Monday, November 26, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 73 - Ménage à Troi

Although it is my favorite pun, this episode as a whole is just down right asinine. First of all, would a Ferengi really be that horny for a Betazoid that he would go waaaaayyyy out of his way to capture her. Not only that, but when he kidnaps Lwaxana ... why does he also take Riker and Deanna?

I was mostly creeped out and disgusted by this episode. At one point Damon Tog has a nude Lwaxana and Deanna standing before him, and it was not even hot ... just nasty. Then Lwaxana apparently has sex with him. And in the end she chooses to stay with him. WHY?! It makes no sense!! None of this makes sense!!

ST TNG: 72 down 107 to go

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 72 - Sarek

"The highly regarded, but elderly, Ambassador Sarek is ferried by the Enterprise on his final mission for the Federation. While aboard ship, the crew experiences an outbreak of irrational anger amongst themselves."

Mark Lenard is amazing. He's been playing Sarek since 1967 and he is awesome every single time. In this one, Sarek is suffering from a Vulcan disease in which his emotions are so pent up that they project onto other people.'s stupid. Anyway, it is affecting the entire crew so a solution is devised in which a host must mind-meld with Sarek and all of his negative emotions will be transferred into this poor soul. So obviously they would have some Yeoman do it right? No, they have the fucking captain of the Starship do it. Does that at all make sense? Anyway, good episode.

ST TNG: 71 down 108 to go

Monday, November 19, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 71 - The Most Toys

Damn, this actor Saul Rubinek is just so freakin' over the top in this episode. His wacky, manic, over acting style would fit so perfectly in a TOS episode. It was nice to see this kind of character for a change.

Basically in this one, there is this traveler named Fajo and he goes around space collecting rare items. He even has a Roger Maris rookie card, which I guess is rare in the future. Why Maris and not Ruth or Williams .... or the mighty midget Kirby Puckett? So, this Fajo guy decides to collect Data. Then he starts acting verrrryyyy gay. Even suggesting that Data walk around naked. So weird and so entertaining.

Factoid via Wikipedia "David Rappaport, a well-known British dwarf actor, had originally been cast for the part of Kivas Fajo. Rappaport struggled with depression in his life, and committed suicide on 2 May 1990, shortly after having filmed some scenes as Fajo. Saul Rubinek was then asked to take over the role, but some early production photographs show Rappaport in the role."

ST TNG: 70 down 109 to go

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 70 - Hollow Pursuits

"In this episode, the Holodeck fantasy life of a crewman aboard the Federation Starfleet starship USS Enterprise-D interferes with his ability to deal with malfunctions which threaten the ship."

Great friggin episode. Dwight Shultz was amazing as the social inept Lt. Barclay. You may remember Shultz as Murdock on the A-Team. Or as guest radio host to Michael Savage??? Anyway, he was good.

Lt. Barclay is beyond socially awkward, he's a complete human travesty. The only time he can socialize is in the holodeck. Where of all things he recreates the Three Musketeers. You can literally create ANYTHING ... I mean ANYTHING. Hmm, yeah, the Three Musketeers. Seriously?

Of course the episode must have the trusty, "Enterprise is going to explode in five minutes" scene. Guess who saves the day?? Pretty obvious. My absolute favorite part about this episode is that in the end Lt. Barclay does not change. He is still a miserable and pathetic, social disaster. Yes, he is indeed a Trekkie.

ST TNG: 69 down 110 to go

Monday, November 12, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 69 - Tin Man

"A gifted telepath whom Deanna Troi once treated as a patient comes aboard to establish first contact with an unknown vessel near an unstable star before the Romulans do."

Not much to say about this one, it was alright i guess. There's this big to-do about this ship, for seemingly no reason ... I mean the ship itself is sentient which is cool. But really, who cares. And this telepath guy was a patient of Troi. Not just a patient, but an actual mental patient. Like he's totally insane. So yeah, let's let him work with Starfleet on this project. The guy ends up bonding with the alien ship and decides to stay on it. It just all seemed so ridiculous.

ST TNG: 68 down 111 to go

Friday, November 09, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 68 - Captain's Holiday

"Picard is convinced to take some much needed shore leave, but gets wrapped up in a woman's treasure hunt."

Not many episodes in this season are shit, but this one is pretty close. It doesn't introduce Vash who is pretty hot and also Sovak (same actor plays Rom, Quark's brother) ... who is pretty hot. Why not just make Quarks brother Sovak? Whatever. Anyway  how uncomfortable is it to see Picard in romance scenes? Seriously, I cringed throughout the entire episode. And what the hell was going on anyway? Picard is forced to take a vacation on seemingly the only fun planet in the galaxy, Risa. Aliens from the future are looking for some device and the Ferengi hire this woman to find it ... for some reason ... and then she turns on them. Also I swear they kept hinting that she banged the Ferengi. At least she was cute.

ST TNG: 67 down 112 to go

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 67 - Allegiance

"Aliens kidnap Picard and replace him with a duplicate, who sends the Enterprise to a pulsar. Meanwhile, the real Picard and three other captives try to escape from their prison."

Not the most creative, but I was mildly entertained. But, really, would an alien race go out of its way to abduct random species from throughout the galaxy just to observe them? Not only that but observe them sitting in a room doing absolutely nothing?? It seems so over the top.

I did like the doppelganger Picard. It was fun to watch him try to act like the Captain, but really had no idea what the hell he was doing. In the end both Picards appear on the bridge and I was just waiting for the classic scene ... "he's the imposter! No, he's the imposter! ... which one is the real Picard"

ST TNG: 66 down 113 to go