Saturday, January 31, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 130 - Sacrifice of Angels

"Sisko commands the Defiant and 600 Federation ships against a Dominion/Cardassian armada to retake Deep Space Nine. Damar has Kira, Jake, and Leeta arrested."

This ends the six episode story arc. It was a well thought out story, lots of moving parts and it was well written. It ends with Sisko and his fleet attacking DS9. Dukat lays a trap, allowing Sisko to get close to the station before he unleashes his Dominion fleet to surround them. Dukat then orders all of the remaining Federation crew on DS9 arrested for treason. Quark gets Dukats daughter to help them escape capture and Odo also assists in their escape. When the Cardassians find out that Dukats daughter helped in the escape, she is killed.

Sisko is wise to the trap but soon is overwhelmed when Dukat finally destroys the minefield. Sisko and his fleet flee into the wormhole where he is visited by The Prophets. They help Sisko destroy the Dominion ships. He can focus on taking back DS9. Dukat tries to fire on Sisko but he can't, it seems that Rom sabotaged the weapons system. The Dominion/Cardassians begin to flee DS9. At the end, everyone is reunited and feels so good.

I hate these episodes that are so good that I can't even think of a good joke.

130 down and 46 to go

Friday, January 23, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 129 - Favor The Bold

Things are starting to heat up. Sisko makes a plan to take back DS9 but he needs a huge fleet to do it. Worf and Martok go to the Klingon council to appeal for more ships. Meanwhile on DS9, Rom has been accused of treachery by the Dominion and sentenced to death. Kira and Quark work on a plan to warn the Federation that the minefield will soon be destroyed. Jake and Morn manage to sneak a message out of DS9. Odo is confused as to where his loyalty should lie and Dukat's daughter is starting to get wrapped up in ship politics. That's a lot going on!

The end is cool. Sisko arrives at the wormhole with a large fleet of ships (although far less than he hoped). I love the visuals of these large fleets of starships, it always looks very cool.

I liked Rom in this one. He sentenced to die and yet he doesn't really seem to care. Not that he is being brave, more like he is just too depressed to give a crap. It was amusing.

129 down and 47 to go

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 128 - Behind the Lines

I forgot to mention in the last episode that Dukat brings his daughter onboard the ship and he also starts hitting on Kira, which is odd. So anyway. In this one, Dax is sent on a mission to command a ship behond enemy lines and destroy a very powerful Dominion sensor...which she does. Meanwhile on DS9, Kira and the rest are doing their best to get the Dominion and the Cardassians at each others throats. It is working, as the trust between Dukat and Weyoun begins to shatter. But suddenly a new threat appears on the station, that Female Changeling that is always trying to manipulate Odo.

Quark discovers that the Dominion is about to finally destroy the minefield. This is bad, as they could then get much needed supplies. Him and Kira work on thwarting this, but Kira walks in on Odo linking with the other Changeling. This is not good because it seems that Odo may be switching sides. (non of that was in anyway a sexual reference)

128 down and 48 to go

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 127 - Sons and Daughters

Worf is still commissioned on Martok's ship. They pick up a new recruit. Worf's son Alexander. He wants to be a Klingon warrior but he is sort of a buffoon. The other Klingons make fun of him and Worf is embarrassed. He finally proves himself by nearly sacrificing his life to save the ship after it is attacked by Jem'Hadar fighters. Alexander is then accepted into the House of Martok. But really...who gives a shit?

127 down and 49 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 126 - Rock and Shoals

"Sisko and his tired crew crash on a planet where they encounter a band of Jem'Hadar."

Dax is severely injured in the crash. Sisko sends Garak and Nog out on a scouting mission but they are captured by a band of Jem'Hadar who are also trapped on the planet. Their leader is Keevan and he is gravely injured. He offers to exchange the pair for Dr. Bashir, who can give him medical attention. Sisko brings Bashir and he works on Keevan.

Meanwhile, the Jem'Hadar are getting out of control because they do not have their Ketracel White (didn't he play Steve Urkel?). Keevan knows that they need to be stopped and tells Sisko that he must kill all of the Jem'Hadar soldiers. For some reason, Sisko is torn as to whether or not he should kill the soldiers because after all they are all this way because they are drug addicts??? Or something.

Sisko tries to negotiate, but the soldiers are out of it. So the crew kills them all. Also Ensign Gordon is killed, who I didn't even realize was there.

126 down and 50 to go

Friday, January 16, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 125 - A Time To Stand

Basically, now begins a giant Dominion story arc that is sometimes pretty cool and sometimes boring as shit...

Now it is a few months into the war and the Dominion still run DS9. Jake is functioning as a reporter on the station, Kira is doing something I guess, Quark is running the bar and Odo has used his pull as a Founder to become security chief. DS9 is running rather smoothly actually.

Sisko and his small crew of O'Brien, Dax, Nog Bashir and Garak have been commisoned by the Federation to take a captured Jem'Hadar ship into enemy space and destroy a supply of Ketracel White (remember, that drug being used to mind control the Jem'hadar). So, they are accidently attacked by a Starfleet ship, but manage to escape and complete the mission. The engines are heavily damaged and calculations show that it will take them 17 years to get back to base.

Meanwhile, Weyoun is trying to convince Dukat that they need to dismantle the minefield in order to get supplies back to DS9.

125 down and 51 to go

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 124 - Call to Arms

Sisko is ordered to prevent the Dominion forces from reinforcing Cardassia. Rom comes up with the idea to block the wormhole with mines. As they deploy the mines, Weyoun tells Sisko that if they block the wormhole than DS9 will be attacked. Sisko continues and then he evacuates civilians off of the station. Kira, Odo, Morn (the bar patron frequently seen drinking...also Morn is a homage to Norm from Cheers), and Jake (functioning again as a war reporter).

Soon the station is overrun and the Cardassian/Dominion take control, with Gul Dukat regaining his old office back. However, while they were busy fighting with DS9 Siso and Martok managed to sneak attack and destroy 50 off the Dominion ships.

O'Brien and the others suggest that Sisko go back to save Jake but he says no, Jake is a man now. The episode ends with the Defiant meeting up with a huge fleet of Starfleet ships and Klingon warships. I enjoyed this one. I like seeing bad-ass Sisko and the visuals in this episode where excellent. So ends season Five.

124 down and 52 to go

Friday, January 09, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 123 - In The Cards

"Jake wants to give his father a present to cheer him up, a 1951 Willie Mays baseball card, but runs into complications with a mysterious geneticist, Dr. Giger and a Dominion ambassador group."

The plot seems stupid, but the episode was not too bad. The thing is, how crazy rare this 1951 baseball card must be. No way many would survive into the future. Especially since in the Star Trek universe, Earth has gone through a ton of turmoil to get to this point. But, whatever.

So Dr. Giger offers to trade the card to Jake and Nog if they bring him a list of obscure items from DS9. He needs to the crap to work on his "Cellular Rejuvenation and Entertainment Machine". His theory is that cells get bored and that's why you die. If you stimulate the cells than you can be immortal.

Meanwhile Kai Wynn is on the station trying to work out an alignment with the Dominion (headed by Weyoun). When Dr. Giger disappears, Nog and Jake become suspicious of Kai...for some reason. Also, Weyoun becomes suspicious that everyone is plotting against him...Kai, Giger, Jake, Nog... He then confronts Nog and Jake who are scared out of their minds. Then he confront Giger who seems confused.

Then seemingly out of nowhere everyone figures he each other and becomes friends. Or something. I have no idea. It just ends really strangely.

123 down and 53 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 122 - Empok Nor

"O'Brien, Garak, Nog and an engineering team go to Deep Space Nine's abandoned sister space station, Empok Nor, to salvage components. The away team soon discover that all is not as it seems."

While on Empok Nor they are confronted by a handful of crazed Cardassian soldiers. They are rather easily killed with the help of Garak. But, soon Garak starts getting crazed himself. He acts paranoid and starts getting super aggressive. Evidently there is some sort of Cardassian super-drug in the environment that causes Cardassians to become sort of alpha-male-ish. Garak eventually kills one of the Starfleet engineering team members and then takes Nog hostage. O'Brien overloads a phaser and causes it to explode next to Garak knocking him out cold.

They are make it back to DS9 and Garak is treated. O'Brien tells him that there will be a hearing, but that he will be fine because he was not in control. This happens a lot in Star Trek. An officer gets "influenced" somehow and kills a person, but they are never held accountable. Seems crappy.

122 down and 54 to go

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 121 - Blaze of Glory

Sisko interrupts a message about a Maquis invasion of Cardassia using cloaked missiles. Sisko goes to Eddington to find  out the hidden location of these missiles. Eddington takes Sisko to a planet where he discovers that it was all a trick to help Eddington get back to his wife. Unfortunately, his fake message also caught the attention of the Jem'Hadar who are now attacking. Eddington and Sisko fight them off and save the small group of Maquis, but Eddington ends up getting killed in the process. As much as I did not like the portrayal of Eddington, I did enjoy the character itself and it was disappointing to see him killed off in such a lame way.

121 down and 55 to go

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 120 - Children of Time

"An accident causes the crew to meet their own descendants - and presents them with an ethical dilemma."

I rather enjoyed this episode. It was a good premise. The Defiant, with a full crew, gets trapped in a quantum bubble around a planet. They make their way down to the surface and discover that they have gone back in time two centuries. They end up meeting their own decedents. When the ship first got trapped they decided to start a new colony, so they all had kids and stuff. The only thing that is different is that Kira died soon after they initially landed.

They face a dilemma. Should they fix the past, but cause their descendants to no longer exist or should they stay trapped. They surprisingly decide to stay trapped. But, Odo is unwilling to allow Kira to be dead so he makes so he changes the past. They make it back to reality, but all of their descendants cease to exist.

120 down and 56 to go

Monday, January 05, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 119 - Soldiers of the Empire

"Martok, Worf, and Dax go on a mission aboard a Klingon ship to search for the B'moth."

Yes, another Klingon honor episode. The Klingons on this ship are very depressed and have low morale. The only one with any balls is Dax. And I'm still confused about her, so maybe she really does. Martok needs to take the ship into Cardassian space but he is scared. Worf challenges and this forces Martok to once again be a leader. Worf is then accepted into the House of Martok.

119 down and 57 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 118 - Ferengi Love Songs

"At the end of his rope, Quark returns home and discovers Moogie has a secret lover.

These Quark home life episodes remind me of the Ewoks Christmas Special. A wonderful train wreck. I like the Moogie character, she is just so gross looking but has good spirit. Sort of like if Clint Howard was a woman.

So Quark returns home to find the Grand Nagus hiding in his closet. This is because Nagus has been dating Quark's mother. At first Quark thinks this a good thing for his business standing, but soon he is offered a better deal from a Ferengi named Brunt. He will make Quark rich if he breaks up the Nagus and Moogie. So of course, Quark does it. Moogie is very upset and soon Quark begins to see a big decline in the Ferengi power structure. This is because the Grand Nagus is old and senile and he has become a terrible businessman. It appears that Quarks mother has been the "woman behind the curtain", essentially running the Ferengi government. In the end Quark gets them back together. OK, so maybe the episode was stupid.

In one scene Quark complains that he can't get the Grand Nagus' attention. Moogie asks if he has tried rubbing his lobes. Isn't that essentially jerking him of???

118 down and 58 to go

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Star Trek DS9 Episode 117 - Ties of Blood and Water

"Tekeny Ghemor arrives on Deep Space Nine and reveals that he is dying."

Remember the episode in which Kira was supposed to be a genetically modified Cardassian spy? And, this guy Ghmemor thought that she was his Cardassian daughter? This is that guy. So he is dying and he wishes to confess all of his secrets to his only "family member" left, Kira. Dukat tries to prevent him from divulging Cardassian secrets to a Bajoran but to no avail. Kira accepts Ghemor as family and buries his body next to her real father. I actually liked this dynamic between "enemies" that become "family".

117 down and 59 to go