of 80s romantic comedy, except everyone in it is ugly ... like Moonstruck. Although Worf is interested in Quarks Klingon wife, he does not make a move, in fact he helps Quark win her over by showing him Klingon ways. It's like Steve Martin in the movie Roxanne....I guess. Then Quark has to fight a Klingon warrior so Worf rigs Quarks body with electrodes and he is able to control him during the fight... sort of like Andre Toulon from Puppet Master. I assume. Meanwhile Worf is losing his mind over Quarks wife. All the while Dax is trying to get Worf to notice her. In the meantime Kira and O'Brien are falling for each other and O'Brien's wife is totally clueless to this!

101 down and 75 to go

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 100 - The Ship

"While exploring in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko, Dax, Worf, and O'Brien see a Jem'Hadar warship crash on the planet's surface."

Soon, Sisko is confronted by a Jem'Hadar women named Kilana. She wants to retrieve the ship, but Sisko also want to take the ship. A fight breaks out and 5 of Sisko's away team members are killed. That is pretty significant for Federation deaths and certainly so for DS9. Sisko's crew takes the ship and while trying to fix it up they discover the body of a Founder. Kilana then appears and tells Sisko that her crew has committed suicide because they allowed one of the Founder Gods to die. After a discussion they both discover that they could have avoided this unfortunate situation. Kilana reveals that she would have given Sisko the ship because she wanted the Founder back... Sisko reveals that he just wanted the ship and would have given the Founder back. If only they trusted each other in first place.

Of course no real crewmembers die in the battle. That is one thing that Star Trek rarely does is kill off main characters. Tasha Yar is the only one that comes to mind.

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