Monday, March 28, 2016

Star Trek VGR Episode 164 - Human Error

So Seven creates this holodeck program in which she has a romantic relationship with Chakotay... Chakotay?? Anyway, her implant begins to mess her all up and she screws up her duties. The Doctor figures that her implant is activating a program that prevents her from feeling emotions. He said that he is able to remove it after many surgeries but she says no. At the end she declines a dinner invitation from the real Chakotay, thus choosing to remain emotionless. I guess.

164 down 8 to go


capt.naps said...

If i remember correctly the actor playing chokotay the indian didn't like doing the show so he got it in his contract that he has to do some romantic scenes with 7 of 9. (basically he was hoping they would tell him to get lost so he could get out of the contract)

Mugato said...

hahaha that is awesome