Monday, October 05, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 75 - Scientific Method

Janeway starts having headaches. She starts to act overly agitated, and so does everyone else. The Doctor is able to see "invisible aliens" that are doing experiments on everyone. He communicates to 7 of 9 and adjust her bionic eye to see the same. She now sees these aliens and they have needles in Janeway's head. She tries to thwart these beings without being detected. Finally 7 of 9 is able to reveal them to everyone. Janeway tries to negotiate with their leader, but eventually she must do that classic trick ..."I'm going to detonate the ship and kill all of us if you don't do what I say". This move works every time.

75 down 97 to go

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 74 - The Raven

Thankfully this one didn't entail a holodeck visit from Edgar Allen Poe. I didn't expect a 7 of 9 origin episode so soon. So she starts having Borg flashbacks and in fact her technology is reactivating. She steals a shuttlecraft and takes off with Tuvok. They end up on a moon where they find a crashed Federation ship and Borg technology. She
remembers that this is her parents ship. She was taken by the Borg as a little girl, her name is Annika. She was assimilated on this very spot...twenty years ago...this very night...on a night just like tonight. I think already used that joke. Whatever. Very good episode.

74 down 98 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 73 - Revulsion

"A hologram contacts Voyager and the Doctor is excited to meet another hologram."
No this episode entitled Revulsion is not about Neelix's face. That's the best I could do. This Hologram is alone on a ship, everyone else is dead. They answer his distress call and the Doctor wants to meet him so him and Torres go to the ship. The Hologram hates humans and it was pretty easy to figure out that he killed the crew. Eventually he
attacks Torres and reaches into her chest and grabs her heart. The Doctor keeps her alive and eventually they end up safe, back on Voyager. In a subplot, Kim must work with 7 of 9 but he is way to attracted to her and is distracted.

73 down 99 to go

Friday, October 02, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 72 - Nemisis

Chakotay's shuttle is shot down and he lands on a jungle planet. He is helped by a people known as the Vori. They tell him about an evil race they call the nemesis (really the Kradin). Chakotay witness their cruelty first hand as they kill entire villages. He then agrees to help the Vori fight back and undergoes training with them (this proves to be a sort of brainwashing which makes Chakotay really hateful towards the Kradin).

Meanwhile Janeway meets with the Kradin and they offer to help find Chakotay, which they do. In fact they seem like a friendly race ... although they do look like Tina Turner if her face had been eaten off by a pitbull. Once Chakotay is back he has a hard time getting back to himself, and him Janeway wonder about which race was really the "nemesis".

72 down 100 to go

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 71 - The Day of Honor

B'Elanna goes about the Klingon Day of Honor but it ends up being a really bad day. She starts off working in Engineering with 7 of 9 and something goes wrong so they must eject the warp core. Of course everyone thinks 7 of 9 sabotaged it. Torres and Paris "space walk" to retrieve the core. Before they get it, it is stolen by a race called the Caatati. Voyager stops them and negotiates to get it back. The Caatati see 7 of 9 and are scared out of their wits. But, 7 of 9 builds them a new energy source and all is well. Except Paris and Torres have been stuck in space this entire time and are dying. B'Elanna tells Paris she loves him and they pass out. Fortunately they are saved by Voyager just in time. So what is weird is that when Kes had those visions of Voyagers future in "Year of Hell", she was married to Paris. So now Kes is not even on the ship anymore? So that episode meant nothing???

71 down 101 to go

Monday, September 28, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 70 - The Gift

So this is the last appearance of Kes and basically the first appearance of 7 of 9 as we all know her ... "hot, hot, hot" oh shut up Buster Poindexter, nobody asked you. But, yea she was hot. And Jeri Ryan was into some weird stuff too, just ask Jack Ryan. And Kes is into some weird stuff too, just ask a bunch of kids. Anyway, Kes's abilities really start to evolve, like to the point where she is seeing beyond particles. Into maybe different dimensions?? In effect (or affect, I really don't know which word is right), it begins to destroy the ship. So she decides to leave Voyager. Typically everyone would work together and find a way for her to still be able to stay on the ship, but I guess they wanted the character gone. So, slowly 7 of 9 begins turning back into her human self. Although no one trusts her. Can you blame them? She's into to some weird stuff, just ask.. oh never mind.

70 down 102 to go

Friday, September 25, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 69 - Scorpion pt. 2

Janeway makes a deal with the Borg, they will work together to stop their enemy if the Borg lets Voyager through their space. The Borg send Seven of Nine to negotiate. The entire episode is full of a lot of disagreement between 7 of 9 and the Voyager crew. During this particular negotiation they are attacked by the bio-aliens and escape back to Voyager. Janeway is injured and 7 of 9 helps install Borg technology on Voyager, but she also creates a rift and takes Voyager into it in an attempt to force Voyager to fight the aliens alone ... saving the remaining Borg (almost 4 million had recently been killed). Janeway recovers and defeats the aliens. 7 of 9 is put in the brig
and taken away with Voyager. Janeway decides to use operation "Scorpion", which is a way to de-assimilate 7 of 9.  Jeri Ryan was actually pretty good playing a Borg, I mean it must take some sort of acting ability to play a cyborg right? I did enjoy these episodes.

69 down 103 to go

Star Trek VGR Episode 68 - Scorpion pt. 1

"Voyager must pass through Borg space, only to discover a new alien race that are even deadlier than the Borg."

Voyager is approached by Borg cubes threatening to assimilate them, then the cubes are destroyed. Janeway is trying to get the ship to "The Northwest Passage" which is a safe route through Borg space. They are again met by the Borg, but then another ship shows up (a bioship) and they attack the cubes. Evidently this is a very deadly
race that the Borg have been dealing with. They are really cool looking too, almost remind me of a mix of Predator and Alien but done with crappy computer graphics. Kes meanwhile has been hearing voices and seeing visions of this race as they destroy planets and people... And Janeway does a holodeck program with Leonardo DiVinci for some reason (played by the great John Rhys-Davies).

68 down 104 to go

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 67 - Worst Case Scenario

"B'Elanna Torres discovers a holodeck program where Chakotay and the Maquis rebel against Janeway."

Tuvok wrote this program as a Worst Case Scenario excercise. Unfortunetly before Seska left, she booby-trapped the program. Tuvok and Paris end up trapped in it and the holodeck Seska (along with Marqui crewmembers) try to start a mutiny. Every move that Seska makes seems to affect the real life Voyager. Meanwhile the other crewmembers rewrite the program like a novel, until it finally has a "happy ending".

67 down 105 to go