Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 23 - The Siege

Now DS9 is being attacked. Sisko orders everyone to evacuate. Quark is shrewdly selling seats on the transport, but finds out that his brother Rom has sneakily sold Quarks seat. Well done Rom. Quark freaks out as he realizes that there are no seats left and he will be stuck on the station...very Titanic.

Kira and Dax escape to a Bajoran moon to pick up an old star fighter, which they will use to get onto Bajor.The main crew decides to stay on DS9 and fight. Kiko is pissed at Miles for choosing work over his family. Odo helps the crew hide by using his shapeshifting ability. They go around the station and subdue the terrorists. Finally they capture one of the Circles top Colonel's ... it's Steven Weber! Evidently at some point he flew an airplane from Nantucket and into a wormhole.

They tell him about the Cardassian involvement in the plot. Eventually they convince all of the others, including the leader General Krim, about Cardassian involvement. Meanwhile Kira and Dax get into Winn's temple on Bajor and convince her of the same thing. The Circle stops their assault in order to reassess their organization. Suddenly Steven Weber tries to assassinate Sisko, Li Nalas jumps in the way and takes the "bullet", saving Sisko's life.

Wow, lot going on in these three episodes. I'm not one for a long story arc, but this one was pretty good. Lots of character growth, across the board from Kira to Rom, and tons of action. Well done.

23 down and 153 to go

Star Trek DS9 Episode 22 - The Circle

Part 2 of a 3 part story arc. So now Nalas has taken over for Kira on DS9. He doesn't really want to be there. Meanwhile Kira is back on Bajor working on a farm for some reason. She is with this creepy guy named Bareil ... he shows her his orb and she has an orgasm. The Circle is beginning to take over Bajor. Odo turns into an actual rat and hides on a freighter trying to get some info on them.

Kira gets kidnapped by The Circle. Quark uses his contacts to find out where she is being hidden, Sisko and the others go on a rescue mission and bring her back to DS9. Odo has learned that The Circle have built a powerful weapon (with the help of the Cardassians...for some reason) and will use it to take total control of Bajor. Also come to find out that the Prophet Winn is in on this as well.

A group of Bajor ships begin to assault DS9. Sisko seeks help from the Federation but they refuse, citing that it would go against The Prime Directive. Some how???

This episode was very action packed and it also showed a great solidarity between the DS9 crew. This seems like a real turning point in the series.

22 down and 154 to go

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 21 - The Homecoming

Quark gives Kira a Bajoran earring and she notices that it once belonged to a great Bajoran warhero named Li Nalas (he's good but he's no Li Emneeson). She tracks the origin of the jewelry to a secret Cardassian labor camp full of Bajorans.

Meanwhile, O'Brien discovers graffiti on the station that references "The Circle", which is an extremist Bajoran. They have started to take over Bajor with the intention of purging it of any non Bajorans.

Anyway, Kira and O'Brien go to this labor camp (pretending to be a pimp and prostitute) and they break Li Nalas out. The Cardassians then apologize for the labor camp and let everyone go. Li Nalas comes home to quit the fanfare and is eventually named to replace Kira on DS9 by the Bajorian high command. I'm not a huge Kira fan, but this guy is friggin tool.

21 down and 155 to go

Friday, May 09, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 20 - In the Hands of the Prophets

Episode 20 already! Season One is over. It ends on an odd note too. This episode is all about religion, religious fanaticism and religion in schools. So this Bajoran religious leader named Winn comes to DS9 (played by the great great great Louise Fletcher). She gets really pissed to find out that Kiko O'Brien is teaching the science of the wormhole and not the religious aspect of the wormhole. Eventually someone blows up the school. Hmmm I wonder what the message is in this episode? Stop preaching politics to me DS9 will you!!

It was sort of like watching Do the Right Thing but in space.

Anyway, whatever. Season One of DS9 was very solid, much better than season one of TNG.

I have grown to like Kira slightly more, Dax still remains rather boring, Odo has become one of my favorites, Sisko is ok but I like him better when he gets fat and bald, I love all of the Ferengi's...I think they make the show, Bashir sucks, Miles O'Brien is turning more into Colm Meaney and less into Miles O'Brien ... which is great. And that is it. Go away.

20 down and 156 to go

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 19 - Duet

Kira confronts a Cardassian that was responsible for the atrocities at Gallitep. This is where the Cardassian's massacred a bunch of Bajorans. There was not much to this episode visually but it showed really solid character development for Major Kira. She starts off hating this guy, but then she realizes that he was a silent observer and even though he did not speak-out she noticed how traumatized he was by it and she felt bad. I'm sure there is much more to say about this episode as it was a very serious and emotional one ... but I got nothing.

19 down and 157 to go

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Star Trek DS9 Episode 18 - Dramatis Personae

"In this episode, a "telepathic infection" sets the crew into two factions fighting against each other, with Major Kira leading the mutiny"

A damaged Klingon vessel enters DS9 carrying an infection that makes everyone hostile. Odo isn't affected and he manages to figure out the problem. He convinces Bashir to make a cure and everyone is saved...hooray!

I liked this episode because I feel that it showed an accurate depiction of "who would be with who" during an actual mutiny. It still feels like Kira does not trust Sisko ... or anyone else for that matter. But the best part was when Kira beats the shit out of Quark.

18 down and 158 to go