Sunday, January 27, 2013

Star Trek TNG: Episode 85 - Data's Day

This episode is basically a day in the life of Data, and it is awesome. Awesome because it's Data. Brent Spiner once again shows why he is the best actor since Bill Clinton. There are a few plots going on here.
  1. Keiko and Miles are supposed to get married but she calls it off. No wonder too. She's actually cute and he looks like ... well a hideous Irish guy. 
  2. Data is learning to dance for the wedding, Crusher teaches him to tap dance. Really? I highly doubt people will tap dance in the future.
  3. A Vulcan ambassador is kidnapped by Romulans ...
  4. and then some broad has a baby.
ST TNG: 84 down 95 to go

Friday, January 18, 2013

Star Trek TNG: Episode 84 - Final Mission

"Wesley sets off on his final mission with the Enterprise accompanied by Picard, but they become stranded on a desert planet."

I'm not sad to see Wesley go, but I'm not happy either. I always assumed I hated this character, but going back and re-watching these made me realize that he really did add a different dynamic to the crew. That's not to say that the Wesley themed episodes were good, because usually they were not ... and this is no exception. It was just ok. Although I do think that Wil Wheaton did a fine job in this one, as did the go-to rogue pilot actor Nick Tate.

ST TNG: 83 down 96 to go

Friday, January 11, 2013

Star Trek TNG: Episode 83 - Future Imperfect

Very clever, very clever indeed. Bravo. Bravo I say. .... whatever. Many twists and turns in this one. So Riker, Worf and Jordi are on this planet ... Worf and Jordi beam back up. But, Riker disappears. Next thing you know he snaps out of his amnesia 16 years later on the Enterprise. He has a son, his wife Min is dead. Come to find out, that this is all a Romulan holodeck trick to get Riker to give up Federation secrets ... or is it??? Read the book!! After a strong start, these past few epsisodes have really sucked. Now back to watching Breaking Bad.

ST TNG: 82 down 97 to go