Monday, September 29, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 59 - Life Support

"Bashir's ethics are put to the test as he keeps Vedek Bareil alive long enough to help Kai Winn complete negotiations for a peace treaty with Cardassia."

Bareil (Kira's boyfriend) is injured in an accident and is brain dead. Bashir gives him a drug that makes him functional but he is still brain dead. After seven months the drug wears off and he will die. Reason being that he needs to be at an important negotiation Kai Wynn. So basically it's an homage to Weekend at Bernie's.

It's a really dumb plot actually. Also, the late great Lark Voorhies was in this episode. Oh, she is still alive? I assumed she was dead. I must be thinking of her brother Jason.

59 down and 117 to go

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 58 - Past Tense Pt. 2

So, Sisko stands up and pretends to be Gabriel Bell. He takes it upon himself to fulfill the past. The situation is very tense and the Government is reluctant to let these people free and the police within the District are power hungry and fiercely militarized. But, Sisko uses his wits and compassion to dissolve the situation and sow the seeds of change. ....hey that line was almost well written for once. While all this is going on, Dax has been infiltrating the corporate elite and befriends one of them, she uses him to help Sisko and Bashir escape. Also, Kira and O'Brien make it to this era and track down their lost comrades. They all get beamed back to the correct time. At the end of the episode, they show a historical log entry about The Bell Riots and it shows a picture of Sisko.

I just found this entry on WikiPedia in regards to these episodes.

"According to the DVD commentary, as this episode was finishing production an article appeared in the Los Angeles Times describing a proposal by the mayor to create fenced-in "havens" for the city's homeless, to make downtown Los Angeles more desirable for business. The cast and crew were shocked that this was essentially the same scenario that Past Tense warned might happen in three decades, but was now being seriously proposed in the present."

Also Clint Howard is in this episode.

58 down and 118 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 57 - Past Tense Pt. 1

"A transporter accident sends Sisko, Bashir, and Dax three centuries into Earth's dark past to a time just before the Bell riots, a violent civil disturbance in opposition to Sanctuaries which are controlled ghettos for the dispossessed."

Wow. This has to be one of the greatest Star Trek two-parters ever. Even if this were not a Star Trek episode, it would still be good. They get sent back to a critical time in U.S. history were the Government has set up camps or "Districts" in various points of the country in order to hold homeless, poor and mentally ill people. Here they are locked in and forced to essentially fend for themselves. This is eerily similar to the current conspiracy theory on FEMA camps (which are also called "Districts"), militarized police and ruling elite.

Sisko and Bashir must escape from the camp, get back to the future...two and try not to screw up the past. Unfortunately, they accidently cause the death of Gabriel Bell ... the man who stops the riots and causes the future to be what it is....

57 down and 119 to go

Monday, September 22, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 56 - Fascination

"Lwaxana Troi pursues Odo during the Bajoran Gratitude Festival as members of the crew suddenly become infatuated with one another."

Seriously, enough with Lwaxana Troi. These episodes where she shows up and everyone falls in love and everyone gets all horned up ... it's just so tiresome. She is in no way all...especially now that she is probably like 80 years old. A wouldn't touch her with a 5 foot Pole ... yes, I'm talking about Peter Falk. And um...yeah that's it.

56 down and 120 to go

Friday, September 19, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 55 - Defiant

"Commander William Riker shows up unannounced and Kira shows him the Defiant, where he reveals his true motives for coming to Deep Space Nine."

I'm a sucker for these crossover episodes. I enjoyed the twist in this one. You see, Riker shows up on DS9 and Kira takes him on a tour of the Defiant. He then takes her hostage and steals the ship. Come to find out, it is really Thomas Riker and he is a member of The Maquis now. Remember him? The second Riker that was created by a transporter mess up back on TNG? So cool. I actually like Thomas Riker better than William, he is much more suave and badass. If only he had a scar or something to differentiate between the two. Like Tomax and Xamot.

55 down and 121 to go

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 54 - Meridian

On a trip to the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko discovers a planet that comes from out of nowhere. Every 60 years this planet pops into existence from another time/space/whatever. It's a pretty neat idea actually. These people are called the Meridians. Dax falls for one of the Meridian guys and she nearly gets stuck on the planet while it is fading back out of existence. I'm still confused by Dax, I thought it looked like a girl but the Trill was a guy?? Or does the Trill not have a gender... Whatever. I can't wait until she leaves the show.

The sub plot was weird. There is this guy that is obsessed with Kira and asks Quark to make him a holographic replica of her. Which is just creepy. I assume he will try and have sex with it?? I mean what other reason is there.

54 down and 122 to go

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 53 - Civil Defense

"Deep Space Nine is progressively locked down after O'Brien, Jake and Sisko accidentally activate an automated Cardassian security program. The program's counter-insurgency measures keep escalating until it initiates an auto-destruct. Gul Dukat beams on-board but is unable to stop the self-destruct sequence."

Non of this makes sense. I understand that they are still trying to understand the space station, but nobody was aware of this program?? A program that will destroy the ship without a real way to turn it off once it's activated???

53 down and 123 to go

Friday, September 12, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 52 - The Abandoned

"Quark purchases a salvaged ship from the Gamma Quadrant and discovers an infant on board."

The boy begins to grow at a rapid rate and is soon a teenager...with super strength and aggression. He is also really ugly. He reveals that he is a Jem'Hadar warrior, created by the Founders. Odo, feeling guilty, decides to help the boy learn right from wrong. But it ends up being impossible as the boy is very violent. Which proves the point that you can take the Jem'Hadar out of the wormhole, but you can never take the wormhole out of the Jem'Hadar.

Also, Jake is dating a kidding.

52 down and 124 to go