Friday, September 04, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 57 - Coda

"Janeway appears to be trapped in a time-loop with different events, but all ending in her death."

Janeway and Chakotay crash on a planet and Janeway is gravely injured (seems like this has happened a handful of times already right??). First Janeway ends up reliving the last few moments over and over again (also, has happened a million times), then she finally breaks the loop and ends up as a ghost on the ship. Evidently she died on the planet. She sees her body and witnesses her funeral. She tries to communicate with Kes... and it almost works. Then she is met by her dead father who tries to take her into the light, she refuses and he gets angry. Then he leaves and walks into flames, Janeway says "go back to hell you bastard." So basically I have no idea what is going on. Was he the devil?? The Doctor revives Janeway and tells her that she nearly died several times. So was she about to go to hell?? I knew her terrible hairstyle was a bad idea.

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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 56 - Alter Ego

"The crew enjoys a luau on the holodeck and Tuvok discovers an unusual hologram."

This is sort of like a love triangle between Harry, Tuvok and a holodeck character named Marayna. The character ends up being a sentient being and when Tuvok rejects her, she gets angry and takes control of the ship. Tuvok rationalizes with her and she eventually lets Voyager go free. It wasn't an interesting episode, I feel like it's been done many times before. Plus, a luau? Like Hawaii would even exist in the future pffft.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 55 - Fair Trade

An interesting look into the past of Neelix. I like this character, I wish they would develop him better though. Is he a bafoon? Is he a pacifist? Is he an adventurer? Get the character straight already!

So Voyager is about to enter a mysterious part of space called the Nekrit Expanse. Neelix (who has been feeling useless) is determined to guide them through it safely. Voyager stops at a space station to get supplies for the journey. Neelix is obsessed with obtaining a map of the Expanse.

Neelix meets up with an old partner named Wixiban. Evidently they used to sell drugs together??? Wixiban has a plan to get the map but they must do "one last job" together. They meet up with a drug dealer to make the trade but the deal goes wrong and a bunch of people are killed. After anguishing over the situation Neelix decides to confess to the stations leader. He makes a deal to go under cover to bring down the dealer. Things go bad again and Neelix is injured ... but in the end he is cleared, the dealer is caught, Janeway is pissed but tells Neelix that he is considered family to her.

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Star Trek VGR Episode 54 - Macrocosm

This plays out like a Janeway and Neelix buddy cop film. Not really. Basically there is a macro-virus infecting everyone on the ship with a sickness. It is up to Janeway and Neelix (with the help of the Doctor) to save eveyone. In the meantime they are being attacked by Tak Tak traders, who also have the virus. After finding the anti-dote, Janeway saves the crew and shares the cure with the Tak Tak. This episode shows another side of Janeway, instead of being the straight faced Captain, she was more of a badass ... it doesn't really work. She will always look like a librarian no matter what.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 53 - The Q and the Grey

"Q visits Voyager with a proposal for Janeway as civil war breaks out in the Q Continuum."

What a bizarre episode, but I guess most Q ones are strange anyway. I always enjoy seeing Q, even though he annoys the hell out of me. He serves as a good way to break up the shows monotony. So in this episode, Q shows up in Janeway's quarters at night and wants to have a baby with her. Q's ex-wife eventually then shows up and she is obviously irritated.

Q then abducts Janeway and takes her to the Continuum where there is a civil war going on. In fact it is playing out like the American Civil War ... for some reason. While Q and Janeway fight to stop the Civil War, Voyager is witnessing a bunch of supernovae happening around the galaxy. This Q civil war is causing the galaxy to die. Q's ex-wife is the only one that can help get Voyager to the Continuum to save Janeway, so she basically is given command of the ship. And she is a huge bitch. I like her.

The Q's begin to lose their powers because of this situation. Voyager arrives, they save Janeway and Q just before they are about to be executed. They then stop the Civil War by defeating "the south". Q ends up back with his ex-wife, and he asks Janeway to watch them have sex?? They just touch fingers, that's it.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 52 - Warlord

"Kes is controlled by an alien warlord named Tieran."

After Voyager saves a distressed ship, the Warlord named Tieran finds a new host body in Kes. She breaks up with Neelix and leaves Voyager in a shuttlecraft. She gets back to her home base and starts to take command again. Evidently Tieran had been banished at some point. Oh, also Tieran is a guy so it's sort of odd that he is now in the body of Kes.

This may be the finest performance of Jennifer Lien on Voyager. Tuvok shows up undercover and tries to help Kes break free of her mental bondage. She struggles within her mind with Tieran. Eventually they manage to separate the two. Voyagers crew along with the Demmas fight their way into the Warlords stronghold and save Kes.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 51 - Future's End, Part II

In a weird side plot, Torres ends up captured by Militiamen?? Weird. Anyway, the Voyager crew, Rain and Braxton all work together to thwart Starling. This was a fun and well acted two part episode. In fact, it had the feel of a Star Trek film. It certainly wouldn't have been any worse than some of the Next Gen films. Even the film quality had that movie feel to it. I thought it was excellent. Ed Begley Jr. is the best guest star ever. It seems like that's all he really does is guest appearances on random shows, but he is always good.

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Star Trek VGR Episode 50 - Future's End, Part I

I'm not sure what other people think of this two part episode, but I really enjoyed it. Of course, every Star Trek series just has to have a "go back in time to Earth episode", but honestly it never gets old for me. This one might be one of the best of them. Although Janeway does have the dumbest line in all of Trek, "The question isnt where we are...its when we are." When we are???

It starts off with a cool scene from 1960's Earth in which a hippy witnesses a UFO crash. Flash forward to the Delta Quadrant. A Federation Timeship piloted by Captain Braxton shows up and starts attacking Voyager. He says that he must destroy Voyager to save Earth's future. Voyager fights back and both ships end up pulled through a temporal rift. Braxton ends up in 1969, his ship is the one seen by the hippy. Voyager ends up in 1996.

The hippy that found Braxton's ship used the technology to build a powerful tech company. By 1996 he is the most important man on the planet, named Henry Starling. He is played brilliantly by Ed Begley Jr. Meanwhile one of his employees (named Rain) at an observatory discovers Voyager in space. She is played by Sarah Silverman, who's acting was sort of spotty but then again she is not really an actress. Evidently producers wanted to bring her on as a member of the crew fulltime, but eventually chose to go with Jeri Ryan. So anyway, Starling sees her as a threat and wants her killed. Tuvok and Paris are sent to protect her, while Janeway and Chakotay track down Braxton (now a homeless man). He tells them that Earths destruction is actually caused by Starling. They go to convince Starling not to use his technology to go into the 20th century but he refuses. In fact, he ends up accessing Voyagers computers and steals more info. Also, he steals The Doctor.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 49 - Sacred Ground

The crew go to a very religious planet inhabited by the Nechani. While there Kes touches an artifact and goes into a coma. Neelix discovers that this happened one other time on the planet and the person was saved by a ritual. Janeway decides to go through the ritual, it consists of intense physical, emotional and mental activities. Her guide (Becky Ann Baker from Freaks and Geeks) takes her along and she finally passes.

Now she must seek the answer from the spirits. She gets a bite from a venomous creature and journeys to the other side. Which ends up being a bunch of old people sitting in a sauna! Seriously. It was pretty funny. They are played by the great Estelle Harris, Keene Curtis and Parley Baer (who was the mayor on the Andy Griffith Show). Also in this episode, is Harry Groener who was the Mayor on Buffy.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah. So Janeway asks the spirits if they know the cure and they say no ... Janeway already knows it. So she goes back to Voyager and feels compelled to do the ritual again, this time carrying Kes. This cures her. The Doctor thinks up a plausible scientific explanation for her sudden cure, but Janeway isn't so sure it wasn't do to religion.

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