Thursday, August 30, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 53 - Who Watches the Watchers

I honestly feel that this episode is a turning point in TNG. Visualy it just seemed far better than all previous episodes and the actors seemed so much more comfortable in their roles. I dunno, maybe i'm wrong, maybe the next episode will suck ... or maybe I was just actually in a decent mood for once. We'll see.

The plot made no sense as usual. The Enterprise are visiting a secret outpost on a bronze-age planet. The outpost is hidden behind a hologram of a mountain. The scientists are there to observe this primitive culture. ..... why?? Seems like an absolute waste of time and money. Also, it borders on violating the Prime Directive.

The hologram fails, so Riker and crew beam down to assist. Too late. The inhabitants see the outpost and one of them falls off the mountain. Bev beams him up to sick bay for treatment. After saving him, they "erase his mind" and beam him back down. But it doesn't work! He now tells everyone that he was saved by a God named The Picard. Riker and Troi go down to the planet in disguise, but are soon found out and captured. What a total fucking mess!

Picard has to beam down and prove he is mortal and he does this by making someone shoot him. Then all is explained to these primative people .... which I'm sure totally fucks them up. Although I guess if Aliens visited the Native Americans or something, I guess no harm was done.

Also, the daughter of the injured planet dweller was pretty cute. I looked her up and her name is Pamela Segall .... and she is the voice of fucking Bobby Hill from King of the Hill???????

ST TNG: 52 down 127 to go

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 52 - The Survivors

The Survivors is a decent episode, it's certainly no Surviving the Game. My favorite movie about hunting hobos. This one is a throwback to TOS. Meaning, it's a plot in which the old show did numerous times. You see, an immortal energy being ends up on this planet and falls in love with a humanoid. When everyone on the planet is killed by the Husnok he recreates the woman that he loved. The twist is that this being is pissed off at the Husnok that he kills them all .... 50 billion of them! Picard doesn't feel that he should judge, so he just lets the being be. How very Switzerland.

ST TNG: 51 down 128 to go

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 51 - The Ensigns of Command

"Data must persuade a stubborn colony to evacuate their homeland under threat of a powerful and mysterious race."

A band of survivors from a crashed colony ship are being evacuated by the Shelians. They are giving the Enterprise three days or something to get 15,000 people off their planet. Also the transporter is broken! Picard must play shrewd diplomat with these bastards.

Also, Data is the only one that can beam down to the planet because of radiation. He tries to convince these idiots on the planet to go willingly, but the leader is a shithead. Some woman falls in love with Data ... but Data is incapable of returning any feelings. So why bother making Data fully functional if he never wants to have sex? He's such a woman.

ST TNG: 50 down 129 to go

Monday, August 20, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 50 - Evolution

"In this episode, escaped nanites threaten the Federation Starfleet starship USS Enterprise as well as its critical research mission."

Finally, Bev Crusher is back! Good riddence to that decrepit scarecrow Pulaski. While season two ended with a huge thud, season three starts off with only a slight thud. I sort of liked this one. Wesley's science experiment gets out of control when a a shitload of nano sixed beings escape. Data is finally able to establish contact with the creatures and work everything out. But anyway, good riddence once again to that human boglin Doctor Pulaski.

ST TNG: 49 down 129 to go

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 49 - Shades of Grey

"The tension between Riker and Deanna eventually comes to a head after Deanna asks Riker to punish her in order to show her how extreme a BDSM relationship with him could be. Riker fulfills Deanna's request, beating her with a belt, only for Deanna to realize that the two of them are incompatible as they currently stand. Devastated, Deanna leaves Riker and returns to the apartment she shares with Neil Sedaka."

Also Riker gets a cut on his leg and ends up in an all clip episode of TNG.

ST TNG: 48 down 130 to go

Friday, August 10, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 48 - Peak Performance

"The Enterprise and USS Hathaway face off in simulated combat maneuvers. Data fails to beat a humanoid at a game of Strategema and experiences feelings of self-doubt."

Picard brings Sirma onboard in order to asses the crews tactical skills. He is the best tactical person ever or something. Riker brings a rag tag crew of Worf, LaForge and Wesley on to the Hathaway in order to do "battle" with Picard and the Enterprise. Riker has zero chance of winning, but uses some clever trickery. Then the Ferengi show up and attack the Enterprise. Yeah, that's about it. The guy that played Sirma was really good. I looked it up and his name is Roy Brocksmith and he's been in a ton of 80's/90's movies.

ST TNG: 47 down 131 to go

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 47 - The Emissary

'The Enterprise is sent a special emissary to help them deal with a three-quarter century-old waking-Klingon sleeper-ship."

They are already tiring out these "old flame" episodes. I think everybody has had one so far ... except Geordi. But, he's blind so his love interest could easily be a man pretending to be female, he wouldn't even know. Anyway, it was sort of odd to see Worf in love. Though they did make the female Klingon some what attractive. The episode had a few subtle guest stars, Deidrich Bader, the lady that played Lisa in Mad About You (the show that I personally hate more than anything else on this planet) and Col. Decker from the A-Team

ST TNG: 46 down 132 to go

Monday, August 06, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 46 - Manhunt

"The Enterprise must transport delegates to a conference, one of whom is an extremely mate-hungry Lwaxana Troi with eyes for Picard."

This episode was stupid but kind of funny. Lwaxana is looking for a man and wants Picard ... so naturally he hides in the holodeck the entire time. What a buzzkill. Why not just get laid already. Then she sets her sites on Riker, he actually seems tempted too. Majel Barret looks pretty good actually. Also Mick Fleetwood plays a giant fish.

ST TNG: 45 down 133 to go

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 45 - Up the Long Ladder

"The Enterprise becomes involved in two previously unknown Earth colonies' struggle for survival."
What a weird episode. These two Earth colonies all come from the decendants of the cargo ship SS Mimosa?? something like that. They split into two groups, one is a stuck up race full of clones and the other .... Irish people from the 18th century?? Why would this ever happen? I really do not have a clue. Anyway, the cloning race is all fucked up do to a screwy gene pool, so they trick Riker and Palaski into beaming down so they could steal their DNA. Riker falls in love with a sexy Irish woman, which judging by the looks of the Kennedy females, I would say this is a rarity. In the end, Pulaski convinces the two groups to put aside their difference and have lots of sex.

ST TNG: 44 down 134 to go