Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 71 - The Day of Honor

B'Elanna goes about the Klingon Day of Honor but it ends up being a really bad day. She starts off working in Engineering with 7 of 9 and something goes wrong so they must eject the warp core. Of course everyone thinks 7 of 9 sabotaged it. Torres and Paris "space walk" to retrieve the core. Before they get it, it is stolen by a race called the Caatati. Voyager stops them and negotiates to get it back. The Caatati see 7 of 9 and are scared out of their wits. But, 7 of 9 builds them a new energy source and all is well. Except Paris and Torres have been stuck in space this entire time and are dying. B'Elanna tells Paris she loves him and they pass out. Fortunately they are saved by Voyager just in time. So what is weird is that when Kes had those visions of Voyagers future in "Year of Hell", she was married to Paris. So now Kes is not even on the ship anymore? So that episode meant nothing???

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 70 - The Gift

So this is the last appearance of Kes and basically the first appearance of 7 of 9 as we all know her ... "hot, hot, hot" oh shut up Buster Poindexter, nobody asked you. But, yea she was hot. And Jeri Ryan was into some weird stuff too, just ask Jack Ryan. And Kes is into some weird stuff too, just ask a bunch of kids. Anyway, Kes's abilities really start to evolve, like to the point where she is seeing beyond particles. Into maybe different dimensions?? In effect (or affect, I really don't know which word is right), it begins to destroy the ship. So she decides to leave Voyager. Typically everyone would work together and find a way for her to still be able to stay on the ship, but I guess they wanted the character gone. So, slowly 7 of 9 begins turning back into her human self. Although no one trusts her. Can you blame them? She's into to some weird stuff, just ask.. oh never mind.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 69 - Scorpion pt. 2

Janeway makes a deal with the Borg, they will work together to stop their enemy if the Borg lets Voyager through their space. The Borg send Seven of Nine to negotiate. The entire episode is full of a lot of disagreement between 7 of 9 and the Voyager crew. During this particular negotiation they are attacked by the bio-aliens and escape back to Voyager. Janeway is injured and 7 of 9 helps install Borg technology on Voyager, but she also creates a rift and takes Voyager into it in an attempt to force Voyager to fight the aliens alone ... saving the remaining Borg (almost 4 million had recently been killed). Janeway recovers and defeats the aliens. 7 of 9 is put in the brig
and taken away with Voyager. Janeway decides to use operation "Scorpion", which is a way to de-assimilate 7 of 9.  Jeri Ryan was actually pretty good playing a Borg, I mean it must take some sort of acting ability to play a cyborg right? I did enjoy these episodes.

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Star Trek VGR Episode 68 - Scorpion pt. 1

"Voyager must pass through Borg space, only to discover a new alien race that are even deadlier than the Borg."

Voyager is approached by Borg cubes threatening to assimilate them, then the cubes are destroyed. Janeway is trying to get the ship to "The Northwest Passage" which is a safe route through Borg space. They are again met by the Borg, but then another ship shows up (a bioship) and they attack the cubes. Evidently this is a very deadly
race that the Borg have been dealing with. They are really cool looking too, almost remind me of a mix of Predator and Alien but done with crappy computer graphics. Kes meanwhile has been hearing voices and seeing visions of this race as they destroy planets and people... And Janeway does a holodeck program with Leonardo DiVinci for some reason (played by the great John Rhys-Davies).

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 67 - Worst Case Scenario

"B'Elanna Torres discovers a holodeck program where Chakotay and the Maquis rebel against Janeway."

Tuvok wrote this program as a Worst Case Scenario excercise. Unfortunetly before Seska left, she booby-trapped the program. Tuvok and Paris end up trapped in it and the holodeck Seska (along with Marqui crewmembers) try to start a mutiny. Every move that Seska makes seems to affect the real life Voyager. Meanwhile the other crewmembers rewrite the program like a novel, until it finally has a "happy ending".

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 66 - Displaced

"Crew members are replaced one-by-one with aliens from an unknown race."

Interesting premise. The crew encounters a race named the Nyrians. They are, for lack of a better term, highway robbers. Their methods however are peaceful. They have technology that allows them to replace people on another ship with themselves, the crewmembers are then transported to a replicated "land" that perfectly suites them. This is how they steal ships. Once Voyager is completely replaced, the crew ends up in a relatively nice "land" and they find others there that seem perfectly happy. Janeway refuses to give up Voyager though and they find a way to reverse the replacement. They then trap the Nyrains in a terrible "land", until they agree to let all prisoners go and give up their technology.

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 65 - Distant Origin

An incredibly Interesting episode. It sounds stupid, but it really wasn't. So it starts off with a group of humanoid dinosaurs, they are ... ironically ... paleontologists on their home world. Except they look for humanoid bones. The head archeologist lizard person (Gegen) is seeking to prove his theory that his people and humans came from the same origin. They find the "missing link" and eventually track down Voyager. After a few misunderstandings, they learn about each other and surmise that they both my have originated from Earth. Unfortunately his planets leaders do not want the truth getting out, so they threaten to destroy Voyager if Gegen doesn't refute his own theory ... so he does. In the end Chakotay gives the dejected Gegen a globe of Earth. It's a weird plot, but this is an actual conspiracy theory. Just look up David Icke. Truth be told, I actually wish Star Trek would use conspiracy theory stuff more often.

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 64 - Real Life

"The Doctor creates a family on the holodeck."

What starts off as a dumb episode in which The Doctor creates a stereotypical family for himself (complete with Stepford Wife), ends up being one of the most dramatic Trek episodes ever. So far only two Star Trek episodes have actually made me tear up, one being the DS9 episode Far Beyond the Stars and this being the other. After initially making a totally perfect family, Torres convinces The Doctor to make them more realistic. So ho does; this comes with all of the ups and down, problems and eventually tragedy of a real life scenario. At the end, his small daughter dies. It is a very emotional scene. Robert Picardo was great in this episode. This episode was so sad that it has deterred me from making a joke about how Kes exposes herself to kids. Totally ruined the mood

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 63 - Before and After

This is starting to get painful. These past few episodes have sort of sucked. I don't even get this one. Kes starts off the episode as an old woman (married to Paris), then starts getting younger until she ends up as a fetus ... then she grows again and ends up back in the present. Evidently The Doctor has an explanation for this ... but really?? The one thing was that she observes something called the "Year of Hell" ... which has not happened yet to Voyager. It is a year long battle with the Krenim (?), resulting in the death of Torres and Janeway. Rachael Harris is in this episode, trust me you know who she is. They need an episode in which Raymond Tango comes on board, you know, from the movie Tango and Cash. I won't give the particulars of the episode, but it results in the episode being named Last Tango In Paris. Also, the episode is banned.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 62 - Favorite Son

Hmmm. How to explain this one. Harry starts acting weird and develops a rash on his head. Voyager is then contacted to by the Teresians, a race that is 90% female. They claim that Harry is a Teresian that had been implanted (as an embryo) on Earth. He buys into it and goes to the planet. They evidently need him for breeding purposes! Lucky fellow. Except the breeding process ends with the guy being drained of his DNA and dissected. Evidently Kim was never a Terisian at all. The woman implanted Teresian DNA into him in order to make him compatible. In the end he escapes (after a chase scene involving 100 woman ... it was like he was Davey Jones or something!). The thing is, at what point did they implant him with DNA? He started to turn Teresian before they ever even made contact with them? And of all the crewmwmbers, why Harry Kim? So many questions. So little desire to find the answers.

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Friday, September 11, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 61 - Rise

"Voyager helps a planet with asteroid problems. Tuvok and Neelix crash-land on the planet and attempt to fix a maglev space elevator."

Decent Neelix episode. He ends up trapped with Tuvok on a planet and tries to earn the Vulcans respect. Which he does by using his skills to basically ... um ... fix an elevator. Sometimes I really can't stand Neelix.Though I finally realized that he has a giant mullet!

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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 60 - Darkling

"The Doctor attempts to improve his program by including elements of the personalities of various famous people that he admires, taken from holocharacters of them."

These characters include Ghandi and Tom Byron...I mean Lord Byron. Meanwhile Kes is on a planet, hooking up with some guy... I don't recall her breaking up with Neelix?? Anyway, the Doctor ends up creating an evil twin off himself by accident. I only it looked the opposite of him, like with long hair and goatee or something. Anyway, the evil Doctor tries to kill Kes's love interest. Weird ass episode.

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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 59 - Unity

"Chakotay answers a call for help on a planet and finds himself in the middle of a shoot-out between two groups of people while the Voyager crew discover an abandoned Borg ship."

U.N.I.T.Y thats-a unity. Remember that terrible song? So on the planet, Chakotay is taken in by ex-Borgs. After their Cube had been damaged, it shut off their "hive-mind" generator and they turned back to human/but still sort of Borg. Chakotay is helped by a Borg woman named Riley (who is very very cute). She tells Chakotay that they wish to be re-linked, he merges with the hive and is shown that they have sincere intentions. Janeway disagrees.

Also, Voyager has retrieved a dead Borg from the Cube and they have been examining it for critical info to give back to Starfleet ... someday. Suddenly Chakotay is mentally taken over by the hive and forced to turn the generator back on at the Cube. He does, re-linking the human Borgs. The Borgs then destroy the Cube, showing that they mean no harm to anyone. But now Chakotay wonders if they are sincere. Whatever. I like seeing the Borg, the episode was just OK though.

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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 58 - Blood Fever

"Vorik passes on the Pon farr to B'Elanna."

Another where episode. So Vorik, a Vulcan (whom I totally forgot was even on the ship) starts going through Pon farr. If you remember from TOS when this happened to Spock, a Vulcan gets violently horny like every seven years or
something. He basically assualts B'Elanna, and in the process he accidently passes the feelings onto her. Long story short she ends up trapped on a planet with Paris and she is all horned up.

The inhabitants of the planet are very xenophobic (they fear Xena) as well and are not happy about their presence. Evidently they once had a very bad experience with outsiders. These outsiders had nearly exterminated them. So, the episode is weird but then the ending is very unexpected. Janeway and crew are about to leave the land when they find something unexpected ... a dead Borg.

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Friday, September 04, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 57 - Coda

"Janeway appears to be trapped in a time-loop with different events, but all ending in her death."

Janeway and Chakotay crash on a planet and Janeway is gravely injured (seems like this has happened a handful of times already right??). First Janeway ends up reliving the last few moments over and over again (also, has happened a million times), then she finally breaks the loop and ends up as a ghost on the ship. Evidently she died on the planet. She sees her body and witnesses her funeral. She tries to communicate with Kes... and it almost works. Then she is met by her dead father who tries to take her into the light, she refuses and he gets angry. Then he leaves and walks into flames, Janeway says "go back to hell you bastard." So basically I have no idea what is going on. Was he the devil?? The Doctor revives Janeway and tells her that she nearly died several times. So was she about to go to hell?? I knew her terrible hairstyle was a bad idea.

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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Star Trek VGR Episode 56 - Alter Ego

"The crew enjoys a luau on the holodeck and Tuvok discovers an unusual hologram."

This is sort of like a love triangle between Harry, Tuvok and a holodeck character named Marayna. The character ends up being a sentient being and when Tuvok rejects her, she gets angry and takes control of the ship. Tuvok rationalizes with her and she eventually lets Voyager go free. It wasn't an interesting episode, I feel like it's been done many times before. Plus, a luau? Like Hawaii would even exist in the future pffft.

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