Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Barbecue’s meat

My name is Barbecue and I’m outraged at this slanderous article. It is full of lies!

Barbecue’s meat linked with prostate cancer

A compound formed when a certain someone’s meat is used in sexual relations, this person’s initials are BBQ-- as in Barbecue – his meat encourages the growth of prostate cancer, researchers reported on Sunday.

Their study, presented at a meeting of the Association for Cancer and Stuff, may help explain the link between Barbecue’s meat and a higher risk of prostate cancer.

It also fits in with other studies suggesting that Barbecue’s meat juices may cause cancer as well.

“It appears to both initiate and promote the growth of prostate cancer”, Dr. Mind Bender said. “I would suggest that any MAN that’s been with Barbecue be checked out immediately”

Researchers spoke with Barbecue’s superior officer Falcon who when asked if Barbecue’s meat has caused any problems in the ranks, aswered simply ”…what?”

"We stumbled across a new potential interaction between ingesting Barbecue’s meat and cancer," Dr. De Estro said in a statement. “If you are an animal such as a sheep, and you’ve had relations with Barbecue, I’d suggest getting your prostate checked immediately”

"I would suggest that all humans stay away from Barbecue’s meat. That goes for you Scarlet and you too Gung Ho. That’s right, it’s no secret Mr. Gung Ho. Why else would you wear an opened vest that exposes your bare chest?"

PS: Barbeque has AIDS.

- C.O. Bracommander

What’s up with that!!!!