Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gone Fis(h/t)ing

Why do people own fish? Whats the f-in' point?!? You can't play with it and it has no idea that your even there! They don't do shit. It's a sad fact but it's true, a fish as a pet is useless. You might as well have an ant as a pet, or even a homeless guy, they're just as useless. Fish are so useless that vegetarians eat them!! They don't even count to a psycho vegatarian. On the other hand why do I enjoy fishing? Especially when it's catch and release, I suppose there is no point in that, except maybe to go "Yeah Fish, I caught you and I could so easily kill you right now, but i'm in a good mood....lucky you, you get to live ... just remember that" ....... oh yeah thats why I like fishing. Which brings me to my second topic...fisting. Does anyone really enjoy getting fisted?!?!?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Biggest Newz Ever

The biggest news report of the last week was the London bombing...just kidding. The biggest news was the death of Scotty.
I met Scotty once at a sci fi convention. I was there on my shore leave as a star ship captain. It was 20 bucks to get his autograph. I didn't spend the money because what would I do with his autograph? Also I would have to talk to him and what the hell would I say???? "Soooooo star trek huh? Hows that going for you???"
He looked pretty old and no one was in line for his autograph but he sat there smiling at people. Oh well he was probably a really nice guy, and now I'll never get his autograph or talk to him. I wanted to tell him that the Enterprise shouldn't be hauling garbage but that it should hauled away AS garbage!!!

he would probably punch me.

It turns out he really wasn't Scottish or even from the future!!!

Captain Naps Video Game Pick of the Year: NightShade part1: the claws of sutekh (for NES) there was no part 2. its a pretty fun game.


Is Chicago a good city? I really have no idea. I have no desire to ever go there though. People always tell me that "it's a good place, you hould visit it" and then I say "Oh have you been there?" and they always say "". Seriously this happened to me like 3 times. This is all I know about Chicago...

1. They have Pizzaria Uno's Chicago Grill. Assuming they really have that in Chicago and it's not just a gimmicky name. I actually hate this place, I went there once with two friends of mine and they put us in this lovers booth that was set apart from the rest of the seating area....then again it may have been the Negro Table. I'm not sure.

2. They have Mr. T (MR. T threw out the first pitch at the White Sox/Red Sox game the other night. I guess thats pretty cool. T is such a crackhead...but not. I wish I could just naturally act like a coked-up drug addict.)

3. They have Billy Corigan (He sang Take Me Out To The Ball Game at last years All Star Game i think, he's so ugly....I always thought actually looked like a Smashing Pumpking, like his head is a pumpking in the process of's true).

4. They had the Great Chicago fire....not the greatest thing to be known for.

Anyway, I know shit about Chicago.

Friday, July 22, 2005


I am hypnotizing will click on my link this time. You will click it, unlike last time when nobody cut and pasted my link. You will do as I say. And....AWAKE!
There it's linked. Click it and tell me that
it's not the funniest
title of a news article ever?

Also if anyone has seen this movie, let me know if
it's any good. I know Depp is good and all, but I think
I buy Gene Wilder being a child-molester more than I do Depp.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Witch's Brew

Hey losers its your old pal Capt. Naps (pal...right???)
Anyway In the news today I was reading about a big stink people were making about putting up a Samatha Stevens Statue in Salem. And by "today" I mean 3 months ago.
Samatha Stevens was the witch from Bewitched. And Salem is a city in MA in the USA on Planet Earth. In salem about a million years ago 2o people where killed for being a witch.
Now people are complaining that a statue of Samtha Stevens will cheapen their memory (what memory>???? Who cares about these people)
This annoys me on several levels. I hate Salem. They totally have been milking that whole witch trial thing for 400 years. I guess slapping a witch logo on every piece of crap and then selling it to tourist doesn't cheapen the memories of those people who died???
Plus what if they were actual witches??? See no one thinks about that. Everyone complains that it was bad that they killed those poor women. But what if they really were witches?

I hate people who think they are witches are into the occult. I Know they are just acting like they believe it. They act like they are into the occult because they think it makes them more interesting. HAHAHA the jokes on you! You are even less interesting than everyone else.
Plus its usually fat chicks that are into that crap so they are gross anyway.

In conclusion I hate witches and MILFHUNTERS.COM is a horrible site.

If anyone visits Salem I suggest going to the Peabody Essex Musuem, now that place is totally rad (and has nothing to do with witches)

Also I hate people who read Harry Potter. I guess its okay if a kid reads it but if its an adult then its gay. Adults who read harry potter should be excuted. Go read an adult book, like American Psycho.

Shark Weak etc.

I have three quick thing to say here.

1. Shark week on the Discovery Channel is weak and pointless. Every year is the same shit. I mean seriously....has anything mind-blowing been discovered in the last 20 years on the Shark front? The answer my friends is no.

2. Purell Hand Sanitzer looks like cum. Sorry, but it needs to be said. OK maybe it lacks the pearl colored hue, but it's still disturbing.

3. Slang ruins so many words huh? Just think that at some point words like Gay, Queer and Fag meant something totally different. Try and say the words Rod, Bone and Booty without thinking of something sexual. What i'm leading to you ask? Ha ha........hahaha...................hahahahahaahaa.............. ah..............anyway. I'm trying to say that the word Facial has been officially ruined. I will prove my point with one sentence. "For my Moms birthday i'm gonna give her a facial." Nuff said.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Eminem to make final bow as solo artist-report

Does anyone care? I don't. I friggin despize Eminem, he's everything I hate all rolled into one. From his bleached hair to his....bleched hair. He's not tough, he's just a whinny dickhead. Anyway, since when is a skinny white kid considered tough anyway? Did you ever get a headache so bad that it made you puke? That happened to me yesterday, it sucked.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

More Fun at the Mall

I called in sick today at work (at my job as a Star Ship Captain...right????) so that I could go to the Mall and return my Computer Game. I go their at 10:30 and the store was closed. Every other store in the Mall was open except for EB Games. So I had to hang out till 12 when it opened. I did end up returning my Used copy of Freedom Force for a new copy but the female clerk had a real sourpuss on her face. Thats right, a sourpuss. It was the same girl who sold me the used copy.
I bought video game insurance for 3 dollars./?????WHY??? because the girl had big boobs, thats why.
The Mall has the worst food court. Umi of Japans? Bandito's Chicken (or something like that) Umi's of Japan has all asians working there (I don't know if they are were Japs though) and Bandito's has all hispanic people working there. The Pasta Place had Italians and the Boston Chowdah company had all Bostonians working there!! Its Racism!!! What if I wanted to work at Umi's of Japan???? I probably couldn't because I am not some stupid Asian person.
Plus Boston Chowdah is an ethnic slur that I find very offensive.

I ended my Day at the Library. I hate the Library its all annoying Kids and its not like they are reading, they are all on the internet. Why did libraries get computers? so kids can look up stuff about meth and homeless people can look up porn. thats why.

I got kicked off, yet another messageboard today. This time it was a comic book message board. The topic was gays in comics and I said it was all a scam to get little kids who read comics to become gay because gay men like underage boys.
How is that offensive??? Its true. Straight men like underage girls so why would Gay Men like Underage boys??? whatever. that makes the 1,426th messageboard that i have been kicked off of.

In conclusion the Mall sucks especially at 10:30 am , no hot teen chicks. The Library always sucks because its filled with poor people who can't afford internet access. And I am a total nerd because not only do I read comics I must discuss them on-line.
anyway here is a funny link to wacky old school comic book covers (its pretty funny I guess)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I can't tell....

A follow up to the Captain Naps post here.... There's two thing that I can't tell anymore. (that was the oddest sentence ever) 1. How old a girl is. AND 2. If a guy is gay.

A) Girls all look 20+ to me, when in reality they are 13+. This is disturbing and if you ask me ... a national crisis. I'm sorry but, the statutory rape laws should be eradicated from the books. Not so dudes can score with teens, but because I bet on many occasions a dude scores with a teen thinking she's much older and then he gets bagged for rape?!?! Who's in fault there? The girl. See kids it's the womens fault when she gets in this case at least....i think. Anyway, you get my drift.

B) This whole femanized straight guy thing is really getting out-of-control. I think they call it "metrosexual", now i'm far-far-far from a Macho Guy and Captain Naps is even further than me, but when you spend more than 15 minutes getting dressed and combing your hair...then your tredding on gay. If you put any amount of make-up on your face, go tanning or use more than one hair product... then your tredding on gay. When you psychotically wipe down your car every night or clean your sneakers daily ... then you may be a redneck ... i mean your tredding on gay. And the saddest thing is that THESE are the dudes that get the hottest chicks INCLUDING the teens at the mall! See how I tied it all in. I'm so cool. Why do chicks like femanine men, think back to the 80's, remember Poison?!?! Think of the women they got. Well i'm off to the great State of New Hampshire, after I watch that great reality show about a hair salon called "Blowout" .... really it's a good show.


Monday, July 11, 2005

My adventures at the Mall

This is Captain Naps , y'all wiggity wiggity wack.
Anyways as I was saying I was at the mall sunday with Mugato. I bought "city of heroes 2" at EB games. The lady made me buy it used, I wanted the new copy but she insisted that i take the slightly cheaper used one (the new copy was 29 dollars the used copy was 23 dollars). So i get home and it doesn't fucking work. That fucking cunt tricked me. I probably can't return it now either. She hypnotised me with her boobs.
Anyway the girls at the mall where all hot.
So here is the actual topic for today

Greatest books ever written by humans in the 20th century earth.

1. American Psycho-by Brett Easton Ellis
Its like a million times better than the movie! more killing and more sex!! shoving a sewer rat into someones privates! cutting womens heads off and then having sex with it!! commentary????
also a pretty good review of Huey lewis and the News complete discography.

2. Gods Grace- by some guy
This book is a lost classic! In fact I lost it. I think I let mugato borrow it so I'll probably never see it again, plus he probably read it on the toliet so I don't want it back anyway. This book is about the end of the world and only one guy is left alive. He finds some monkey who learns to talk and they become friends. Plus he meets some other monkeys that learn to talk
This book has super hot man/monkey sex!!!! This is the only book that really delievers on the promise of monkey sex. Alot of books say they have monkey sex but this book REALLY has it and its hot, unlike say Alex Haley's Roots (hahha now thats racist!!!! )

Well thats all the books I have ever read anyway so its a pretty short list.

Capt. Naps Video game pick of the week: River City Ransom (nes):
Once again I am not going to actually discuss why I picked this game, I am too fucking lazy. its a good game, believe me or don't. Now its time for me to BLAST OFF!!! INTO SPACE!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2005


teleportation is impossible because if the heisenberg uncertainity principal. I didn't even bother clicking on Mugato's link because it wasn't even click-able!! Muggy you lazy bastard!
See folks, Mugato got kicked off the internet at work (at his space bar) because he downloaded child porn......Julia Child Porn!!!!!

Well Have fun folks this is Captain Naps signing off. Keep Watching the Stars!!!!!!!

Naps Game Pick of The Day: Maniac Mansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I would discuss why I picked this game but screw it I am lazy)

I went to the Mall with Mugato today, I feel so gay.


It's finally almost, kinda, sorta happening! Teleporting! Now I can go from here to there....quickly! Unlike before, when I could go from here to there only marginally quickly. This is so odd because I just started to read that book "Timeline" by Michael Cri??ton. Actually I'm listening to the book on tape, which is very depressing I must say. I'm so lazy that I can't even read anymore, it's very sad.

Because of lack of Posts I have decided to split posting duties with my good friend Captain Naps. Therefore I'm now going to apologize for anything horrible that he might say.

Friday, July 01, 2005


You know that stupid food thing called a Gyros? I never would order one because I have no clue how to say it. So I looked it's Yee-Ros. So I call the sub-shop, I say yeah gimme the Yee-Ros. They have no clue what i'm talking about, so i say Jai-Ros. And they understood. So In conclusion, just say Jai-Ros. I felt like a dick. It sucked. I was embaressed. But my Gyros was good. Friggin Greeks