Monday, October 20, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 74 - The Way of the Warrior Pt.2

Now the conclusion to Punky Brewster. Last we saw, Punky was in a cave being attacked by a giant spider... Oh wait, that's not right. So Sisko has Garak warn the Cardassians of the invasion. Then they take the Defiant to help evacuate Cardassia. When the Klingons discover that the Federation is not with them on this, then they decide to end the Treaty between the Klingons and the Federation.

The Klingon fleet follows the Defiant back to DS9 and begins to attack the spacestation. Fortunately, DS9 has been recently equipped with a shitload of Photons and they stave off the attack. The Klingons leave, but they are not happy. Worf decides to stay and becomes a Commander.

The only thing I don't get is why would the Klingons do this in the first place? It came out of nowhere. Relations with the Federation had been good for so many years and now they just through it all away for seemingly no good reason. I don't understand.

Every so often I like a good battle episode, and this one did not disappoint. Great ship battle scenes and a ton of hand-to-hand combat. The ship battles looked really good too. Also, this brings Worf onto the show, which I like because it started to get boring. And, finally Sisko is starting to look like the one that I remember. Big, husky, bald and badass. If you compare season 7 Sisko to season 1 Sisko, it looks like a totally different actor.

74 down and 102 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 73 - The Way of the Warrior Pt.1

"A Klingon fleet arrives on its way to expand the Klingon Empire at the expense of the Cardassians in the face of the Dominion threat, and Worf is brought to DS9 to negotiate."

So begins Season 4. The DS9 crew is in the midst of training for a Dominion attack, when a huge Klingon fleet de-cloaks. The Klingons come aboard DS9 and cause trouble, as usual. Sisko asks Starfleet for assistance and they send Worf to the station. Here, Worf learns that the Klingons plan on attacking Cardassia (citing that they believe the Dominion has taken over that planet). Worf and Sisko try to dissuade them but even Gowron is onboard with the invasion....

73 down and 103 to go

Friday, October 17, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 72 - The Adversary

"Ambassador Krajensky informs newly promoted Captain Sisko that there has been a coup on Tzenketh."

For a season finale, this one was just not that great. It was good, but not great. Sisko gets promoted to Captain of the Defiant and he is sent on a mission to suppress a threat from the Tzenketh. During the mission, the ship starts malfunctioning and they suspect a Changeling spy is on board. They finally flush him out and discover that it was disguised as Ambassador Krajensky. Odo kills the Changeling, but before he dies he says that "it is too late, we are already here".  I guess meaning that anyone can be the Dominion in disguise. But honestly, I am already sick of the Dominion.

72 down and 104 to go

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 71 - Facets

"Jadzia Dax deals with feelings of inferiority as she encounters past hosts in a Trill Zhian'tara ceremony which is able to transfer the memories of former hosts into another recipient."

So, the entire crew agrees to have Trills telepathically put into their bodies in order to help Dax with the ceremony. Why would they voluntarily allow their own bodies to be taken over, it doesn't make sense really. So, the Trill that takes over Odo's body is in love with Dax...I guess that's the basic plot. It sucked. Also, Rom takes his final exam to enter Starfleet and passes.

71 down and 105 to go

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 70 - Shakaar

"Kai Winn needs Kira to convince her former resistance leader, Shakaar, now a farmer on Bajor, to return soil reclamators needed elsewhere in Rakantha, which used to be Bajor's most productive agricultural region."

Another shit Kira themed episode. I guess the best thing that came out of this is that Shakaar threatens to expose Kai Winn's wrong doings and she steps down as First Minister. But really, nobody cares. I  enjoyed the prequel to this episode ..... wait for it ..... wait for it .... Shakaar Zulu

70 down and 106 to go

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 69 - Family Business

"Quark returns to his home planet to confront his mother after hearing from the Ferengi Commerce Authority that she broke the law by earning profit."

I guess this episode is sort of a woman's rights statement. It is illegal for Ferengi women to by in business and also to wear clothes. Quarks mother (Ishka) does both. The funniest party is when Quark sees Ishka with clothes on and he is grossed out to the point of nausea. The weirdest point of the episode is when Ishka takes off her clothes and coddles Rom. Everything ends on a nice tone as Ishkar fools the Ferengi Government into thinking that she is compliant and Quark reconnects with her.

69 down and 107 to go

Friday, October 10, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 68 - Explorers

"Sisko builds a replica of an ancient Bajoran space vessel and with Jake attempts to prove that the Bajorans developed interstellar travel before Cardassians."

This one of the father/son bounding episodes that DS9 delves into every so often. They are nice in small doses. In this one, Jake and Sisko try to prove that the ancient Bajorans could have travelled interstellar in one of their old ships. They build a replica, go on adventure, hash some shit on, make to a moon. So basically it is Blues Brothers in space....right?? The Cardassians, quit uncharacteristically, are rather happy for the achievement. Chase Masterson is in the episode.

68 down and 108 to go

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 67 - The Die is Cast Pt. 2

So this story arc ended up being a lot more exciting than I expected. After agreeing to help the Romulans (in cahoots with the Cardassian, Obsidian Order) invade the Founders homeworld, Garak is ordered to torture Odo to get info on his species. Garak does it, reluctantly. Odo nearly dies in the process. It's a pretty brutal interrogation.

Soon the Obsidian/Romulan fleet arrives at the homeworld and they attack it. Suddenly, 150 Jem'Hadar ships appear and just decimate the fleet. The Obsidian Order is destroyed completely and the Romulans take a beating. Garak grabs Odo and escapes, but not before they run into a changeling that had been disguised as a Romluan ... the Founders knew the plan the entire time and lead the fleet into a trap.

Odo and Garak go back to DS9 and somehow remain friends. Which I don't understand. I mean Garak basically tricked Odo, kidnapped him and tortured him, how can Odo seemingly not care about that? Come to find out that Odo is way into sadomasochism.

67 down and 109 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 66 - Improbable Cause Pt. 1

"Garak's tailor shop is bombed, forcing Odo to investigate who is trying to kill the Cardassian exile – and why."

Odo suspects that Garak blew up his own shop, in order to get Odo to investigate this situation with the Cardassians. Odo discovers that the Romulans are going to invade Cardassia. So him and Garak head off to investigate further, but they are soon captured by a Romulan Bird of Prey. On board, the Romulans ask Garak to join them in an attack on the Founders, and he agrees ... much to Odo's horror...

So far, it's a decent episode. I just can't get over the fact that Garak has a tailor shop....a fucking tailor shop? They barely exist now in the 20 something century! They can replicate food and fly through space on a friggin ship ... do they really need a person that sews pants?

66 down and 110 to go