Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 59 - The Defector

"A Romulan defector demands asylum aboard the Enterprise with vital information about a possible Romulan invasion."

The episode starts out on the holodeck with a very well done segment of Henry V, featuring Data and a disguised Patrick Stewart. I'm just not sure that Shakespeare is going to be this relevant to daily life on a fucking Starship. The series just never lets it go!! Overall this episode is great and the acting is exceptional.

There is a Romulan defector with vital information on a Romulan invasion. He doesn't want to see this kind of pointless destruction so he warns the Federation. Unfortunately he was purposely fed false info in order to lure the Enterprise into a trap (a trap that is foiled by a surprise ally). You can't help but feel bad for the Romulan defector, he was just a lackey. He can't go home to Romulan because he was proven to be a traitor. Anyway ... he kills himself.

ST TNG: 58 down 121 to go

Friday, September 21, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 58 - The Vengence Factor

"Riker exposes an assassin in the midst of critical peace talks...then he exposes his genitals"

Cool, but complicated. It was like a three hour movie squeezed into 47 minutes. Lots of good mystery, science and it has a hot chick. All I have to say is that the episode has both the cute girl from Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5 (by the way she's still hot at 48) and it also has the ugly girl from Porky's! How could it go wrong? Also it was directed by Bond ... Timothy Bond ... whoever the fuck that is.

ST TNG: 57 down 122 to go

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 57 - The Price

"Several groups, including the Federation, bid for rights to manage the entrance to a wormhole near a resource-poor planet."

This was a really good episode. The writting was excellent and they managed to work a bunch of plots successfully into one interesting episode. I love wormhole stuff anyway, so I was able to pay attention for nearly the entire forty something minutes. A great scene is when Data and Geordi are sent into the wormhole to investigate the stability, they are an excellent duo and sort of remind me of Balki and Cousin Larry. The side plot involves Troi having a steamy affair with the Negotiator (played by Sgt. Lassard from Police Academy). Also the Ferengi are heavily involved in this one, which is always fun. There are a slew of great guest actors as well, including Sgt Copeland from Police Academy (yes TWO people from Police Academy) and the dude that played Predator.

I had a real good opportunity to watch a bunch of TNG episodes this weekend ... but didn't. Instead I watched the entire first season of Hell on Wheels. Which was awesome! I like westerns anyway, but this one is so well written and acted. Most noteably the rapper Common is great and the wonderful Colm Meaney is just amazing. He played such a bit part on the majority of TNG (until the last few seasons), it's crazy to see what an awesome actor he is. Although he does always play the same part, obnoxious Irish guy.

ST TNG: 56 down 123 to go

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 56 - The Enemy

This is a great episode. Geordi ends up trapped on a planet with a Romulan and they must work together in order to stay alive. Meanwhile on the Enterprise Dr. Crusher is trying to save another Romulan that is dying, the only way is through a transfusion from Worf. And Worf is like 'fuck that'. So the dude dies. A Romulan Warbird approaches and is ready for a fight, but Picard is finally able to beam up Geordi and the Romulan (who explains that Geordi has saved his life). The End.

ST TNG: 55 down 124 to go

Friday, September 07, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 55 - Booby Trap

Oh the endless juvenile jokes I could make. But really, why do they use the term 'booby' trap??

This plot seems to have been used a zillion times. "In this episode, the Federation Starship USS Enterprise discovers a derelict centuries-old alien battlecruiser and becomes trapped with it."

At least it has some interesting science in it, as well as the original blueprints to the Enterprise. In order to save their asses Geordi seeks the help of the blueprints creator Dr. Leah Brahms (via the holodeck). She's cute. Also, Picard navigates the ship. See, there's some cool stuff here.

Why even bother having crew members waste their time with problem solving. It seems like the computer + Data = every problem solved.

ST TNG: 54 down 125 to go

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Star Trek TNG: Episode 54 - The Bonding

In this episode, a crewmember of the Federation Starfleet starship USS Enterprise is killed in a tragic accident, leaving behind a young son who must deal with her death.

 Well made and acted. It shows a softer side to Worf, he feels bad for this kid and makes him his brother ... in some weird Klingon way. Also, the episode explores Wesley's feelings over the death of his father.

But really though, this little kid has a shit life. His parents are both dead and the compensation for this is that he gets to live with a hideous Klingon. Sounds fucking fantastic.

ST TNG: 53 down 126 to go