Sunday, October 30, 2005


This has come to my attention...

Ha...that is the funniest picture.
Sulu is gay?? No really? Gee I never suspected that. Come on now, is this a shock? Be warned though...DO NOT get a mental picture of Sulu and Kirk.

Also just think what he does with that Vulcan hand greeting....gross.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Mugato's News Flash

This age of histeria is really getting annoying. There hasn't been a good Hysteria since Def Lepards in the 80's. I mean Hurricanes, Floods, Earthquakes, The Bird Flu ... it's all the wrath of God right? Thats what everyone thinks right? Here's a news flash: You know what causes hurricanes? Wind. Fucked up wacky, cooky wind. You know what causes Floods? Water, lots of water, it overflows, sometimes rain will make this so. You Know what causes earthquakes? The mother fuckin' techtonic plates biatch, or if a fat person falls down. You know what causes the Bird Flu? Well...i really don't know, but I assume it has to do with an Asian fornicating with a bird.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Kraven Man Thing

Here's the original series by Mugato and Capt. Naps . What If? Kraven teamed up with Man Thing.

Episode 1:

Man Thing - This is pretty cool huh? Me and you buddy, together.
Kraven (holding his nose) - Oh...Oh smell disgusting.
Man Thing - Sorry dude. I tried to throw on some CK One.
Kraven - Don't you know that you can't hide a smell with another smell.
Man Thing - Isn't that what deoderant does?
Kraven - True ... I hate those roll-ons, they make me all soggy.
Man Thing - You think you know soggy? I'm a friggin human swamp..
Kraven - Speaking of which, aren't you basically Swamp Thing?
Man Thing - Hey did you see "The Biggest Loser" last night?
Kraven - Yeah his name was Spider-Man ... haahahahahahaha ... SHAZAM!!!
Man Thing - Shazam? Where the hell did that come from?
Kraven - From Joe.
Man Thing - Joe who?
Kraven - Joe Mama!!
Man Thing - Ha ha .. got me again.
Kraven - OK so anyway back to business, since i'm the tough bad guy...i get to headline.
Meaning MY name always goes first.
Man Thing - Thats fine.
Kraven - There's a victims now!
Man Thing - It's Puck from Alpha Flight. Let's roll.
Kraven - Hey you midget, be prepared to be destroyed by the most fearsome duo of all time.
Coware in fear! For we are Kraven-Man Thing.
Puck - You're craving man thing? Thats gross.
Kraven - Oh God...that sounds really gay.
Man Thing - See, my name should go first.
Kraven - I mean, we are Man Thing-Kraven!
Puck - Eeew ... you're man thing craving?
Kraven - Damn it Man Thing, why does your name have to be so falical!
Man Thing - I never really noticed.
Kraven - Um...hmm...listen Puck...we're gonna go and fixed this little name thing.
We'll catch up with you another time and destroy you. Ok?
Puck - Thats cool, see ya guys later.
Man Thing - Peace out.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Wizard ComicCon ... BOSTON

CAPTAIN NAPS: So whatever, that comic book convention was pretty cool. and you thought it was going to suck! I told you that hot chicks were going to be there!!! and um comics...right???

MUGATO: I must say that it was decent. There was hot "chicks" there...I still refuse to believe that they where girls, they may have been gay men dressed as women. Because Girls cant possibly like comics.

CAPTAIN NAPS: We should go to a silk screening place and have them put Giant Sized Man Thing on a shirt. it would be amusing...right??? and then I would wear it where.

MUGATO: That was the may favorite part. I finally saw a Giant-Sized Man Thing comic. You all know how Marvel used to come out with that annual?? Giant Sized comic such as Giant-Sized Iron Man or whatever ... acually was it DC comics?? Who cares, all I know is I finally saw a Giant-Sized Man Thing.

CAPTAIN NAPS: Also I actually own the book "How to self publish your own comics" because I am gay. I never actually read it though. now get to work on mugato's blog about his visit to comic con.

MUGATO: I am getting to work on the blog ... right as we speak. Ha ha ha. um ........ HAHAHA. YEAH!!!

CAPTAIN NAPS: I would actually go to those things all the time but the one at the radisson is always kinda lame and the one in framingham doesn’t even have that many comic.

MUGATO: Well well, we did see Lou Ferigno right?? AND MARGOT KIDDA!! and thats about it. And you did get Sean Wangs autograph... AND we met the creator of the Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles. So all in all it was worth the 20 bucks. And I only spent 15.00 on a useless Star Wars independent film called Star Wars: Contract of Evil. Anything else to add Naps?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Girls do things

Recently in the news (by recently I mean 4 months ago) it was big news that some stupid broad was in some stupid Nascar thing. She came in 3rd place or something. Is this really impressive? Its not like she actually pulled her car with her vagina or something. She DROVE a car. I fucking drive a damn car every day of my life. Where is my parade??? I spent 4 years in a tiger cage in Nam while getting beaten by a bunch of Cong Bastards. When i got back you filthy hippies spit on me and call me baby killer!!!
oh wait what was I talking about??
Ya girl race car drivers
Anyway Nascar is pretty much unwatchable. Is it even a sport?? its just driving around a track, it doesnt require any real ability. Girls have been allowed to drive cars since the 60s so whats the big deal that some female was in nascar? If some girl pitched a perfect game in Major League Baseball I would actually be impressed, but driving a car? who cares.

Why do Hippies (people from Cambridge MA) hate soliders because they kill babies but are all pro-choice?? sometimes its okay to kill babies but other times its not???? I am very consistent on my pro kill babies platform.
Vote for me, Captain Naps!!!!

Well I went to a comic con with Mugatto last weekend I am still waiting for him to post his stupid blog report on this important subject.