Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 51 - BY ANY OTHER NAME

"Beings from the Andromeda Galaxy steal the Enterprise, technically modify it, and attempt to return home."

They encounter the Kelvans ... yet another race of beings that travel the universe blah blah. They take over the ship blah blah.  Been there, done that. The only difference here is that these beings have magic belt buckles ... they press it and it freezes a person or turns them into a cube. The best scene is where the Kelvan singles out two crew members, a black guy and a sexy yeoman girl. He then turns them into cubes and crushes one ... killing them for good. Then he restores the other cube back to a human ... and it's the black guy! How disappointing. Oh and by the way, that sexy yeoman was Julie Cobb (the mother from season one of Charles in Charge).

Of course Kirk must seduce one of these beings. And he picks a good one too. It's Barbara Bouchet aka Miss Moneypenny from Casino Royale. Kirk eventually convinces these beings that they are slowly turning human, this freaks them out and they give the ship back to Kirk. Kind of lame I guess.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 52 down 28 to go

Monday, January 30, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 50 - PATTERNS OF FORCE

The original Nazi planet episode. Not the crap the Enterprise tried to pull. The concept is plausible (to some degree). A historian named John Gill traveled to this planet … but he soon installed a Hitler type socialist regime (under good intensions?? So he said). I knew Johnny Gill never should have left New Edition. One of the soldiers in this regime starts drugging John Gill and turns him into Hitler, he makes him inact a “Final Solution” doctrine against the Zeons.

This is an exciting and interesting episode. Spock and Kirk dress as Nazi’s and infiltrate their headquarters. They also join underground Zeon freedom fighters. The end is just crazy as John Gill is revived and makes a speech to end the war, but soon after he is violently blown away by machine gun fire.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 51 down 29 to go

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 49 - RETURN TO TOMORROW

"Telepathic aliens take control of Kirk and Spock's bodies with the intention to build new, mechanized bodies for themselves."

This is the one in which Kirk encounters Sargon, the glowing crystal ball. There are also a few other globes ... they belong to Dr. Ann Mulhall. That was actually a joke. Whatever. At first these entities forcably take control of the crews bodies. But, Kirk senses that they mean well and he "offers up" their bodies for the entities to use. They will then build robot bodies and transfer themselves into those. What a very un-Kirk decision.

Spock claims that these entities have travelled the galaxy forever, making new civilizations. He thinks it may explain some Vulcan history and even Adam and Eve. But it doesn't seem to explain Adam and Steve.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 50 down 30 to go

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 48 - A PRIVATE LITTLE WAR

Many people assume that this is me attacking Kirk, but it’s actually my brother. His name is Mugato, but unlike MY name which is pronounced Mugato … his name is pronounced Mugato. Understand? Also, I’m always hearing how “all Mugato’s look the same”, we’ll this is untrue. Anybody can see the difference between the two of us!
My brother

There are many different elements to this episode. How they managed to squeeze it all into 50 minutes is pretty impressive. First we have the whole “incident with my brother”. Kirk, Spock and McCoy beam down to my planet. Kirk had been here years earlier and made friends with Tyree. Honestly I find this guy to be a big pussy, but damn his wife is hot (although not so much the face … also she’s a witch!). Note: the woman that plays the wife, graduated from Michigan at the age of 19. Suddenly my brother attacks Kirk and bites him. One thing you must understand about him is that he’s a bit slow. One time he jumped through a second story window, a CLOSED second story window, and for no good reason either. He also pretended to go on a week’s vacation, even posted daily on Facebook about his escapades … meanwhile he never left his bedroom!

He can be a little horny sometimes
Kirk nearly dies from the bite but the witch lady saves him. But, not before Spock gets shot with a flint lock rifle! Such twists. But wait there’s more! Kirk and McCoy discover a Klingon (and this one actually almost looks like the TNG ones), he’s secretly supplying one side of the planet with arms. The Klingons are aiding a revolution in order to pave the way for their take over … or they could have just come in and taken over??? But anyway, Kirk decides to supply the other side with arms (or as he calls it “give snakes to the garden of Eden”). This is a tough choice because he is now starting an all out war on this planet … but it’s also creating a balance of power.

All seems normal until the very end, when everything goes CRAZY! Tyree’s wife is taken and nearly gang raped, then one of the guys stabs her in the chest. McCoy then gets grazed with a bullet and an all out brawl ensues. It’s an old school hand to hand brawl. Kirk looks over and notices the formerly peaceful Tyree straddling a guy and bashing his head in with a giant rock. Meanwhile back on the Enterprise: Spock is cured by getting violently slapped in the face – hilarious.

Kirk and McCoy beam up and leave my planet in shambles. You may be wondering “Mugato, what the hell where you doing this entire time?” …. Hahaha, I was doing coke!

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 49 down 31 to go

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


One heck of a dramatic episode. Nothing too fancy here, just a classic sci-fi scenario with an 11,000 mile long amoeba that eats galaxies and destroyed the Intrepid with 400 Vulcans on it. Wheew, lost my breathe there.
Spock risks his life by flying a shuttlecraft up to the amoeba for examination. Meanwhile everyone on the ship is becoming ill and the Enterprise itself is losing power. A great scene shows both Spock and Kirk giving recommendations for valor as they both prepare to die. Well, Kirk has a solution. Become an make an anti-body, more exactly an anti-matter bomb. They mostly destroy the amoeba and I guess they just saved billions upon billions of lives in the process?? Seems like a big deal actually. Also, I've noticed that Sulu has been in maybe two episodes this season. I read the Takei book, but don't recall the reason for this.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 48 down 32 to go

Monday, January 23, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 46 - A PIECE OF THE ACTION

Yes indeed, the gangster planet episode. Most people think that this idea is stupid, and maybe it is ... but it's not as bad as you think. The planet just didn't so happen to evolve into a gangster planet by coincidence. The Federation Starship Horizon had been there 100 years earlier and left a book about Chicago Mobsters of the 1920's. The society adopted this as their bible ... for some reason???

Now for the problem. How they hell did these people create an entire industry in 100 years? They produce Rolls Royce's, Tommy Guns, telephones, radio's  etc. Maybe they had already been self sufficient and just switched gears or something, but really? REALLY???

This episode is really good. It's a very entertaining mobster show, very well acted and as usual has a great hint of comedy, most notably Kirk trying to act like a gangster (much to Scotty's confusion). Another great scene is when Kirk makes up an impromptu card game named Fizzbin. Actor Anthony Caruso was fantastic as Oxmyx and Vic Tayback was equally as great as Krako. Oh and by the way, Vic Tayback also played ... Mel Sharples! Anyway, watch it ... it's good stuff.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 47 down 33 to go

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Another one of my random favorite episodes. All of a sudden in season two the show has turned into a comedy! Again, Chekov is hilarious. I’ll explain later. Gamesters has some great action in it, the height of this is the fight scene between Kirk and the scariest villain ever. This guy is huge, dressed like a caveman and has the teeth of a wild boar. So basically he’s from Kentucky.

The premise is thus: Kirk, Uhura and Chekov suddenly disappear; they end up on a strange planet. They are forced to fight as gladiators, all for the gambling pleasures of a group of beings (who are pretty funny as they argue over bets). It is the lamest gladiator games ever. There are only 7 fighters and no crowd (other than these few unseen entities).

Each of the crew members are assigned a thrall (basically a trainer/lover??). Uhura gets a steroid head white guy that immediately tries to assault her. Kirk gets a vapid green-haired bitch, as usual Kirk breaks her down. But, Chekov’s scene is the best. His thrall comes into his cell and is immediately sexually attracted to Chekov. Unfortunately his thrall is a man in drag. Chekov is horrified and he soon turns into a stuttering fool as Divine tries to have sex with him. This may be my favorite scene in all of Star Trek.

Kirk is forced to fight that huge behemoth, all while being bound with his hands behind the back. Kirk gets whipped a hand full of times …the whip actually makes contact with the stunt man … Kirk remarkably wins the fight. The entities (the Providers aka three brains in a bubble) dislike Kirk and want him dead. But, he offers one final bet. If Kirk defeats the thralls than the crew will be released and the Providers will end the games forever. They except. And well I won’t spoil the outcome, but well … Kirk wins.

The costumes are terrible.  It’s like when you purchase a Halloween costume from CVS, Walgreens or Rite Aid. Also the head of the gladiators looks like Howie Mandel. Now Sulu was supposed to be in the place of Chekov, but Takei was off filming The Green Berets with John Wayne. Honestly, Chekov makes this episode and Sulu just wouldn’t have worked.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 46 down 34 to go

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Trouble with Tribbles may be the most recognizable Star Trek episode of all time, or at least most people have heard the term tribble before. It seems like a goofy episode, especially when you see that image of Kirk sitting in a pile of furballs.  To some degree this is indeed a goofy episode, but it’s also really good

The comedic element to Trouble with Tribbles is great. This is due to Kirk’s many tongue-in-cheek lines and his sarcasm when dealing with the Starfleet Minister of Agriculture (of whom he obviously can’t stand). But Chekov is the best part of this episode. His seemingly endless knowledge of inaccurate Russian history is just hilarious.

There are three things going on here. First we have the Starfleet Minister of Agriculture (played by the great William Schallert). He orders the Enterprise to guard grain on a Starbase. Secondly we have the Klingons. They are on the Starbase (for relaxation purposes) but are secretly poisoning the grain. Finally we have the Tribbles. Uhura purchased one from a slimy trader and now they are multiplying faster than a white trash teenager. All of these elements are merged together wonderfully to produce a funny, interesting and entertaining episode. This one was written by David Gerrold, he would go on to write more TOS episodes, as well as The Animated Series and TNG.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 45 down 35 to go

Monday, January 16, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 43 - WOLF IN THE FOLD

This is one of my top 5 TOS episodes. While Scotty isn’t my favorite character, I still like the guy and think he is very underrated. This one is an entirely Scotty themed and it’s excellent. It starts off with Kirk, Scotty and McCoy at a strip club on some planet. It’s made up like an Arab harem and granted this girl is just a belly dancer but there is a scene in which she literally bends over backwards and pelvic thrusts right in Scotty’s face.

Scotty is super horny … and Kirk is super duper sleezy. Scotty leaves with this stripper, so he’s thinking … guaranteed lay. But there’s a scream and everyone runs out to find the girl stabbed multiple times and Scotty passed out with a knife in his hand. This happens two more times as Scotty kills a female Lt. and the wife of their host (this scene is reminiscent of Clue - the light go out, a scream, someone dead). Each time Scotty is holding the knife. There’s a weird side plot in which Scotty had recently been hit in the head by a women, so they think he may be a woman hater?? Anyway, there’s some odd mayor type guy or something played by the awesome John Fiedler (trust me you have seen or heard this guy a million times). He brings in two other suspects one being the strippers boyfriend and the other is The Iron Sheik.

Scotty is still the only obvious suspect. They take him, the host and the mayor to the Enterprise for a trial. This is the best part. The computer finds Scotty to be innocent … the glove didn’t fit.  The computer searches its data banks for a suspect. And what it comes up with is shocking. I remember gasping when I first saw this scene. The killer was ... Jack the Ripper. He’s an alien entity that travels around and kills woman. I wonder if any husband has tried to use this defense in a murder trial. Anyway, the killer was Jack the Ripper aka Redjac aka the mayor!

The ending is kind of strange. McCoy drugs everyone on the ship, this prevents the entity from entering anyone’s body. This entity leaves the ship and the crew is high on drugs. Hoorah for this one.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 44 down 36 to go

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 42 - OBSESSION

As a member of the Farragut, Kirk failed to destroy an entity that killed much of the ships crew .. including his Captain. This cloud like vampire suck the hemoglobin out of red blood cells. Or something like that. Well, now this entity is back. It has already killed Ensign Ratso Rizzo and Kirk wants to kill it. One may say that he is obsessed ... or has an Obsession ... by men. So, a crew member has just failed to destroy the space vampire and Kirk rips him a new one. In a crazy twist, this crewman is the son of the Farragut Captain!

So Kirk is going nuts trying to get even with this thing. In the end he teams up with the Captain of the Farragut's son and they kill the creature with a bomb. This was a well crafted episode. It shows a Kirk in a different light as he is tortured by a regret from his past. But, the highlight of this episode is the disturbing looking nurse that is with McCoy. I mean...honestly, she's fuggly.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 43 down 37 to go

Star Trek TOS: Episode 41 - THE DEADLY YEARS

"Strange radiation exposes the command crew of the Enterprise to the effects of rapid aging"

What a funny ass episode. In a good way though. An excellent mix of comedy and action. The away team (including Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Scotty) contract a disease that begins to age you 30 years for every day. Soon they are all elderly. They are constantly complaining, aching and are acting codgerly (however you spell that). The acting is pretty spot on and Kirk is fat with a big bald spot, it's just all pretty funny.

Yeoman Atkins
Commodore Stocker is on the ship and he takes command because he thinks Kirk is incapable. Unfortunately he taks the Enterprise right into through the neutral zone. Soon they are surrounded by Romulan ships. Kirk then imploys the infamous Corbomite Maneuver and saves the day. McCoy also has figured out the cure ... adrenaline ... for some reason. It's not important, because the episode is really damn good. (UPDATE: I just looked it up and Adrenaline is a treatment for Radiation exposure, kudos Star Trek)

I noticed that Scotty has been used very heavily in season two. This is good because I like the character. Typically he takes command of the ship when Kirk and Spock are away, and honestly he's a really good Captain. The only mention of him being a Captain doesn't come until one of the TNG movies I think, by this time he's an old man ... and looks EXACTLY like Mr. Belvadere.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 42 down 38 to go

Friday, January 13, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 40 - FRIDAY'S CHILD

"The crew of the Enterprise become entangled in a planet's tribal power struggle."

I was going to make a Wednesday's Child joke, but who would get that? It's like making a Mike Barnacle reference...exactly. This episode is similar to Errand of Mercy, both have a Kirk and a Klingon vying for the attention of their alien host. In this case they both want a mining contract. The men on this planet wear the gayest clothes. I think even Tim Gunn (aka Snagglepuss, would be offended)

The planet is in the middle of a power struggle.The second Kirk and crew beam down to the planet, "Random Red Shirt Guy" is killed. They must now choose sides in this affair. The Klingon takes the oppositions side, Kirk is on the kings side. Right in the middle is the kings daughter (played by the lovely Julie Newmar), she is pregnant with the opponents baby. She chooses to help out Kirk (along with Spock and Bones). They flee but are chased down by the Klingon. As they fight, McCoy delivers the princesses baby. She names it Leonard James, much to Spock's dismay. There's a funny scene that shows McCoy talking baby talk, it's a bit disturbing actually. In the end, the Klingon shows his true colors and Kirk wins the contract.

This Klingon is not nearly as cool as the one from Errand. This dude is seriously an Amish Klingon! I know that they sometimes leave home and venture out on their own, but becoming a Klingon is a bit extreme. His space ship is a horse and buggy.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 41 down 39 to go

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 39 - JOURNEY TO BABEL

"While transporting dignitaries to an important peace conference the Enterprise is pursued by a mysterious vessel and an assassin is discovered among the passengers"

The classic "who dunnit?" episode. Who killed the Tellirite? Was it the Vulcan? Who poisoned the Vulcan? Was it the Andorian? It must be because the Andorian just stabbed Kirk. But wait the Andorian's antennae fell off! He was really an Orion!! (This is me being a 1930's radio-drama announcer)

This episode revolves around a conference involving a bunch of delegates from different planets. The Orion's are bent on causing disaster, for selfish purposes. The subplot is focused around Spock's disconnection from his father Sarek. His mother Amanda (the mom from Father Knows Best) tries to mediate a compromise between them. Sarek nearly dies and Spock gives him a blood transfusion, now they patch things up. It was an interesting glimpse into the life of Spock. Also, one of the things that I love about TOS is McCoy's constant razzing of Spock ... this episode has a ton this. When Spock's mother brings up his favorite childhood teddy bear, well Bones can't help but bust his balls over this.

I don't have much else to say except, season one was so good that in comparison season two seems pretty shitty. In reality these are quality episodes, but the first season of TOS had many stellar episodes. I did enjoy Journey to Babel, although having Kirk nearly getting killed was a bit over the top. He was overpowered fairly easily which is way out of character.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 40 down 40 to go

Star Trek TOS: Episode 38 - METAMORPHOSIS

"A shuttle crew from the Enterprise encounters a castaway (who appears to be Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of warp drive) and his mysterious alien companion"

Not a bad episode at all. It was interesting to use Zefram Cochrane in a plot. He was the inventor of the warp drive and he shot himself into space to die alone a bunch of years ago. He met up with this being called The Companion that has kept him immortal. Meanwhile, Kirk is transporting a delegate named Nancy to the Enterprise for a medical procedure. The shuttlecraft is then forcibly taken.

They find Cochrane living on an asteroid. Long story short, Cochrane leaves the Companion because he's sick of being lonely. Nancy on the other hand merges with the Companion because she is dying. They leave the asteroid and everyone is happy.

Years later, Kirk is the bass player for a cockney punk band. They typically unplug his bass when playing live because he's so drugged out. One night Kirk and Nancy are doing drugs and Kirk kills her. Then he overdoses.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 39 down 41 to go

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 37 - I, MUDD

Boy, I really wanted to like this episode. It just didn't do it for me. It was still cool to see Harry Mudd and he was awesome as ever, but the plot was lame. This episode was also incredibly goofy, almost too the point where I felt embarrassed. The crew of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura prance around and act weird, they also act out these bizarre skits.

The idea itself is alright. Mudd (who had previously been marooned) comes in contact with these Androids and he soon becomes their king. He then lures the Enterprise into a trap and plans to steal the ship. But his Androids get out of control. He works with Kirk to force the Androids into self destruction by acting out these irrational little plays. Basically this idea works, but Kirk then maroons Mudd yet again but this time with 500 android versions of his nagging wife.

It was just a weird, oddball episode that had lame comic relief and some bad acting. That being said, I'd like to be marooned with all of these hot android women ... but again that brings up the question, "Can you fuck it?"

 ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 38 down 42 to go

Monday, January 09, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 36 - THE CATSPAW

"Two powerful aliens threaten the well-being of the Enterprise and her crew with their magical powers"

Hated this one in high school, and hate it now. What a piece of crap. These two shapeless aliens take human form (and pick hideous ones at that), they "curse" the Enterprise and trap the crew in their Gothic castle. The episode is full of mindless Starfleet zombies, gigantic black cats, witches, the most awkward make-out scene between Kirk and a woman, disturbing extreme close ups and lazy plots. The control of the Enterprise is left to Lt. DeSalle .... who?? And Chekov's hair is friggin enormous. I can't possible explain how messed up this episode is, it's a must see just for the curiosity factor. Morbid curiosity note: the actor that plays the alien Korob died a few months later.

I'll rewrite this episode. Kirk finds a magical catspaw that grants him three wishes. Wish number one - he wants 200 dollars. So, his balls get blown off in a phaser accident and he's compensated 200 bucks. Wish number two - He wishes for his balls back. There's a knock at the door and he opens it to find the two Madballs that he lost as a child. Wish number three - He wishes for Gung Ho on VHS.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 37 down 43 to go

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 35 - THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE

Love this one. Commodore Matthew Decker is the man, he's even more rogue than Kirk and he looks more like a sea boat captain than a starship one. Decker totally makes this episode, he is by far the star, William Windom is just awesome in this episode. The Doomsday Machine is a ... machine that travels through space and destroys worlds. All they know is that it comes from another galaxy, they don't know who made it or it's purpose. The Enterprise encounters the Constillation as it floats nearly destroyed in space. Kirk and Scotty find the only survivor is Decker and he's half mad. Kirk has Decker beam over to the Enterprise while Scotty tries to fix the Constellation.

The Doomsday Machine returns and Decker relieves Spock ... from his duty people, get your mind out of the gutter. Decker attempts to attack the Machine but Spock stops him. Then the Commodore goes rogue and steals a Shuttlecraft and drives right into the Doomsday Machine, it doesn't work. But, Kirk gets an idea and him and Scotty rig the Constellation and send it right into the Machine (they obviously beam off first). The ship acts like a nuclear bomb and destroys the weird looking space worm. Kirk then comments about nuclear devices in the 20th century. Also, it was written by Norman Spinrad ... now I must post the greatest book cover of all time (of which Capt. Naps has owned every alternate version).

My alcoholic uncle
This is an excellent episode. I feel that the show Enterprise really missed out on something here. Remember the entire season two of Enterprise when the race from a different galaxy built a large machine that destroyed worlds? Yeah, well it had nothing to do with this/ But why the hell not! That wold have salvaged some of season two if they could have made that entire plot out to be the origin of the Doomsday Machine. Also, Uhura is replaced by a white girl in this episode.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 36 down 44 to go

Star Trek TOS: Episode 34 - THE APPLE

The Apple is a very good moral episode. Underneath the weird looking visuals, the underlying meaning is rather interesting. It pins Spock’s opinion that they should not interfere with a primitive culture to Kirk/McCoy’s idea that primitive cultures must be “upgraded”. These people serve a God named Vaal (a giant stone dinosaur head). Vaal is a machine that controls the weather etc, yet it must be fed food?? Anyway this feeds into Kirk’s pet peeve; he hates cultures that worship machines (as we saw in Return of the Archons). 

The episode starts off rather goofy as an away team member is killed by a spraying flower and another steps on a rock that explodes. Also the entire time Chekov and this cute Lt. girl are hugging and holding hands. Highly unprofessional. Spock is shot by the flower but does not die … Kirk then picks the flower and smells it!?!?!

The crew then meets a culture that is peaceful and happy. The planet seems like a Garden of Eden. These people do not know of violence or even understand sex (this causes McCoy to remark “well, there goes paradise”). Kirk and McCoy want to help this culture to evolve but this would involve destroying Vaal. Luckily for Kirk he must destroy it anyway as it threatens the Enterprise. 

Now that Vaal is gone, this culture has zero direction. Typically it would take a very long time for a society to form from a culture that is completely reliant on Gods to a self sufficient one. I’m guessing that suddenly taking away the only thing that these people have lived for would be a pretty disastrous thing to do. Kirk just doesn’t see it that way. I love the ending, everyone is back on the ship and Spock is comparing what they just did to what Satan did to the Garden of Eden. He “casts Kirk” in the role of Satan. This causes the Captain to say that there’s only one person on this ship that even remotely resembles the devil.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 35 down 45 to go

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Star Trek TOS: Episode 33 - MIRROR, MIRROR

"A transporter mishap slips Captain Kirk and his companions into a parallel universe, where the Enterprise serves a barbaric Empire instead of the Federation."

A great mirror universe episode, aka Spock's Beard. But the reason that this episode is so excellent comes from three very unlikely sources ... Uhuru, Sulu and Chekov. I'm typically a Uhura hater but I must have forgotten about this episode because she is pretty damn bad ass. This is also an amazing performance from George Takei as he plays a menacing Sulu, also Chekov has a short but down right evil scene as well.

Luckily Kirk has been sent into this parallel universe with a capable team. I mean imagine if he had gone down to the planet with half-naked dumb blonde and black guy that's bound to get killed? He would never have made it back to his universe. But, he has Scotty and McCoy and they figure out a way to get back to the right place.

Barbara Luna at 70 yrs old!
Of course Kirk has to meet up with a hot chick, it's bound to happen.  And even in the face of possible execution (by defying the orders of the Empire) he still finds time to make-out. The woman (Barbara Luna) is scantily clad but then goes into the other room to "slip into something more comfortable" and comes out wearing more clothes! Boy this place really is backwards. I wonder if in this universe "New Adventures of Old Christine" is actually watchable ... or if Kirk has internal genitalia? These are the hard hitting questions people!
The cool thing is that even in a parallel universe Spock is pretty much the same guy. He helps Kirk and crew to make it home. But before they leave Kirk convinces Spock ala Beard that the Empire is wrong, and that they should be peaceful. Should he really be messing with an alternate universe like this? I mean, it's ALTERNATE for a reason right? As they are about to beam back Kirk's alternate wife holds them at gunpoint because she wants to go back with them ... and Uhura disarms her. Now back in the right universe Kirk meets the current version of his "wife" as a newly assigned Lt.

As a kid I remember not liking this episode because I always found alternate universe stuff to be so unbelievable. But now that I'm way older and I know that there is actually theory behind this stuff, I find it far more interesting.

ST TOS COUNTDOWN: 34 down 46 to go