Friday, January 29, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 130 - Pathfinder

"Barclay gets over-involved with holographic recreations of the Voyager crew in his attempts to contact them. This episode also features Deanna Troi."

Awesome episode! I was not expecting to ever see any TNG members appear on this show, and Barclay is good in small doses. In this one, Barclay is obsessed  with contacting Voyager. Currently he is working for Admiral Paris (sound familiar?) and this has been interfering with his real work. Barclay meets up with Troi for some friendly guidance. Eventually Barclay figures out how to open a tiny wormhole to relay a message into the Delta Quadrant, however nobody believes him. He goes ahead and sends the message to Voyager anyway. They actually receive it. The wormhole is only opened for a few minutes but both sides are able to transmit vital data to each other and Admiral Paris tells his son Tom that he is proud of him.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 129 - The Voyager Conspiracy

Voyager finds a race that have a space catapult (???). Meanwhile 7 of 9 downloads a ton of information from the ships logs into her memory bank. She soon figures out a conspiracy involving Janeway. This entire journey was planned by Starfleet, the Cadassians, Janeway and Tuvok. She breaks it all down incident by incident. After a while she changes her analysis and implicates Chakotay as the conspirator. He is still working for the Marquis. Then another theory comes out, it was all a secret mission to steal a Borg (her). In the end, it ends up that she overloaded herself with data and is malfunctioning. She really does a good job breaking down the facts, I believed it every time! Voyager uses the sling shot and gets three years closer to home.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 128 - One Small Step

Voyager encounters an energy ellipse. It basically swallows anything that has energy. While investigating they discover that inside the ellipse is the Ares IV. This was a module that was lost during Earth's mission to Mars in 2032 containing Lt. John Kelly. The crew fly the Delter Flyer into the ellipse and find the Ares. They are trapped and must salvage pieces of the Ares to get back out, but not before they download all of Kelly's logs. This was a great episode and I enjoyed seeing the flashbacks to Kelly as he struggles to survive in the ellipse. Lt. Kelly was played by Phil Morris (Jackie Chiles from Seinfeld). Interesting fact: Morris was on TOS as a child and then had small appearances in Star Trek III, DS9 and now Voyager.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 127 - Riddles

"Returning from a diplomatic mission Tuvok is attacked by a cloaked intruder and suffers neurological damage."

Tuvok basically becomes a simpleton, Neelix and Tuvok then become best buddies, they cook together and listen to Jazz. Very strange episode. Again, I will complain about the constant use of Jazz in Star Trek. No one listens to it know! Why would everyone be way into it in the future!?!?

Trapped in Tuvok's mind is a warp signature that Janeway desperately needs to solve a conflict between two alien worlds. Eventually Tuvok bakes a cake and subconsciously decorates it with the warp signature. Seriously. The Doctor gets him back to normal, but Neelix and Tuvok are both sort of saddened that their friendship will never be the same. It's basically Of Mice and Men in Space.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 126 - Alice

"Tom Paris becomes obsessed with a salvaged alien shuttlecraft, which appears to have a mind of its own."

I feel a similar episode has already occurred, but I can't remember for sure. So basically Paris ends up with KITT from Night Rider. Except this vehicle not only talks but projects itself as a woman named Alice. It convinces Paris to fly it to a place called the Fountain where pretty much they both will be killed. I still have no idea why?

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Star Trek VGR Episode 125 - Dragons Teeth

"Voyager discovers a network of subspace passageways, but is forced to land on a planet after being attacked."

Voyager is being assisted by a species named the Turei, they ask Janeway to wipe any records of their subspace passage. She refuses and Voyager is attacked. They land on a planet and find another race named the Vaadwaur (all in stasis). 7 wakes one of them up. This sets off a chain of events that reignite an age old war between the Turei and Vaadwaur. Somewhere along the way Voyager ends up getting 200 light years closer to home.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 124 - Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy

"The Doctor adds daydreaming to his program, imagining himself as the Emergency Command Hologram (ECH) aboard Voyager; but aliens, tapping into his perceptions to observe the crew, prepare an attack when they believe that what they are seeing in the daydreams is real."

This has to be one of the top ten best episodes in Voyager. It is great fun and Robert Picardo is excellent in it. These aliens are really goofy looking, which I like for a change. In fact they look exactly like those two freaky twins in Nothing but Trouble, one of the dumbest movies ever and also one of my all time favorites. Anyway I enjoyed seeing The Doctor act out his over the top heroic fantasies but then actually need to save the ship in real life.

According to Wikipedia the title is a reference to the spy novel Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by John le CarrĂ©. The plot is also based on  The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 123 - Barge of the Dead

"B'Elanna's shuttle is hit by an ion storm and she awakens to find herself among Klingons in the Barge of the Dead, on the way to Klingon Hell."

Damn. B'Elanna dies and goes to hell?? It's never really explained as to whether this is real or a vision. She did really die though. The episode is a very interesting look into the Klingon journey to hell. You can only imagine how brutal it is. I never really noticed how similar the Klingons are to Vikings.

I did miss seeing some Klingon themed episodes.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 122 - Survival Instinct

"Three Borg from Seven's past appear, and ask to be completely separated from the Collective."

During a crash several years prior, Two, Three, Four and Seven of Nine had all been separated from the hive. Soon they started to become individuals again, 7 fought against the urge however. The other three escaped the Collective but ended up endlessly linked together. Now they track down 7 and ask her to help separate them so that they can live normal lives. The Doctor can do it, however they will only live one month. Still, they decide that living a normal life for a month is better than eternity as a Borg. Great episode.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 121 - Equinox Pt. 2

The Doctor infiltrates the Equinox but is captured. Captain Ransom (really, that's his name??), uses The Doctor to probe 7 of 9's mind trying to use her "energy" for his experiments. After awhile, Ransom starts to realize the error of his ways. Unfortunately his crew disagrees and they form a mutiny. Ransom then sends his entire crew, along with The Doctor and 7 back over to Voyager. He then explodes the ship, destroying himself and his creatures.

Janeway punished the Equinox crew, but eventually integrates them onto Voyager. Chakotay is reinstated as Commander. So, wow, this really was another lost Starfleet crew. I wasn't expecting that.
So begins, Season 6. I still have 2 seasons top go?? Ugggh. I mean, yay.

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Star Trek VGR Episode 120 - Equinox Pt. 1

Much to everyone's surprise, Voyager receives a distress call from a Federation ship named Equinox. They too have been trapped in the Delta Quadrant. On board is Torres' old boyfriend Maxwell Burke ... how convenient. He is played by Titus Welliver who is on the Amazon Prime show Bosch, which he is insanely good on.
It is soon discovered that Equinox has a secret room. Here, they have been harvesting energy from alien species and turning them into new creatures. Yeah, it's sort of bizarre. The Equinox crew then take 7 of 9 and start attacking Voyager. So, yet AGAIN 7 gets kidnapped?! Also, I sense another episode in which this "Starfleet crew" is actually some alien species in disguise. I guess we will see in "Equinox Part Too The Sequel Back to Beach"

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 119 - Warhead

"The crew rescue a device with artificial intelligence embedded in rock, but it then proceeds to take control of The Doctor and reveals itself to be a weapon of mass destruction."

May be one of the best episodes of season 5. Another old school TOS type plot. This device they find in the rock is a rather cute little robot and seems like it genuinely needs assistance. The Doctor believes it and they bring it aboard Voyager. It soon reveals that it is a WOMD. It tries to finish it's destructive mission., but Kim thwarts its efforts. They soon destroy the warhead ... and also find 30 other warheads in the process. Then at the end a puppet of Ronald Regan emerges from a bed full of water. Remember the Land of Confusion video?? It was horrifying.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 118 - Relativity

Another time travel, timeline, time stream episode. This one has Captain Braxton trying to stop a bomb from destroying Voyager in the past. In the future, 7 of 9 is sent back in time to find and detonate the bomb. She fails several times, but keeps getting sent back to make things right. 7 of 9 figures out that Braxton is actually trying to destroy Voyager, not save it. Future 7 tells Past 7 the truth. They eventually convince Janeway to help stop Braxton. The episode is incredibly confusing.

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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 117 - 11:59

"Janeway reminisces about one of her ancestors, Shannon O'Donnell from Indiana."

This was an excellent episode. It's a "flashback" to one of Janeway's ancestors named Shannon. She was one of the first female astronauts and helped usher in the construction of the Millennium gate. This monument somehow aided in the colonization of Mars. I still don't understand how. Anyway, the year is 2000 and for some reason Shannon is driving a 1970s Station Wagon. She then gets into a fender bender with a 1980s Camaro. Something seems a bit off here. Maybe it is because Janeway is telling the story and she doesn't have a good understanding of this time??
Anyway, Shannon ends up in a town where they are trying to bulldoze the downtown area to make way for the Millennium Gate. The storeowners do not want to leave. Shannon seeks shelter from the cold in a bookstore and befriends the owner, Henry.

So here is where Neelix interjects into the story because he has found some new historical info. Shannon tries to convince Henry to sell, because she was never an astronaut...she worked for the company that was building the gate. Henry finds this out and tells her to leave. She feels bad and comes back. Henry eventually does sell his store and ends up marrying Shannon. Come to think of it, non of this makes any damn sense. John Carroll Lynch is in this episode.

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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 116 - Someone to Watch Over Me

"Seven of Nine explores dating with some help from the Doctor."

Neelix is tasked with escorting an ambassador named Tomlin around the ship. Tomlin soon gets drunk and wild (he is played by the great Scott Thompson). Meanwhile The Doctor is teaching 7 how to be in a relationship, he soon finds himself falling for her. At one point he mentions that he once saw a species that was five sexes. What the hell??? I enjoyed this episode. It had some great quest stars, Thompson, Ian Abercrombie and Brian McNamara.

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Friday, January 01, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 115 - Juggernaut

"The crew respond to a distress call from Malon escape pods contaminated with radiation."

Remember the Malon? They were the ones dumping toxic waste in space. Well Voyager responds to a Malon distress call. The ship has leaked it's "haul" and is leaking radiation. Everyone dies except for the ships captain. Also, once the ship explodes it will take out everything in 3 light years. The side plot regards Tuvok trying to help Torres quell her anger. Which is sort of dumb because she is a Klingon. Why make her less Klingon? Seems wrong. Anyway, Lee Arenberg is in this episode, he is in the show Once Upon A Time and the Pirate's of the Carribean Series. He is a good actor.

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Star Trek VGR Episode 114 - Think Tank

"Voyager is being chased by the Hazari when a think tank offers assistance."
The think tank wants 7 of 9 to join them. In fact, they are playing both sides of this conflict in order to force Janeway to give over 7. The problem was, the entire time I couldn't get over how bad Jason Alexander was. He was basically just acting like himself. Would an alien really have a New York accent?

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